Name: Aþ (Ath), God of Oaths, God of Wells
Symbol: A silver arm ring
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The son of Torm, the god of Duty, and Eldath, goddess of peace, Aþ is the Holder of Oaths, bringing luck and good will to those who hold to their oaths and their word, ill will and woe to those who do not. It is he who adds all oaths to the Well, strengthening the bonds between all good men. His movements are tied to the waters of the world, and he can travel between the wells of the world, cleansing or spoiling their waters at will. Aþ is not one to concern himself with the day-to-day lives of mortals, and only intercedes in cases where either an oath is broken to the harm of others, or an oath is being maintained at great penalty or harm to those who hold it.

Priests of Aþ will always set terms before any combat, and will abide by those terms until such time as his foe abandons them. It is rare that Athite will strike a killing blow against one who has held to the terms of their combat.

Aþ is invoked whenever oaths are taken.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score Anyone breaking the oath is cursed (as below) for 1 week. In addition, the oathbreaker will have a 50% greater likelihood of random encounters occuring, and all such encounters will be a +2 levels for as long as the curse is in effect.
Roll < Score Anyone breaking the oath is cursed (as the reversed form of the bless spell) for 1 week.
Roll > Score Nothing happens. The oath must be enforced by mortal means.
Natural 20 The nearest well is immediately fouled (as putrefy food & drink), as a sign of Aþ’s displeasure.


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