Aurus Argentus

Name: Aurus Argentus, God of Currency Debasement
Symbol: Electrum coin, high in silver content
Alignment: Neutral

Aurus Argentus is the glittering Electrum God. Every coin shaved, every forgiveness of sovereign debt, every ounce of silver surreptitiously added in the mint is an act of worship to the Electrum God. He is depicted as a shining figure of pale yellow gold, standing 8’ tall. He wields a pair of short electrum spears that crackle with lightning.

Though a deity, Aurus Argentus tends to keep a low profile, as he is very unpopular with many of the major gods. Once a servant of Waukeen, the goddess of wealth, Aurus Argentus is now a sworn enemy of her successor, Liira. Because of his role in creating inflation and wealth disparity, he is also considered an enemy by Tyr, the god of justice. Mask, the god of thievery, isn’t very fond of him either.

Aurus Argentus is seldom called upon. When he is invoked it is normally by merchants, bankers, money-changers, and minters either hoping to ward off his influence, or else hoping that their customers do not notice their use of the debased currency (at least until the transaction is complete).

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score Aurus doubles the amount of coins the mortal is carrying (with accompanying increase in encumberance). The coins are slightly thinner than normal, which may be noticed by savvy merchants and bankers (they have only half the normal value if the shaving is noticed).
Roll < Score The character gains a +4 bonus on any checks made to notice or conceal the debasement of currency for 24 hours.
Roll > Score The character finds a single electrum coin lying on the ground nearby. Nothing else happens.
Natural 20 All coins carried by the supplicant become debased, and obviously so. They have half the normal value, and the character suffers a -2 penalty on NPC reactions with anyone within whom he tries to have a transaction using the coins.

Aurus Argentus

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