Name: Azwa
Portfolio: Giant Stone Heads
Symbol: A Stone statue of a head; A double-ankh rune
Alignment: unknown

Scattered throughout the untamed wild places of the worlds, and taking many different forms, are the mysterious, giant stone heads of Azwa. Just as the origins of most of these heads has been lost to the shadows of time, so too are the origins of their mysterious deific protector. Whether the stone heads are merely art, left over from some culture too ancient to be remembered, or markers of passageways to some underworld labyrinth, or the actual heads of ancient, titanic beings is of little consequence. The double-ankh mark of Azwa can always be found somewhere on the heads, usually inside the concavities of the nose or mouth. Wise explorers often whisper a prayer to Azwa when happening upon these unsettling monoliths.

Rumors say that an avatar of Azwa can be coaxed to possess any such head either by making a large offering of gems to the head, or by defacing a head under Azwa’s protection. The latter is generally considered a very stupid thing to do.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score The supplicant skin becomes stone-like and as hard as granite, granting an +3 bonus to the supplicant’s armor class for 3 days. During this time, the supplicant’s head becomes indestructible, making him immune to the additional effects of called shots or critical hits targeting the head, as well as Vorpal effects. If the supplicant is killed during this time, his body will dissolve to dust, leaving only his petrified head.
Roll < Score The supplicant’s skin becomes stone-like and as hard as granite, granting an +3 bonus to the supplicant’s armor class for 3 days. This blessing extends to one additional creature of the supplicant’s choice for every 1000gp worth of gems placed into the mouth of a Stone Head.
Roll > Score Nothing happens. The stone head stands implacably silent.
Natural 20 The supplicant’s feet immediately turn to stone and become rooted to the ground for three days. Save vs. petrification at a -4 penalty to resist. This effect cannot be removed by any magic short of a Wish, or by extensive prayer and supplication to Azwa.


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