Name: Chelk the Unwashed
Symbol: A smudged palm-print
Alignment: Neutral

“Without imperfection, there can be no perfection.”

Such is the ethos embodied by the twin gods Chelk, the petty god of stains, and Jodj, the petty god of vandalism. Chelk represents the slow, gradual wear-and-tear caused by the elements and blind luck; Jodj, however, signifies more immediate, visceral impulses of capriciousness—he’s the child’s temptation to pull an animal’s tail; the hooligan’s need to throw a rock through an ornate cathedral window; the barmaid’s urge to spit in an unruly patron’s drink.

Chelk (also known as Chelk The Unwashed, and The Grimebringer) is embraced by the destitute and downtrodden who cope with their lot in life by believing they are part of a greater divine plan. He appears as a rumpled, bedraggled male in his late teens, with a spotty complexion and greasy hair. Within 100-feet of his presence, the air becomes musty and heavy with humidity, and any paper/parchment/scrolls within this radius have a 50% chance per minute of being ruined with spontaneous growths of mildew.

He will typically place a curse upon the person and gear of those that draw his ire—clothing becomes discolored, jewelry/metal begins to tarnish, and weapons start to corrode, resulting in a loss of 1d4 Charisma points per week until lifted. Furthermore, the items themselves become useless at the end of 1d4 weeks. Changing into new garb and/or buying new equipment just delays the inevitable—the process starts up again a week after being worn/acquired.

Chelk’s general air of melancholy is at direct odds with the impish, dangerous demeanor of his brother, Jodj.

Prayer Check Results
Roll < Score One item in the supplicant’s possession (supplicant’s choice) is cleaned, repaired, and restored to full working condition. Charged magic items regain 10% of their maximum charges. Other damaged or expended magic items are unaffected.
Roll = Score One person the supplicant can see is Cursed (as above, supplicant’s choice).
Roll > Score One non-magical item in the supplicant’s possession begins to rapidly decay, becoming useless in 1d4 weeks.
Natural 20 The supplicant is Cursed (as above).


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