Compiled Character Kits

A Note from the Management: Sorry, I noticed that this could be misinterpreted. I’ll try to reorganize the information at a later date. For now, the five links immediately below will take you to the list of kits. Below the break you will find a list of all available classes and a summary of their requirements.

Kit Lists:

Universal Kits: Available to characters of any class (most kits fall into this category)
Priest Kits
Rogue Kits
Warrior Kits
Wizard Kits

Class Lists

Warrior Classes: Alignment Ability Requirements Prime Requisites
Fighter Any none Stamina, Muscle
Paladin Lawful Good Stamina 12, Fitness 9,
Willpower 13, Leadership 17
Stamina, Leadership
Ranger Good Stamina 13, Aim 13,
Health 14, Intuition 14
Aim, Intuition
Harper Non-Evil Muscle 12, Balance 13,
Willpower 14
Muscle, Willpower
Barbarian Non-Lawful Muscle 12, Balance 9,
Fitness 12
Muscle, Fitness
Berserker Chaotic Muscle 14, Fitness 14,
Appearance 13
Muscle, Appearance

Rogue Classes: Alignment Ability Requirements Prime Requisites
Thief Any but LG none Aim, Balance
Bard Any Neutral Aim 12, Knowledge 13, Leadership 15 Knowledge, Leadership
Lone Wolf True Neutral Aim 12, Reason 12 Aim
Shadow Walker Good Balance 15, Reason 15 Balance, Reason
Spy Non-Chaotic Balance 13, Knowledge 10, Willpower 10 Balance
Tinker Any Aim 12, Reason 10 Reason

Wizard/Psionicist Classes: Alignment Ability Requirements Prime Requisites
Mage Any Reason or Knowledge 9 Reason, Knowledge
Abjurer Any Willpower 16 Willpower
Conjurer Any Leadership 16 Leadership
Diviner Any Intuition 16 Intuition
Enchanter Any Appearance 16 Appearance
Evoker Any Aim 16 Aim
Illusionist Any Balance 16 Balance
Necromancer Any Fitness 16 Fitness
Transmuter Any Health 16 Health
Wild Mage Any Reason 16 Reason
Runecaster Any Aim 12, Knowledge 13, Intuition 13 Knowledge, Intuition
Spellsinger Non-Lawful Balance 15, Reason 15, Willpower 15 Willpower
Sha’ir Any none Knowledge, Leadership
Psionicist Non-Chaotic Health 11, Reason 12, Willpower 15 Health, Willpower
  • Specialists must have a score of 16 in one other ability score.

Priest Classes: Alignment Ability Requirements Prime Requisites
Cleric Any Intuition 9 Intuition
Druid True Neutral Intuition 12, Leadership 15 Intuition, Leadership
Shaman Any Stamina 13, Health 12, Intuition 13 Intuition
Monk Lawful Fitness 13, Knowledge 14, Intuition 15 Knowledge, Intuition
Mystic Chaotic Reason 11, Intuition 12, Appearance 15 Intuition, Appearance
Crusader Non-Neutral Muscle 12, Intuition 9, Leadership 12 Muscle, Intuition

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Compiled Character Kits

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