Compiled Spellbooks

A place for recording the complete contents of all spellbooks possessed by the Expatriate Party

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Donovan’s Diary

  • Paths: The Apprentice’s Path, Road of Soul’s Release, Road of Pentacles, Road of True Names, Path of Hands, The Sage’s Path, The Councilor’s Path, Road of Cups, Road of Dreams, Donovan’s Path
  • 1st: Cantrip, Detect Magic, Detect Untruth, Detho’s Delirium, Donovan’s Erratic Thaumaturgy, Donovan’s Heroic Fray, Find Familiar, Friends, Gauntlet, Identify, Know Faction, Know History, Know School, Magic Fist, Message, Protection from Evil, Protection from Vermin, Ray of Fatigue, Read Magic, Sleep
  • 2nd: Donovan’s Ominous Valediction
  • 3rd: Donovan’s Carapace of Corpulence

Miero’s Spellbook

  • Paths: Path of the Thug, Bigby’s Path, Forceful Path, Frozen Path, Path of Swords
  • 1st level: Bigby’s Feeling Fingers, Frost Fingers, Gauntlet, Magic Disk, Sand Jambiya, Shield, Snilloc’s Snowball
  • 2nd level: Belsham’s Mace, Bigby’s Dextrous Digits, Decastave, Flame Dagger, Forcewave, Ice Knife, Thump, Whirling Blade

Frantiska’s Spellbooks:

Frantiska’s Diviner Spellbook:

  • Paths: Apprentice’s Road, Archmage’s Path, The Simbul’s Path, The Mortician’s Road, The Councilor’s Path, The Archer’s Path, Tenser’s Path
  • 1st-level: Arrowflight, Cantrip, Catapult, Comprehend Languages, Corpse Visage, Detect Magic [D] , Detect Untruth [D], Friends, Khinasi Trade Tongue [D], Know School [D], Locate Remains [D], Message, Preserve Dead, Read Magic [D], Sidhelian Bow [S], Tenser’s Eye of the Tiger, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Tenser’s Steady Aim

Lyra’s Spellbooks:

Lyra’s Bard-Book

  • Paths: Councilor’s Path, Skulking Path, Timekeeper’s Road, Knight’s Path
  • 1st level: none yet

Teldicia’s Spellbooks:

Teldicia’s Spellbook:

  • Paths: Road of True Names, Skyrider’s Path, Path of the Mind, Path of Deception, Shocking Path
  • 1st level: Shocking Grasp, Protection from Evil, Dolent’s Helm, Cloud Ladder, Phantasmal Force

Kobold Witchdoctor’s Spellbook:

  • Paths: Garden Path, Shining Path, Skulking Path, Path of Smoke, Medusa’s Path, Mide Açar’s Charred Path
  • 1st: Affect Normal Fires, Animate Wood, Gaze Reflection, Light, Log of Everburning, Moonglow, Petrify Wood, Traceless Travel, Warp Wood
  • 2nd: Camouflage, Clues of Ash, Continual Light, Moon Rune, Plant Renewal, Protection from Plants, Pyrotechnics, Silence 15-ft. Radius, Smoke Shape
  • 3rd: Breathe Smoke Ash & Dust, Create Smoke, Moonglow Symbol, Nurturing Seeds, Plant Entrapment, Stealth, Wood Shape
  • 4th: Smoke Ghost, Stoneskin, Transmute Fire to Smoke, Transmute Sand to Stone
  • 5th: Flame Harvest, Smoke Bridge, Transmute Snow to Stone
  • 6th: Evaporate Fluid, Stone to Flesh, Turn Wood
  • 7th: Basilisk’s Glare, Dehydrate
  • 8th: Incendiary Cloud, Statue Form
  • 9th: Conflagration

Finnot’s Spellbooks:

Finnot’s Book

  • Paths: Path of Brimstone
  • 1st level: Finnot’s Spinagon Strike
  • 2nd level: Finnot’s Unholy Imbuement
  • 3rd level: Finnot’s Shambling Menace

Untitled Spellbook (found alongside Finnot’s Book)

  • Paths: Path of Stars, Path of Smoke, Windwielder’s Path, Shapeshifter’s Path
  • 1st level: Dancing Lights, Slingstar, Affect Normal Fires, Fireburst, Alter Normal Winds, Alter Digits, Change Self
  • 2nd level: Flaming Sphere, Pyrotechnics, Whispering Wind, Alter Self

Compiled Scroll Arsenal

Scroll Type Spells
Rant’s Scroll Priest Cure Light Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Council Scroll Priest Restoration
Tower Scroll #1 Wizard Improved Whispering Wind
Lorloveim’s Creeping Shadow
Sand Tools
Tower Scroll #2 Wizard Ice Knife
Seduction II
Funereal Rags Wizard Exterminate
Whip of Pain
Phantasmal Killer
Persona of Death
Aumry’s Scroll — Octopus Wizard Adhesion
Hand of Tentacles
Protection from Amorphs
Aumry’s — Crossed Wands Wizard Divining Rod
Kobold Priest Emotion Control
Remove Paralysis
Cure Serious Wounds
Transfer Curse
Impregnable Mind
Kobold Wizard Invisibility
Searing Serpent
Create Tree of Life

Compiled Spellbooks

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