Name: Deeker
Symbol: Red spot
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Deeker, the Petty God of Petty Revenge, is usually depicted as a bald, chubby, little blue man with a disturbingly wide grin full of sharp teeth.

While some who are wronged swear great oaths of vengeance, Deeker is the demigod who picks up the scraps: those who wish to get even in little ways, petty ways, deceitful ways, and sometimes even appears to try and goad those who would seek forgiveness of their enemies to pursue revenge. Those foolish enough to invoke the demigod or swear by Deeker’s name are often marked with a red spot, usually on the hand, chest, brow, or back of the neck.

Deeker is most often invoked when a character swears petty revenge or is tricked, betrayed, ambushed, ripped off, or otherwise wronged. A native of the material plane, he enjoys manifesting physically to aid people in the quests of spite.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score Deeker takes the form of a hireling or other NPC (often killing who he replaces) and provides direct assistance in helping the character take his revenge.
Roll < Score Deeker appears in the form of a talking bluebird, providing assistance to the character in his day to day deeds, subtly weaving in suggestions to get back at that guy who wronged him.
Roll > Score Deeker appears in the characters dreams, urging him to pursue revenge now matter how petty. If the character does not carry out his revenge within a week, the dreams devolve into a Nightmare (as the spell), then cease.
Natural 20 Deeker appears in his natural form and gives the character a sound beating, assuring him he will return to do so every week until the character “mans up” and seeks vengeance upon the person who wronged him.


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