Name: Dekardinis the Last Guide
Symbol: Ten Foot Pole
Alignment: Neutral

Dekardinis is the deity of the ten foot pole. He is called upon by delvers and explorers to find the deadly traps that threaten their safe passage in the underworld.

Dekardinis is believed to have traversed every underground labyrinth in this and every world. The god even acts on occasion (for the proper offering) as the Last Guide. In this role, he leads the souls of the departed out from their resting places through the twisting labyrinth of the afterlife, finding the traps set by demons and evil spirits to stop the deceased from reaching their final reward. Because of this, he knows the secrets to all such places (knowledge which he jealously guards).

Dekardinis is depicted as an old human man, with a long gray beard. He is stooped shouldered from eons of travelling the cramped confines of the world below, and walks with a shuffling gait. He wears a phyrgian cap into which is set an ever burning candle. His clothes are shabby—a patchwork of worn and re-threaded rags. He bears no armor and carries only his ten foot pole, and a tattered backpack full of adventuring equipment. The deity of the ten foot pole is a curmudgeonly, secretive sort who never appears above ground. He hates the natural sunlight.

Dekardinis is invoked by adventurers throughout the North. All those traveling in the lightless depths know his name, and he is thus one of the most powerful of the Petty Gods, almost on par with a lesser deity.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score Dekardinis bestows the celebrant with ability to automatically see all traps and secret doors for 1d20 rounds.
Roll < Score The celebrant suddenly finds a random piece of Miscellaneous Adventuring Gear on his person or nearby, often accompanied by a quiet admonition to “be better prepared”.
Roll > Score Nothing happens.
Natural 20 The celebrant must save vs. spells or suddenly find himself standing outside the entrance of whatever dungeon, cave, or enclosure he is in (as a Teleport spell).


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