Desolate Funds and Stores

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Group Monetary Funds

  • Banked: 88gp
  • Cash: 72ep, 1170 sp, 1144 cp
  • Invested: 15,127gp
    • Investment includes all “bulk goods” below.
  • “Profit” (at end of Week 14): “Business is as business always is, with a regular turnover of goods and funds but little advancement. No money is lost this month, but no profits are gained.”
  • “Profit” (at end of Week 18): “Business is livelier. The funds invested in the company increase by 10%."
  • “Profit” (at end of Week 22): “Business is excellent! The gods smile upon your endeavor, and your goods are delivered into the hands of the needy at the exact moment that they are willing to pay for them! Money invested in the company increases by 30%!”
  • Next Check: 24th of Hammer

Major Investments:

Knarr-stats.JPGThese count towards the total value of the business. They are available for party use, but count as a serious loss if lost or damaged.

  • 1 Knarr class ship, the “Desolation” (3000gp value)
    • Beached in the Slums near the Library district
  • Deed to a Manor in Old Phlan (Stojanow Gate District)
  • Heavy Draft Horse (trained for riding)
    • Tack: Riding Saddle, Bit & Bridle, Horseshoes, Halter, Saddle Blanket
  • Yoke of Yaks (2)

Valuable Items Retained:

Red Plume Disguise Materials:

  • 1 Signet Ring (Aram identifies this as belonging to the Hillsfarran noble house Fabii, worn by the Lieutenant)
  • Assorted Ribbons, Badges, Medals, Epaulets, and Decorations denoting various campaigns (37 in all, approximately 15gp worth of gold and silver if melted down)
  • 28 Red Plume Soldier’s Papers (proof of citizenship, contract of service, & garrison pass, all bound and notarized)
  • 1 Red Plume Lietenant’s Papers
  • 1 Red Plume Centurion’s Papers
  • 26 Red Woolen Cassocks
  • 27 Red Linen Tunics
  • 24 Open-Faced Steel Helms (Imperial Gallic style w/ Red Horsehair Crests)
  • 1 Open-Faced Steel Helm (Imperial Gallic style w/ Red and Black Horsehair Crest)
  • 2 Open-Faced Steel Helm (Imperial Gallic style w/ Transverse Red Horsehair Crest
  • 1 Red Cloak w/ Gold Trim (Centurion’s)
  • 1 Red Linen Coif w/ Gold Trim (Centurion’s)

* Wizard’s Grimoire (Apprentice’s Path, Archer’s Path, Lifeshielder’s Path, Path of Scorn, Path of Stars)
* Wizard’s Grimoire (Apprentice’s Path, Breaker’s Path, Hunter’s Path, Parched Road, Path of Staves, Watery Path, Path of the Yuan-ti, Zala’s Path)
* Glandar’s Grimoire


  • Silver Holy Symbol of Gond (4gp)
  • Brass-framed Monacle (4gp)
  • Dark Purple Robe, Embroidered w/ Black Roses at the hem w/ many pockets sewn into the inner linin (70gp)
  • Small Golden Scales (10gp)
  • Pair of Silver Dice (8gp)
  • Snakeskin Gloves (6gp)
  • Small Clay Ziggurat (10gp)
  • Bag of 30 glass beads (9sp)
  • Pouch of Gold Dust (10gp)
  • Pouch of Powdered Bone (1sp)
  • 2 Lodestones (2gp)
  • Small Crystal Cone (7gp)
  • Ocarina (15 gp)
  • Tocken (25 gp)
  • Gold Aspergillum (45 gp)
  • Silver Snuff Box (7gp, 2oz of tobacco)

Fort Kick Ass Food Stores

Note: All magically preserved for 1 year using the Preserve orison.

  • Smoked Sausages, Beef (75 lbs.)
  • Salt Pork (74 lbs.)
  • Eggs (9,000)
  • Butter (750 lbs.)
  • Farmer’s Cheese (750 lbs.)
  • Oats (750 lbs.)
  • Buckwheat (750 lbs.)
  • Sorghum (1125 lbs)
  • Broad Beans (75 lbs.)
  • Green Peas (75 lbs.)
  • Buckwheat Flour (75 lbs.)
  • Barley Flour (75 lbs.)
  • Chestnuts (75 lbs.)
  • Walnuts (750 lbs.)
  • Black Olives (75 lbs.)
  • Garlic (47 lbs)
  • Seasoning, Horseradish (47 lbs)
  • Seasoning, Anise (47 lbs)
  • Seasoning, Dillweed (47 lbs)
  • Seasoning, Chives (47 lbs)
  • Seasoning, Mint (47 lbs)
  • Seasoning, Mustard Seed (47 lbs)
  • Seasoning, Parsley (47 lbs)
  • Raw Sugar (750 lbs.)
  • Honey (750 pints)
  • Cider Vinegar (187 gallons)
  • Safflower Oil (750 gallons)
  • Salt (750 lbs)
  • Coffee Beans (1.5 lbs)
  • 25 Sealed Pouches of Black Pepper (76 ounces in all, corns not ground)

Wine Cellar

  • Quarter Cask of Olive Oil, Lamp Grade (65gp) — Purified
  • Tun of Bitter Black Ale — Purified
  • Keg of Evermead (priceless)
  • 18 Bottles of Saerloon Topaz Wine (2cp each, mostly gone to vinegar, but useful as such)
  • 7 Bottles of Arabellan Dry (2gp each, quite good really)
  • 12 Bottles Sembian Fortified Red Wine (1 gp, quite good really)

Heating and Crafting Supplies:

  • Firewood (7.5 tons)
  • Anthracite Coal (750 lbs)
  • 75 Lead Trade Bars (5,550 lbs)
  • 75 Iron Trade Bars (3,825 lbs)
  • Copper Bullion (624 lbs, 375gp value)
  • Silver Bullion (56 lbs, 375gp value)

Smithy Tools and Furnishings:

  • Wheelbarrow (15gp)
  • Small Smelter (1000gp)
  • Forge, Full (120gp)
  • Anvil, Full-Sized (95gp)
  • Anvil, Small (45gp)
  • Athanor (80gp)
  • Bellows (10gp)
  • Grindstone Wheel (20gp)

General Adventuring Supplies:

  • 750 Pitons (375 lbs)
  • 75 Claw Hammers (300 lbs)
  • 75 Grappling Irons (150 lbs)
  • 750 12-oz Jars w/ Lids (375 lbs)
  • 75 Hooded Candlesticks (7.5 lbs)
  • 750 12-hour Candles (475 lbs)
  • 75 Sheets of Parchment (7.5 lbs)
  • 37,500 feet of 1/2-in Hemp Rope (6750 lbs)
  • 3,750 feet of 1-in. Hemp Rope (2700 lbs)
  • 750 Large Sacks (375 lbs)
  • 15 Wilderness Harnesses (complete with knives)

Weapons Stockpile

Armor & Accessories:

  • 15 Suits of Chainmail (sized for adult male humans)
  • 14 Suits of Light Leather (sized for adult male humans)
  • 4 Suits of Leather Armor (sized for adult male humans)
  • 1 Suit of Doublemail (sized for a female human)
  • 1 Suit of Field Plate Armor (sized for a burly, 6-ft. 2-in. human male) w/ Lining & Arming Doublet
  • 1 Gullet Guardian (fits any medium creature with straps)
  • 17 Medium Shields (rectangular wooden scutum w/ steel bose, painted red)
  • 1 Medium Shield (round, unmarked)
  • 2 Medium Shields (heater)
  • 1 pair of Metal Bracers
  • 1 Leather Skirt

Weapons & Accessories:

  • 12 Baldrics & Scabbards (sized for a broadsword)
  • 1 False Scabbard (sized for a shortsword)
  • 1 Horseman’s Mace
  • 2 Heavy Crossbows
  • 15 Bolt Cases (w/ 138 Heavy Quarrels)
  • 49 Daggers w/ Sheathes
  • 7 Spears
  • 15 Gladiuses
  • 1 Battleaxe
  • 1 Woodsman’s Axe
  • 1 Scimitar
  • 2 Shortbows
  • 4 Sheaf Arrows inscribed w/ Explosive Runes (3x)
  • 8 Flare Arrows
  • 8 Frog-Crotch Arrows
  • 20 Flight Arrows
  • 1 Longsword
  • 1 Shortsword
  • 1 Bastard Sword
  • 1 Broadsword
  • 1 Hornhead Staff
  • 1 Horseman’s Flail

Magic Items:

Single Use:

Hillsfarran Orphans

Name Age Gender Parents Last Seen Other Details
Romilius Secundus Cloelius 12 M Son of a Red Plume Captain based in Yulash.
Taken from a boarding school near the Water Gate.
Remembers being loaded on a ship with mauve sails.
Now wearing a small fortune in furs and fine woolens.
Appius Glaucia 12 M Son of a slave-trader in Vultureroost Square.
Was grabbed off the street at night by dwarves.
Totally aware of the irony of getting sold himself.
Thinks he is in love with Fabia Valentina.
Fabia Valentina 11 F Only child of a pair of Gothmagog professors.
Was out for a late-night walk with Appius.
Remembers the captain of the ship was a skinny fellow with a bad accent.
Does not reciprocate.
Is pretty good with a knife.
Flaviana Septima Aelia 9 F Seventh daughter of a wine merchant.
Her father was sending her to Phlan on purpose.
Should have known the price of passage was too low.
Remembers being lead belowdecks by a busty, red-headed woman.
Was supposed to serve an apprenticeship with a man named Aumber or Umry or something like that.
Valens Pomponius 8 M Mother was a gladiator, Father was a promoter.
Taken from the same boarding school as Romilius.
Says the ship’s crew was mostly “inhuman scum”.
Has a pronounced limp after all the running Val made him do.
Totally looks up to Val anyways because of the trust the soldier put in him to round up the other kids.
Caelia Hadriana 7 F Father is an acolyte in the Church of the Blessed Afflictor.
Got separated from her mother when shopping near the docks after curfew.
Remembers the red-headed woman calling them all “sweet rum-muffins”.
Loves horses and now wants to be Hermia when she grows up.
Herminia Agrippina 5 F Admits that her mom was actually a slave.
Was yanked off the streets while running from Red Plumes for violating curfew.
Says the ship’s captain looked like a bumble-bee.
Has a slight greenish cast to her skin and an underbite.
Junius Cyprianus 3 M He misses his mommy. Cries A LOT.
Has nothing useful to say.
The Missing One
Lucia Catonis Laris F 9 Might be related to THE Laris. According to the other kids at least.
Currently a Lawn Ornament.

Plot Hooks, Quests, & Goals

  1. Rescue Eddie and Sven
    • Get someone into New Phlan. Find out where they are being held? When’s the trial/execution?
    • Break them out? Arrange to catch them when they get chucked off a wall?
  2. Finish exploring beneath FKA.
    • Can we get our memories back?
    • Can we get into the vault? Do we really need a sacrifice? Who?
    • Are there other exits from the upper ‘ziggurat’ room?
      • If so…where?
  3. Hook back up with R’len.
    • Still 2 days to kill
    • Did he take refuge at “The Pit”?
    • Can we make friends / further contact with Cheeseaters? Cut a deal for supplies?
  4. Deal with the creature that’s petrifying everyone.
    • Reptilian. Human-like face. Spellcaster. = Naga?
    • Why is it doing it?
    • Can it be reasoned with?
  5. (R’len) Job for the Night Masks.
    • Find out who the target is. (OOC: Beryl of Beshaba)
    • Cause problems for anyone close to her. Details? Plans?
  6. Investigate Swipe’s disappearance.
    • Did he really get killed when Thieves’ Guild was attacked?
      • Who attacked it? Will they be coming for us?
  7. Establish FKA as hub of the Slums. (DOWNTIME ACTIVITY)
    • Finish cleaning, rebuilding, fortifying.
    • Get Huafk’s school up and running.
      • Who are Huafk’s friends?
      • Hopefully they can train us.
    • Set up Temple to the Blessed Afflictor. (Down below?)
    • Move Slums market? (Down below?)
  8. Shit happening at the Graveyard.
    • Can we make friends?
    • Get ourselves an undead army?

Desolate Troops, Units, and Undead Reserves

  • 11 Zombie Red-Plumes (all took a long walk off a short cliff)
  • 7 Zombies (as rowers on the Desolation)
    • +7 corpses to be animated later
  • 1 Zombie Ogre

Desolate Funds and Stores

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