Desolate Polity Sheet

Polity Statistics:

Name Free Phlan Motto “Phree Phlan for All!”
Alignment Neutral Good Economy 13 Corruption 0
Form of Government Monarchy Loyalty 9 Crime 2
Size 1 Stability 9 Law 6
Consumption 5 Unrest 2 Lore 15 (19)
Treasury (BP) 16 Fame 0 Society 3
Control DC 21 Infamy 1 Taxation Light

Additional Resources:

  1. Church Sanction: 18 BP in materials and labor sent from the Church of the Blessed Afflictor in Hillsfar, earmarked for the construction of a new temple in Phlan.
  2. Lord Cadorna’s Help: Cadorna is secretly funneling money and resources to Desolate, but his pockets are not bottomless and he must be circumspect. Cadorna will lend Desolate +2 BP per turn during their Income Phase.
    • Skullcrusher’s presence at FKA is the equivalent of having an Embassy Agreement with a foreign power.
  3. FKA: The three houses that make up the cul-de-sac that is FKA represent 1 “Lot”. While FKA has tried at times to be simultaneously a House, a Smithy, a Shop, an Orphanage, a Graveyard, a Shrine, and an Academy. There is simply not space…already it is bursting at the seams with people.
    • Though FKA is functionally “Just a House”, the investment of personal labor already put into each of these projects allows the listed Building Types to be built at a Discount (1/2 BP cost) once each in adjacent Lots.
  4. Roland’s Business: Funds invested in Roland’s business can be converted to BP on a 1000gp to 1 BP basis at any time.

Leadership Assignment:

Leadership Role Character Bonus Title (Optional)
Ruler Lothar Dravion +1 Stability King of Free Phlan
Councilor Eddie Eddison +3 Society Voice of the People
General Sven Dagdresson +2 Stability
Grand Diplomat George Jolé +3 Stability P.R. Guy
High Priest Father Aram Carnithrax Decidimus +5 Loyalty
(6 with Temple)
Second Free Prelature of the Opus Dei of Our Blessed Afflictor.
Archepiscopal and Metropolitan of the Northern Shore.
Watcher Over the Sacred Depths.
Magister Erisdur Yencoril +3 Lore
Matariel Ulkesh +8 Lore Acting Vice-Magister
Marshal Roland Aram +3 Economy
Enforcer Hermia Aram +5 Loyalty
Spymaster R’len Aldarion +4 any Secondary
Choose each turn (temporary)
Currently applying bonus to Lore.
Treasurer Flavia Aram +5 Economy
Warden Secundus Aram +5 Law
Viceroy N/A +0

Hexes/Districts Controlled

Old Slums District (Old Phlan)

  • Open Lots: 30
  • Existing Buildings:
    • Headquarters (“FKA”). Discount on certain Building Types. — 1 lot
    • Shop (“Something Fishy”). Economy +2 — 1 lot
    • Smithy (“Sgneeze’s Smithy”). Economy +1, Stability +1 — 1 lot
    • Alchemist (“Wollaeger’s Kip”). Economy +1, 1 Potion slot — 1 lot
    • Cistern (Oil Storage). Stability +1 — 0 lots
    • 2 Houses (Orc Dwellings, population ~150). — 2 lots
    • 6 Tenements (population ~450). — 0 lots
  • Existing Upgrades:
    • Sewer System (still there, still functional). Crime +1, Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +2
    • Landmark (“Kuto’s Well”). Loyalty +1
  • Notable Features: Caverns (unclaimed), Deep Carbon Observatory (unclaimed)
  • Special Qualities:
    • Notorious: While the major Thieves’ Guilds have been largely wiped out, the Old Slums are home to a number small gangs of thugs. Muggings are a daily occurrence and few people leave their homes unarmed—and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
      • +1 Crime, +1 Infamy, -1 Law
    • Resettled Ruins1: The Old Slums are built amid the ruins of a more ancient structure, little more than a collection of tents and yurts erected in ruined plazas. The ruins provide a ready source of building materials and near-by dungeons to plunder.
      • +1 Economy, +1 Lore, +1 Miscellaneous Magic Item slot, +1 BP per Turn from salvage
Slots Magic Items For Sale: Overseer
Miscellaneous empty Magister
Potion empty Magister


1 Once all Lots have been filled, this Quality goes away, as the “Slums” are assumed to be fully salvaged and every nook and cranny explored.

Army Units

Name Huafk’s Raiders
Alignment Chaotic Good
Size II (50 1st-level Goblin Rangers)
Unit HD 1/2
Unit HP 2
Unit AC 12 (leather)
Unit Offense +0
Morale 12
Speed 2
Consumption 2
Resources Ranged weapons
Specials Infravision
Favored Enemy (Red Plumes)
Weapon Specialization (Ranged)
Commander Huafk
Leadership -1 Loyalty
Tactics Standard
Boons Hit and Run
Victories 1
Name Fallen of Xvim
Alignment Lawful Evil
Size II (50 2nd-level Orc Ex-Clerics)
Unit HD 1
Unit HP 4
Unit AC 15 (scale & shield)
Unit Offense +1
Morale 15
Speed 3
Consumption 1
Specials Infravision
Commander no clear commander
Tactics Standard
Victories 0

Event Modifiers

Turn Event Polity Stat Effects
3 Orc Refugees +4 Lore, +2 Economy, +2 Law
+2 Consumption, -2 Stability
4 Magically Displaced Population Economy -4, Loyalty -3, Consumption -2, Unrest -1

Desolate Polity Sheet

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