Name: Digiskleros, Collector of Dead Men’s Fingernails
Symbol: A pair of grooming shears laid upon a mortician’s sash
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The deceased must have proper ministrations, doubly so in a world where shoddy postmortem attentions leave the way open for insulted spirits to animate the corpse and express their anger through bodily violence. Few people realize that morticians and embalmers are a first line of defense against incursions from the nether-world, cleaning and grooming bodies so that lingering spirits may begin to be eased away from the living world. For those serving in this grim profession, Digiskleros is an inspiration.

The herald of Kelemvor, and a petty god in his own right, Digiskleros is depicted as a modest, intent man wearing the grey cloak and red sash of an itinerant embalmer, accouterments meticulously arranged but stylistically archaic. He travels the world, going where his skills are needed. He is a orderly-minded quasi-deity, wanting mainly to do his job well and avoid any complications. His attitude towards adventurers who call on him depends entirely upon what degree of responsibility they’ve been showing towards the many corpses they’ve been leaving in their wake. If they have been arranging for at least perfunctory funeral rites for their victims, he will view them amicably and perhaps even grant them aid in certain matters. If however they’ve indiscriminately been leaving mangled forgotten bodies for his followers to clean up, Digiskleros will give them a stern lecture at best, and at worst attempt to end their adventuring career before it sows any more messy carnage.

Digiskleros’s priests are always Death Lords, and his church is known as the Guild of Itinerant Embalmers. They always carry a sack filled with fingernail clippings, taken from cadavers whose circumstances of demise have rendered the clippings tainted with dark mystical associations, too dangerous to be disposed of casually. These clippings are valueless except to the most vile of necromancers.

If for some reason Digiskleros comes to a sudden end, the lack of his services will result in steady increase in undead afflicting the world. This dire trend will grow worse until The Silver Shears (see below) are found and a new candidate is chosen to bear them. Such a candidate must be a Death Lord at least 4th level, who willingly accedes to forgo all worldly concerns in exchange for an endless life spent collecting dead men’s fingernails.

Digiskleros is invoked, at least partly, in all manner of burial rights. He is also often called upon by those who face corporeal undead or who come upon an uninterred corpse.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score Any corporeal undead within sight of the character are Turned (as the Cleric ability at the character’s level). Non-corporeal undead are unaffected.
Roll < Score The character temporarily gains the Burial Customs proficiency (for 24 hours), or gains a +2 bonus on Burial Customs checks.
Roll > Score Nothing happens.
Natural 20 One corpse within line of sight of the character animates as a zombie and attacks.

Silver Shears of Digiskleros

The Silver Shears of Digiskleros are a special tool, preternaturally quick and keen. With them, a mortician can fully groom a cadaver for burial in moments. If necessary they can be used in combat. Against mortal foes they are equivalent to a short sword +1. Against corporeal undead the bearer may chose to forgo making a damaging attack and instead attempt to forcibly groom the animated corpse and thereby end its unrest. When making such an attack the bearer rolls to hit as normal. If successful, the target must Save vs. Death. If the save fails, the undead immediately loses its animating fury and is defeated.


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