Base Requirements

  • Races: Elf
  • Classes: Any
  • Ability Requirements: Reason 12, Willpower 12
  • Alignments: Any
  • Starting Cash: By class
  • Bonus Languages: Espruar
  • Recommended Languages: Illuskan, Waelan, Cosh, Lantanna
  • Local Religions: Corellon


  • Weapon Slots: By class
  • Non-weapon Slots: By class
  • Available Categories: By class
  • Bonus Proficiencies: Navigation
  • Required Proficiencies: none
  • Recommended Proficiencies: Seamanship

Overview: The isle of Evermeet is both splendid and tragic. It is a realm of unparalleled beauty and natural splendor. The woodlands that cover Evermeet, although thick with a rich diversity of flora, remain airy and delicate. From Elion in the north to the rolling meadows that surround Drelagara in the south, the elves of Evermeet live at peace with the natural world.

Originally, Evermeet was the home of Corellon and the Eldren. Over the years, however, mankind multiplied and drove the latter generations of elves back to the sacred island. The Eldren view these younger elves as refugees, rather than kin who were in need of their help.

Description: Corellon’s edict forbids all forms of sexual reproduction in the sacred land, and thus all young elves that venture from Evermeet to the lands of men are of the Eldren, budded from the flesh of Correllon himself. Thus all player character Elves of Evermeet appear identical: 5 feet in height, exactly; eighty pounds, exactly; with golden skin and golden hair and golden eyes. These elves are completely androgynous and genderless, having no functional reproductive organs, nor secondary characteristics that a human would associate with sex.

The individual tastes of the elf, as well as the styles of his people, are reflected in the accessories he wears and the equipment he carries. When traveling in Evermeet, elves do not usually carry any sort of weapon. When encountered in other lands, however, these folk are as likely as anyone else to bear arms.

Role-Playing: The racial attitudes of the Eldren are reflected in their adventurers. They tend to be territorial and aggressive when threatened, but enjoy the splendors of the wild and a rollicking feast more than any of their younger kin when all is calm. Eldren tend to be quiet and reserved when among the “lesser races”, but open and expressive in the company of their close friends.

Special Abilities:

  • These elves gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls while in the forest and a natural ability to cast Pass Without Trace and Entangle (as the priest spells of the same names) once per day each. These spells do not function outside of a forested environment.
  • Elves of Evermeet are immune to the affects of darkness spells and are able to see normally when those around them grope blindly about.
  • Elves of Evermeet gain the ability to perform a monster summoning (as the spells). The level of summoning is equivalent to one-half the elf’s level, rounded up. For example, a 5th-level elf can cast a monster summoning III spell. This ability can be performed once per day while the elf is in a forest setting, or once per week if he is outside of his environment.
  • The relationship of the fair folk and the light of the sun is evident when they cast certain magical spells. Whenever a spellcaster from Evermeet invokes a light or continual light spell, he is tapping directly into the magical energies of the sun. The glow produced by these spells affects undead and other creatures of darkness just as if they were true sunlight. An elf can actually inflict damage on some undead creatures with the searing rays of his light spells. This applies only to spells cast by the elf himself, not to those invoked with magical items.
  • Spellcasters of Evermeet (regardless of class) have the ability to employ a magical spell that has exactly the same effects as the cleric’s ability to turn undead. This magical ability to turn undead functions as a 1st-level spell with a range of 60 feet, an instantaneous duration, and a casting time of 1. This spell has both verbal and somatic components and allows its target (or targets) no saving throw. Like all spells, it must be memorized before it can be cast. These elves learn this spell automatically and it does not count against the maximum number of spells an elf wizard may know.
    This spell has three levels of effectiveness. If cast in underground areas, or when there is a new, crescent, or old moon in the sky, it does nothing. In these situations, the powers of evil are stronger than the magic of the elves. If cast under a half-moon or gibbous moon, the spell imparts the turning ability of a paladin (of the same experience level) to its caster. During the day, or if the full moon hangs in the sky, the caster has the full turning power of a cleric of equal level to the caster.

Special Disadvantages:

  • Elves of Evermeet are abnormally susceptible to spells from the necromantic sphere or school, suffering a -1 on any saving throw from spells based in those areas.
  • In addition, Evermeet elves tend to be claustrophobic, preferring the openness of the forest to the closed confines of the underground. While they do adventure in such areas, the elf tends to freeze when suddenly trapped in a closed area. If an Evermeet elf suddenly finds himself trapped in an enclosed space, he must make a saving throw versus paralyzation or freeze for 1d6 rounds. During such time, the elf withdraws to himself, trying to overcome the claustrophobia that has overturn him.
  • The power of the sun is reflected in the magic of the elves and is evident in the nature of their spells. Their magic is so tied to the fiery sun that it suffers greatly when it sets although it is never entirely eliminated. From sunset to sunrise, elven spellcasters (of any class) suffer a chance of spell failure just like the lesser priests of the world. This chance of spell failure is determined using one-half the elf’s Intuition score (rounded up).
  • In addition, the moon is a reflection of the sun’s power and extends the elves’ magic into the night. When the moon does not shine, however, their powers are greatly reduced, though never entirely eliminated. During the night of a new moon or lunar eclipse, an elven spellcaster’s effective caster level is reduced by 1 (minimum 1st). Conversely, During the night of a full moon, the elven spellcaster does not suffer his normal chance of spell failure for casting spells at night.

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