Gnome Device Complexity

Complexity Size Damage Protection Move, Vertical1 Move, Horizontal1 Sound
1 Small Sack 1 +0 4’ 8’ Silence
2 Knife 1d4 +1 8’ 16’ Whisper
3 Sword/Pouch 1d6 +2 12’ 24’ Low Voices
4 Crossbow 1d8 +3 16’ 32’ Talking
5 Backpack 1d10 +4 20’ 40’ Shouting
6 Chest 2d6 +5 24’ 48’ Yelling
7 Couch 2d8 +6 40’ 80’ Noisy
8 Small Cabinet/Man 1d20 +7 120’ 160’ Loud
9 Large Cabinet 2d10 +8 160’ 400’ Roar
10 Large Wagon 2d20 +9 200’ 800’ Deafening
11 Small Cottage 3d10 +10 600’ 1600’
12 Large Cottage 3d20 +11 800’ 2400’
13 Mansion 1d100 +12 1000’ 3200’
14 Tower (3 stories) 2d100 +13 2000’ 1 mile
15 Tower (6 stories) 3d100 +14 5000’ 5 miles
16 Tower (10 stories) 4d100 +15 5 miles 20 miles
17 Small Keep 5d100 +16 20 miles 100 miles
18 Castle 6d100 +17 orbit 500 miles
19 Township 8d100 +18 inter-planetary forward in time
20 Mountain 10d100 +19 inter-stellar backward in time

1 This represents the distance an object is moved in one round. For increased duration, such as sustained flight, use the duration modifiers for increasing the length of the effect over a period of time. This also assumes that the object being moved is size 1 (equal to complexity 1). If the object being moved is larger than size 1, add 1 for every 4 sizes larger to the size and complexity of the machine.

Complexity Size Temperature2 Atmosphere3 Light Communication/Information Alter Object4
1 Small Sack +1 Normal Air Darkness Cams/Ruler Perfect Optics
2 Knife +5 Slight Odor Starlight Protractor Pipes & Wire
3 Sword/Pouch +10 Trainted / Odor Moonlight Compass/Magnetic Measure Springs & Gears
4 Crossbow +20 Stink Candlelight Abacus Tools
5 Backpack +30 / freeze water Stench Lamplight Theodolite Steel
6 Chest +50 5000 ft. Daylight Air Pressure Measure Processed Food
7 Couch +100 10000 ft. Desert Sun Clockwork Sequencer Iron
8 Small Cabinet/Man +200 Lightning Inertial Measure Glass
9 Large Cabinet +300 Tear Gas Blindinf Flash Sound Recording Polished Wood/Cooked Food
10 Large Wagon Burn wood Programmable Sequencer Refined Ore
11 Small Cottage Liquid to gas Sickening Picture Recording Tooled Wood
12 Large Cottage Solid to Liquid Vacuum Automated Calculator Cut Wood
13 Mansion Liquid to Solid Poisonous Light Measure Plowed Field
14 Tower (3 stories) Solid to Gas Direct Sound Raw Ore/Raw Food
15 Tower (6 stories) Gas to Liquid Direct Wire Control Broken Ground
16 Tower (10 stories) Gas to Solid Direct Picture Broken/Cut Trees
17 Small Keep Indirect Sound Transmission Cleared Raw Ground
18 Castle Indirect Remote Control Raw Wooded Ground
19 Township Indirect Picture Transmission Broken Stone
20 Mountain Transmutation! Raw Stone

2 The numbers are in degrees Farenheight and represent the change from its present state to its new state (it may be hotter or colder). The changing of elements from one state to another is not permanent, except as modified by duration factors. Transmutation is always permanent and deals with changing the basic properties of an item (lead into gold for example). Note also that this column does not take into account any secondary effects as a result of heat or cold (such as damage, cooking, etc.). For example, the heating of sand to melt it into glass is figured on the Alter Objects column rather than the temperature column.

3 Not only does this column deal with the state of the atmosphere, but with differences in pressure as well. Note that hypoxia (altitude sickness) occurs at altitudes over 10000 feet.

4 This column is used somewhat differently than the others. To determine the size/complexity number of the end state of the device, first find both the initial state of the object being modified and the end state desired. Subtract the complexity of the end state from that of the initial state. The result if the size/complexity required. If you are trying to take a more finely crafted object and make it rougher (e.g. reduce a polished wooden table to a broken state) then subtract the lower number from the higher number and subtract an additional 4. It is always easier to make something less finished than to take something raw and make it beautiful.

Gnome Device Complexity

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