NAME: Groín, The God of The Battered Dwarf
Symbol: Foaming mug
Alignment: Neutral

A god unique to the city of Phlan, Groín is the petty god of The Battered Dwarf, a tavern in the the Slums district of Phlan, frequented by adventurers, that has been in operation since the original founding of the city. He is called upon by the patrons of the tavern, often in jest, to protect them from the ravages of alcohol, award the luck in games of chance and skill, and for almost anything else they may wish when within the walls of the tavern. It has become customary for regulars to only call upon Groín for help when within the walls of the tavern, and invoking any other deity within his tavern may invoke his wrath.

Groín will occasionally manifest to the patrons, most commonly during his high holy days (major sporting events, New Year’s, and the like) but most assume he is just a dwarf who has a sense of humor and is willing to go along with the gag. When he manifests, Groín appears as an ordinary dwarven adventurer who has been in a number of recent fights. He will always be carrying a foaming mug of stout.

Since The Battered Dwarf is a tavern for adventurers, Groín hears an incredible number of rumors about dungeons and other dangers in the area, and will pass them on to regulars down on their luck when he manifests, although the rumor may be years or even decades old.

Groín’s only clergy are the bartenders at The Battered Dwarf, who can call on Groín to bless or curse patrons, and will typically do so a few times a night. If Groín is attacked while manifested in the tavern, all other tavern patrons must make a save vs. spells or leap to his defense.

Regulars praying to Groín gain a +2 bonus to their Prayer proficiency score. Good tippers gain a +1 bonus. Difficult customers suffer a -2 penalty to their score, those with an outstanding tab more than a month old suffer a -4 penalty.

Prayer Check Results
Roll < Score No hangover the next morning.
Roll = Score No hangover no matter how much beer is drunk that night. Double experience if carousing.
Roll > Score Double-strength-hangover next morning.
Natural 20 All food tastes rotten, all beer is skunky. Earn no experience if carousing.


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