Quick Stats:

  • Ability Score Adjustment: +1 Appearance
  • Class Level Limits: See Racial Level Limits
  • Multi-Class Options: Any two (must be from different categories)
  • Height (M/F): 60 in / 58 in +2d6
  • Weight (M/F): 110 lbs / 85 lbs +3d12
  • Aging:
    • Starting: 15 +1d6 years
    • Adult/Middle/Old/Venerable: 16 / 62 / 83 / 125
    • Maximum: 125 +3d20
  • Languages:
    • Bonus Languages: Common, Espruar
    • Recommended Languages: Chuklian, Daraktan, Gnim, Luiric, Gnoll
  • Movement: 12
  • Special Abilities:
    • Half-Elven infravision enables them to discern gradients of heat within 60 feet in darkness. In addition, an half-elf’s keen senses allow him to purchase Detection Proficiencies for the normal cost, regardless of his class.
    • Half-Elves require only half the amount of sleep compared to a human. An half-elf needs only four hours to gain the benefit of a full night’s sleep. This applies in terms of both natural healing, and the recovery of spells.
    • Single-classed half-elves with exceptional ability scores are able to advance nearly as high as their human forebears. A single classed half-e’f adds double the normal number of additional levels to his racial maximum (thus a half-elf fighter with a Strength of 18 could potentially reach 20th level).
  • Special Restrictions:
    • none

Background: Sometimes referred to as the “Drow”1 by the Eldren, Half-elves are the most common mixed-race beings. Anyone with both elven and human ancestors is a half-elf. Being almost as proliferant as their human sides, Drow now outnumber pure-blood elves in the Realms almost 2 to 1, and can be found in most major settlements. Because of the deep-seated distaste for even the idea of sex among the Eldren, very few half-elves are among their elven kin.

Half-elves are usually much like their elven parent in appearance. They are handsome folk, with the good features of each of their races. They can pass freely for either race, being only slightly taller than the average elf (5 feet 6 inches on average) and weighing about 150 pounds. They typically live about 160 years. They do not have all the abilities of the elf, nor do they have the flexibility of unlimited level advancement of the human. Among pure elven communities, half-elves are viewed with suspicion and superstition.

In general, a half-elf has the curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition of his human ancestors and the refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes of his elven ancestors.

Half-elves do not form communities among themselves; rather, they can be found living in both elven and human communities. The reactions of humans and elves to half-elves ranges from intrigued fascination to outright bigotry.

1 The Eldren use the term Drow to refer to any such “tainted” half-breeds. Due to repeated mistranslation and some deliberate misinformation, most non-Eldren believe the “Drow” to be some kind of mythical black-skinned, subteranean-dwelling elf, tainted by evil. While Lolth does have many underground temples, there is no such thing as a “Dark Elf”, as the elven species lacks sufficient genetic diversity to support such drastic skin colours. Most of Lolth’s priests are half-breeds.


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