Quick Stats:

  • Ability Score Adjustment: -1 Charisma
  • Class Level Limits: See Racial Level Limits
  • Multi-Class Options: Fighter + any one non-warrior or Thief + any one non-rogue
  • Height (M/F): 72 in / 68 in +1d8
  • Weight (M/F): 150 lbs / 130 lbs +5d10
  • Aging:
    • Starting: 14 +1d6 years
    • Middle/Old/Venerable: 25 / 33 / 50
    • Maximum: 50 +1d20 years
  • Languages:
    • Bonus Languages: Chuklian, Carnivorous Ape
    • Recommended Languages: Common, Daraktan, Dethek, Espruar, Undercommon
  • Movement: 9
  • Thief Skills:
    • Pick Pockets:
    • Open Locks: +5%
    • Find/Remove Traps: +5%
    • Move Silently:
    • Hide in Shadows:
    • Detect Noise:
    • Climb Walls:
    • Read Languages: -10%
  • Special Abilities:
    • Hobgoblins have infravision to a range of 60 feet.
    • Hobgoblins are skilled miners. They gain the following bonus “Detection Proficiencies”. See the entry for dwarves for details on detection proficiencies.
      • Detect grade or slope in passage: Wis +4
      • Detect new tunnel/passage construction: Wis +4
      • Detect sliding/shifting walls or rooms: Wis +2
    • Hobgoblins are naturally ambidexterous and gain Ambidexterity as a bonus weapon proficiency.
  • Special Restrictions:
    • Most other humanoid and human societies attack hobgoblins on sight (initial NPC Reactions should always be rolled on the “Threatening” column at best).

Background: Hobgoblins are stocky humanoids with hairy, dark red to dark gray hides. The typical hobgoblin is 6½ feet tall, has yellow or dark brown eyes, and sharp yellow teeth. They favor brightly colored garments, especially outfits of blood red.

This fierce race wages a perpetual war against other humanoid races. They exist in a military society, proud of their status, their fighting prowess, their battle standards, and the quality of their weapons. War is their way of life, and to be a warrior is the highest calling a hobgoblin can have. Even when different tribes of hobgoblins meet, there will likely be verbal abuse or open warfare unless a strong leader is present.

Most hobgoblins dwell in subterranean complexes. A few tribes build fortified surface villages. Hobgoblins consider themselves superior to the ’lesser races," lording over goblins and orcs whenever possible. The lesser races have only one good purpose to the hobgoblin mindset-they make decent battle fodder. In mixed groups, hobgoblins often serve as officers in units of goblins or orcs. Hobgoblins have an extreme hatred of elves. When their opponents consist of mixed races, they always seek to destroy elves first


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