Iyachtu Xvim

  • Name: Iyachtu Xvim
  • Portfolio: Fear, Greed, Hatred, Strife, Tyrrany
  • Titles: The Godson, The Godson of Bane, The New Darkness, The Cruel Master, The Black Hand, The Lord of Darkness
  • Symbols: Green eyes on a black field; A black hand; A black fist emanating green rays
  • Allied Faiths: Helm, Hoar, Loviatar, Malar, Talona, Tempus
  • Enemy Faiths: Cyric, Sune, Torm, Tyr
  • Pesudonyms: Abbathor (among Dwarves), Bane (historic), Memnor (among Firbolgs), Shevarash (among Elves), Task (among Dragons)

Base Requirements

  • Races: Any
  • Classes: Cleric
  • Ability Requirements: Muscle 12, Leadership 12
  • Alignments: Non-Chaotic, Non-Good
  • Starting Cash: By class


  • Weapon Slots: By class
  • Allowed Weapons: Any Weapons
  • Allowed Armor: Any Armor or Shields
  • Bonus Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Required Weapon Proficiencies: One Slashing, One Bludgeoning
  • Non-weapon Slots: By class
  • Available Groups: Spiritual, Social, and Martial
  • Bonus Proficiencies: Inquisitor, Religion
  • Required Proficiencies: none
  • Recommended Proficiencies: none
  • Forbidden Proficiencies: none

Priest Spheres:

  • Major: All, Charm, Combat, Earth, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection, War
  • Minor: Divination, Law

Overview: Iyacthu Xvim, the Godson, is supposedly the offspring of the god Bane, who died during the Avatar crisis. Xvim, as he most commonly known, began ascending to true power when Zhentil Keep fell during the later Cyrinishad fiasco. The clerics of Xvim are fanatical priests who bully the followers of other faiths, especially those who worship Cyric. They are best described as bullies, psychotics, and assassins. These clerics use methods like blackmail, coercion, and intimidation to spread the ugly message of their god.

Description: The clerics of Xvim favor black armor, mostly chain or plate mail, but they always wear black iron skullcaps and black iron gauntlets that have a pair of glowing green eyes painted on the back of the hand. These gauntlets are actually the priests’ holy symbols of Xvim. They wear black cloaks and cowls, with a forest green trim around the edges, and green ecclesiastical stoles.

In terms of weaponry, they can choose any weapon, but they must wield at least one edged weapon and one blunt weapon. The clerics favor both the overt destructive weapons such as bastard swords and battle-axes, and the more subtle saps and daggers.

Role-Playing: As the servants of an up-and-coming lesser power that is fast approaching intermediate power in the wake of Cyric’s failures, the clerics of Xvim are zealots who take every opportunity to spread hatred and tyranny. They often try to turn people and races against each other, or take local political matters into their hands by murder and oppression. The clerics are always busy spreading their god’s doctrine of hate.

Despite a strong homicidal streak in each and every one of them, the clerics of Xvim are a well-organized, well-disciplined branch of the faith. They have a definite hierarchy, with the strong bullying the weak, and a strict adherence to Xvim’s religious canon. Most of the clerics are former priests of Cyric who left the faith when the god betrayed Zhentil Keep.

The clergy of Xvim have learned to pay spies and thieves well for “delicate” information. Those who do not accept Xvim as their true god are approached in private, where they are threatened or blackmailed into joining Xvim’s flock. The clerics are especially looking for influential, powerful, and wealthy people to join up and expand the faith.

Clerics of Xvim can always find something to hate in any one they meet. That, and their “survival of the fittest” mentality, best sums up these miscreants.

Special Abilities:

  • Clerics of Xvim are immune to all forms of fear.
  • Clerics of Xvim can turn and command undead.
  • Clerics of Xvim can radiate Fear (as the spell) in a 10-ft. radius, once per day.
  • Clerics of Xvim can cast Confusion once per week.
  • Clerics of Xvim can make an Inquisitor check in order to tell if someone is a worshiper of Cyric just by looking at them. They gain a +2 bonus to that check if the targets wear holy symbols of Cyric on their persons.

Special Disadvantages:

  • Clerics of Xvim are always looking for any hint of the location of the Cyrinishad, a book and artifact of Cyric’s which they are dedicated to eventually destroying. This quest takes precedence over anything else, even recruiting worshipers, if any word arrives of the book’s location.
  • Since most of Xvim’s clergy are former priests of Cyric (who previously were also former priests of Bane), the remainder of Cyric’s clergy have a sheer hatred of them. Whenever a priest of Cyric sees a cleric of Xvim, he will immediately attack in a homicidal rage, regardless of where the encounter is or any other conditions. Followers of Cyric gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls against the cleric. Furthermore, clerics suffer a -1 to their saving throws against spells thrown by priests of Cyric.
  • Clerics of Xvim cannot cast any beneficial effects of spells from the Necromantic sphere. They can, however, use curative items and potions.

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Iyachtu Xvim

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