Name: Jodj
Symbol: Any other god’s holy-symbol broken in half
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

“Without imperfection, there can be no perfection.”

Such is the ethos embodied by the twin gods Chelk, the petty god of stains, and Jodj, the petty god of vandalism. Chelk represents the slow, gradual wear-and-tear caused by the elements and blind luck; Jodj, however, signifies more immediate, visceral impulses of capriciousness—he’s the child’s temptation to pull an animal’s tail; the hooligan’s need to throw a rock through an ornate cathedral window; the barmaid’s urge to spit in an unruly patron’s drink.

Chelk’s general air of melancholy is at direct odds with the impish, dangerous demeanor of his brother, Jodj. He looks many years younger than his twin, and appears as a ruddy-faced adolescent with a perpetual sneer and flickering, beady eyes.

Jodj is unpredictable, and he always is depicted armed with a different weapon—sometimes he uses proper armaments, but other times implements like slingshots, thrown rocks, flaming vials of oil, and even rotten eggs. Jodj has no divine symbol of his own; instead, his followers (mostly bored, wayward teenagers, and political anarchists) take the image of any other local deity’s symbol “break” it…meaning they—and often Jodj himself—incur the divine wrath of a god insulted in this manner.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score One random magic item possessed by an opponent (supplicant’s choice) is permanently drained of 1d4 charges or loses 1 point of bonus (i.e. +3 becomes +2).
Roll < Score The supplicant gains a +25% bonus on a bend bars/lift gates roll, a +2 bonus on a Sabotage proficiency check, or deals 2x damage on an attack made to destroy an object within the next 24 hours.
Roll > Score One non-magical item on the supplicant’s person is destroyed. This is always the item that will have the most immediate detrimental effect to the supplicant (acid leaks over the contents of their backpack, a flask of oil spontaneously bursts into flames in their pocket, etc.)
Natural 20 The supplicant has drawn the wrath of a major deity (always one who’s symbol they have broken, if applicable).


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