Minor Knotwards

Easeclimb: The knots along this rope are thicker and cruder than those of other wards. This knotward, decorated with strips of bark along the length of its rope, is rarely confined to a single tree; an easeclimb may be untied and retied around another trunk without harming the dweomer. Any attempt to climb a warded tree is automatically successful as sure handholds and footholds are created and branches drop within reach.

Feycall: This knotward, decorated with seasonal wild fruits and sweet cakes, attracts the attention of woodland spirits or local fey folk. When wrapped around a stout old tree, there is a 5% chance that some fey creatures from the surrounding woodland are attracted to admire the rope. What beings appear is determined as per the Call Woodland Beings spell. If successful, the creatures immediately arrive to admire the knotward and remain for at least two rounds. If interrupted during this time, the creature becomes annoyed and hostile. After the two rounds, the creature is amicable and listens to whatever the ward’s creator has to say.

Halefruit: This knotward must be used on a fruit-bearing tree, the rope has a variety of seeds and dried cores twined about its length. The dweomer grants the tree’s fruit minor restorative powers. Over the span of 1 week, the tree will produce 1d4+1 magical halefruit. A halefruit appears more appealing than a natural fruit, and has a sweet but non-cloying taste. A halefruit must be eaten within 1 hour of being picked; or else the dweomer is lost. Eating a halefruit removes the effects of fatigue and exhaustion and heals 1d3 hit points. In addition, the eater receives a +1 bonus on Constitution checks to resist disease for 1 week after eating the fruit. There are no benefits to eating more than a single halefruit in a 24 hour period.

Rustlewatch: Like easeclimb, a rustlewatch knotward may be re-used and is often carried by travelers. When tied around a tree, the rustlewatch will magically alert anyone sleeping in the shade of the tree to danger. Should any creature larger than tiny (T) size approach within twenty feet of someone sleeping beneath the tree, the branches of the tree will suddenly rustle and drop fruit, nuts, or snow (depending on the season) upon the sleeper, instantly awakening them.

Saplingsure: To ensure that a young tree grows, this knotward is loosely wrapped around the trunk and the lowest branch. If left for a full year, the sapling will grow to twice the size of an unwarded tree. At the end of the year, the saplingsure will fray and break.

Sharemark: This twin knot, decorated with brightly colored ribbons and dried flowers along its length, is commonly used in courtship and betrothal rituals throughout the Realms. The abjurative dweomer of a sharemark binds the love of two creatures, granting them a +1 bonus on saving throws against charm effects cast by others. A sharemark remains potent on a tree well after the betrothal, retaining its power until such time as the two are wed or the knot is destroyed. Cutting or untying the knot undoes the dweomer and usually signals a bad turn for the relationship.

Major Knotwards

Evergreen: The rope and knots of this ward are smeared with pine sap and died green. Travelers in some forests and gardens in the Realms often remark on the number of trees that still bear their foliage in winter. Of course magic is involved, and the evergreen knotward is the culprit. Any tree ringed by this knotward resists the natural changes of the seasons for as long as the ward remains active, remaining in the same state as when the ward was tied. Though rarely used for such, an evergreen knotward tied during the winter could be used to make a tree appear dead and barren year-round.

Firesafe: The length of this rope is blacked with charcoal and the knots hung with pine cones. The firesafe knotward ensures that a tree remains undamaged after exposure to fire or lightning. Flames, either natural or magical, cannot harm the tree, but instead cause the knotward to make a saving throw vs. spells at the level of its maker. Should the save fail, the firesafe is destroyed but protects the tree from the immediate threat (though a raging forest fire may still consume the tree after the ward is gone). If the save succeeds, both the firesafe and the tree remain unharmed.

Illguard: Dried berries and leaves decorate are entwined around each knot of this ward, and the whole gives off a fresh scent that repels insects and pests. Often found protecting orchards of fruit-bearing trees, the illguard knotward prevents disease, mundane or magical, from harming the tree. Any spell that would cause unnatural deterioration to plant life fails when used against an illguarded tree.

Ironwood: Pieces of flint hang from this rope, and rocks are woven into the center of each knot. This knotward protects a tree from the threat of axes. Any tree bearing an ironwood knotward cannot be chopped down by a metal weapon; the bark toughens against blows like the hardest armor. In addition, all trees in a 100-ft. radius surrounding the knotwarded tree are also protected to a limited extent, suffering only half damage from blows.


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