• Name: Lathander
  • Status: Dead
  • Portfolio: The Sun, Spring, Dawn, Birth, Youth, Vitality, Creativity, Renewal
  • Titles: Morninglord, The Yellow God, Keeper of the Eternal Sun
  • Symbols: A rosy-pink disk; A solar disk; A peacock or peacock feathers; Aster flowers
  • Allied Faiths: Chauntea (lover), Eldath, Ilmater, Liira, Oghma, Selune, Sune, Tymora
  • Enemy Faiths: Cyric, Helm, Shar, Talos
  • Pesudonyms: Amaunator (in ancient Netheril and Nog), At’ar (in Aunauroch), Horus (in Mulhorand), Stronmaus (among Firbolgs)

Lathander, the Morninglord, was, as they say, “the first against the wall when the revolution came”. The event known as the Day of Black Sun was initiated when Cyric, The Dark Sun, God of Murder, used the event of a total solar eclipse to attack and kill Lathander when the sun god was at his weakest—thus claiming the portfolio of the sun for himself and solidifying his position as Lord of Murder.

What followed was brief and bloody. Within twenty four hours (as mortals reckon time), nearly a dozen gods had been slain and Cyric stood above all as the most powerful of the gods of the Realms, with the others lining up to oppose him in various camps.

Lathanders followers, deprived of their divine power and almost universally unwilling to bow to the new Sun God, have largely gone into hiding or else barricaded themselves in their temples, knowing that it is only a matter of time before Cyric and his worshippers move to consolidate his power in the mortal realm as well.


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