Laws of Free Phlan

Being an attempt to reconcile the rules of the faiths of Shar, Mask, Chauntea, Sharess, the Blessed Afflictor

Core Doctrines:

  • Thieves’ Prosper. The Rich Remember
  • There is perfect freedom in darkness, good and evil have no meaning, and none can judge what they do not see.
  • By Your Labor the Mother Provides
  • Enlightened rule by the dead is preferable to the misguided failures of the living.

Thou Shalt:

  • Mask
    1. Laws are meant to be broken.
    2. Secrets are meant to be kept. ✓
    3. One coin in ten belongs to the Shadowlord; and he always collects.
    4. A death must always be paid for in coin, and that coin must be stolen. ✓
    5. The wealthy, the powerful, and the makers of laws must be humbled. ✓
    6. Snitches get stitches. ✓
  • Shar
    1. Avoid the light.
    2. Console the mourning. ✓
    3. Secrets are meant to be kept. ✓
    4. Forget your slights and bear no grudge.
    5. Spread the bliss of ignorance and forgetfulness.
    6. Work ill, that others may experience loss and turn to Shar.
    7. Destroy servants of Selune wherever they are found.
  • Chauntea
    1. Bring healing and relief where needed.
    2. Lend your aid whenever crops need tended.
    3. Slay wild beasts that would threaten herds.
    4. Root out weeds and any plant which does not yield food.
    5. Encourage trade so that civilization may flourish.
  • Blessed Afflictor
    1. Oppose the works of Duvan’ku at any cost.
    2. Teach the masses that undead are not to be feared. ✓
    3. Unearth and claim the powers of Ancient Nog for the order.
    4. Oppose chaos, disorder, entropy, and criminality in all its forms.
    5. Allow none to die without being made useful again (i.e. into an undead). ✓

Thou Shalt Not:

  • Mask
    1. Betraying one’s allies. ✓
    2. Allowing a fellow criminal to face justice.
    3. Engaging in, or supporting unnecessary or public violence. ✓
    4. Allying oneself with lawmakers, law enforcement, or the nobility.
    5. Inflicting undo harm (including financial harm) on the poor and the oppressed. ✓
    6. Allowing ones true identity to be associated with one’s criminal actions.
    7. Allowing a secret to become public (unless doing so would humble the wealthy or powerful). ✓
  • Shar
    1. Creating light of any kind.
    2. Sharing or spreading knowledge of any kind.
    3. Condemning or passing judgement on the actions of others.
  • Chauntea
    1. Idleness. ✓
    2. Denying food to the hungry.
    3. Allowing cultivated land to go wild.
    4. Destroying any person’s home or property.
    5. Depriving a farmer of their livelihood.
  • Blessed Afflictor
    1. Destroying a sentient undead creature. ✓
    2. Allowing a law-breaker to go unpunished. ✓
    3. Allowing those not of the faith to learn of Ancient Nog. ✓
    4. Allowing a servant of Duvan’ku to live.
    5. Retreating from any battle or challenge, no matter how hopeless.

Proposed Laws: and the Edicts they uphold

  1. Undeath shall be the default and accept method for the disposal of corpses, unless a person’s faith or living will specifically states otherwise. All corpses may be animated and drafted in war-time as non-sentient undead regardless of religious or personal preference.
    • Upholds: Blessed Afflictor Edict 5, Chauntea Anathema 1 (don’t let them be idle)
  2. Sentient undead shall be granted full and equal rights and responsibilities of citizenship as any living person.
    • Upholds: Blessed Afflictor Core Doctrine, Blessed Afflictor Edict 2, Blessed Afflictor Anathema 1
  3. The punishment for any killing shall be a fine of not less than 10% of the total net worth of the accused (for an accidental death) and not less than 50% of the total net worth of the accused (for murder); to be confiscated by any means necessary and rendered as consolation unto the victim’s next-of-kin. Farms and livestock shall be exempt from seizure if the perpetrator actively works said farm.
    • Upholds: Mask Edict 4, Mask Edict 5 (greater punishment the wealthier the perp), Shar Edict 2, Mask Anathema 3 (punishing violence, but not responding with violence), Mask Anathema 5 (avoids undo financial harm to the poor by making the fine progressive), Blessed Afflictor Anathema 2 (ensure that there is a punishment for a crime), Chauntea Anathema 5 (depriving a farmer of his livelihood)
  4. Secrets of the state shall be sacrosanct. Any individual who betrays the trust of the Leadership of Free Phlan, or reveals her secrets to an enemy of the state shall be sentenced to death.
    The existence and nature of the Deep Carbon Observatory and the treasures and technology contained therein shall be considered a state secret of highest priority.
    • Upholds: Mask Edict 2 (keep secrets), Mask Edict 6 (snitches get stitches), Shar Edict 3, Mask Anathema 1 (betrayal of allies), Mask Anathema 7, Blessed Afflictor Anathema 3

Laws of Free Phlan

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