Lizard Man

Quick Stats:

  • Ability Score Adjustment: none
  • Class Level Limits: See Racial Level Limits
  • Multi-Class Options: Barbarian + any one non-warrior, or Druid + any one non-priest
  • Height: 60 in +2d12
  • Weight: 180 lbs +4d20
  • Aging:
    • Starting: 15 +1d4 years
    • Adult/Middle/Old/Venerable: 16 / 55 / 73 / 110
    • Maximum: 110 +2d10 years
  • Languages:
    • Bonus Languages: Lizard Man
    • Recommended Languages: Yuan-ti, Bullywug, Firenewt, Troglodyte, Gnoll
  • Movement: 6, SW 12
  • Special Abilities:
    • Lizard men have infravision that allows them to discern gradients of heat within 60 feet in the dark.
    • A Lizard man’s tough scales grant him +5 to his natural AC. As with all creatures with natural armor, this is superseded by (does not stack with) actual worn armor. Armor that grants an armor bonus of +5 or less grants a +1 bonus to the Lizard man’s AC (this does stack).
    • Lizard men can move in water at a rate of 12. They have no movement or attack penalties when in water, and receive Swimming as a bonus proficiency.
    • Lizard men can remain under water for long periods of time before they need to draw air. In game terms, a lizard man can hold his breath up to 2/3 his Health score in minutes (rounded up).
    • Lizard men can attack with their claws and their powerful tails. Each claw deals 1d2 damage and their tail attack deals 1d6 damage. Lizard men wielding weapons can also make a tail attack, but suffer the normal penalties for fighting with two weapons when doing so.
  • Special Restrictions:
    • Lizard men are fairly slow and clumsy on land, having a base movement rate of 6.
    • Lizard men must wet their entire bodies once a day. If they are unable to find adequate amounts of moisture (a full waterskin is enough), they begin to lose Constitution at a rate of 3 points per day. If their Constitution falls to zero, they die from dehydration.
    • If food (which could include a fallen friend or foe) or treasure appear during a battle, a lizard man must make a successful Willpower check to keep his mind on the battle. Failure means he turns away from the fight to feast or gather spoils. This distraction lasts at least one round. Every additional round, the lizard man can attempt to break away from the distraction by making another Willpower check.
    • Armor for a lizard man costs double the normal price, due to the significant differences between the lizard man physique and that of other humanoids.

Lizard men are the natural rulers of the swamps they inhabit. These savage, semi-aquatic, reptilian humanoids live through scavenging and raiding. The less hostile tribes tend to be fishers and gatherers, though there seem to be more of the violent, war-loving tribes scattered across the land.

Lizard men grow to heights between six and seven feet tall. The average weight of these humanoids is between 200 and 250 pounds. Their coloration ranges from dark green to gray to brown, and scales cover most of their bodies. Lizard men have three to four foot long tails, which are not prehensile. Only those very familiar with the race can tell the difference between males and females. They wear only the simplest of ornamentation—strings of bone and other barbaric items.

Lizard men usually dwell in marshes and swamps. They live underwater in air-filled caves, emerging to hunt, forage, and raid nearby communities-including other lizard man camps. Most tribes have about 150 members, including females and hatchlings. The tribes sometimes form loose alliances against common enemies, though these last only as long as the threat is obvious.

These omnivorous humanoids eat almost anything. The foulest, most savage tribes crave human flesh. Tales of these savage lizard men ambushing humans abound, for they seek both living and dead flesh to feast upon. A small number of lizard man tribes have evolved to a higher level of civilization, and it is from these tribes that PC lizard men are assumed to come. These lizard men live in crude huts, make and use shields, and have discovered the benefits of ranged weapons. They make and use barbed darts and javelins, use clubs in melee, and some have learned to capture and use the weapons of humans and demihumans.

Lizard Man

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