• Name: Lolth
  • Allegiance: Gods of the Wild
  • Portfolio: Spiders, Weaving, Lust, Sexual Reproduction, Evolution, Chaos, Free Will, Patron of Half-Elves
  • Titles: The Dark Mother, Mother of Lusts, Lady of Chaos, Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demonweb Pits
  • Symbols: A spider; A web; Phallic symbols (especially among elves)
  • Worshiper Alignments: NG, TN, NE, CG, CN, CE
  • Core Doctrine: Life is meaningless without change.
    • Edicts:
      • Listen to your whims in the moment.
      • Free all elves from the tyranny of Corellon.
      • Create at least one work of great beauty in your lifetime.
      • Do not blindly obey anyone, even the Spider Queen herself.
      • Indulge your lusts and desires, for these are the gift of the goddess.
    • Anathema:
      • Taking, buying, or selling slaves.
      • Judging a person based on their species or place of birth.
      • Allowing one of the Eldren or a worshipper of Corellon to live.
      • Harming a spider or any spider-like creature (such as a Drider or Spyder-Fiend).
  • Allied Faiths: Liira, Mask, Mielikki
  • Enemy Faiths: Corellon, Ghaunadaur
  • Pesudonyms: Araushnee (among Elves)

Base Requirements

  • Races: Elves or Half-Elves
  • Classes: Cleric
  • Ability Requirements: Willpower 13
  • Alignments: Non-Lawful, Non-Good
  • Starting Cash: by class


  • Weapon Slots: By class
  • Allowed Weapons: Any weapons
  • Allowed Armor: Chainmail or lighter, Bucklers
  • Bonus Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Required Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Non-weapon Slots: By class
  • Available Groups: Spiritual, Social, and Craft
  • Bonus Proficiencies: Animal Training (Spiders), Religion, Spellcraft, Venom Handling
  • Required Proficiencies: Etiquette, Weaving
  • Recommended Proficiencies: Enamor
  • Forbidden Proficiencies: none

Priest Spheres:

  • Major: All, Animal, Astral, Charm, Divination, Guardian, Necromantic, Time
  • Minor: Creation, Protection

Overview: The Demon-Lord of Spiders and Weaving, Lolth is also responsible for granting the “gift” of sexual reproduction and self-determination to the Elves. In doing so, she earned the undying enmity of the immortal Corellon and the Eldren. She is at least partly responsible for the nature, customs, laws, and survival of most elven communities outside of the Sacred Island, and is worshipped as the patron goddess of Half-Elves because of her gift.

Despite her “gift”, the Spider Queen is still a demon and foments unending chaos among her followers — charging her clerics to destroy all traces of Corellon and the Eldren in order to “free” all remaining elves from Corellon’s oppression.

Description: When participating in rituals, Clerics of Lolth work unclad or wear robes (black, trimmed with dark red and purple-or, for lesser or novitiate priests, dark purple or red trimmed with black). In some temples ornate helms carved to resemble writhing spiders are worn by Lolth’s clergy, while in others heads are always left uncovered. Jewelry worn by the Spider Queen’s priests consists of spider medallions and other spider designs, all made of platinum. The holy symbol of the faith is a platinum disk at least 3 inches in diameter with an embossed depiction on both its obverse and reverse in jet black enamel of a black widow spider or a platinum spider figurine on a platinum or mithral chain necklace.

Role-Playing: The Spider Queen is the subject of terrifying legend among most mortals — as Corellon’s faithful have worked tirelessly to erase all mention of her involvement in the evolution of the Elven species. She is painted as a cruel and destructive evil, and her priests as murderously depraved. Still many elves and half-elves are loyal to her memory and her promise of freedom and self-determination.

Lolth’s clerics strive to act as Lolth wishes and to manipulate (sometimes by brutal force) their fellow elves to reject the Edict of Corellon. The spirits of clerics who die in her favor are believed to go to the Abyss, where they become yochlol and other servant creatures. Although treachery and cruelty are often encouraged by the Spider Queen, Lolth does not look kindly on those who let personal grudges and revenge-taking get in the way of the greater goal of reproductive freedom for elf-kind.

Special Abilities:

  • Priests of Lolth ignore the normal level limits imposed on elven clerics. They may advance as high as 20th level before they begin to incur experience penalties.
  • Priests of Lolth are immune to all spider venoms and to web spells and effects.
  • Priests of Lolth can communicate with spiders of all kinds, and spiders never harm them in any way (except if desired by Lolth).
  • Priests of Lolth can cast Dispel Magic, Detect Lie, Suggestion, and Clairvoyance once per day each.
  • Priests of Lolth can cast Web once per day per level.
  • At 12th level, Priests of Lolth can cast domination (as the 5th-level wizard spell) once per day. Eldren must roll saving throws to avoid the effects with a -4 penalty. Elves and half-elves do not get their normal racial magic resistance to avoid the effects.

Special Disadvantages:

  • Priests of Lolth may never hail from, or set foot upon, the island of Evermeet.
  • Priests of Lolth may not be multi-classed characters.
  • Priests of Lolth may only cast reversed forms of spells from the Sun and Necromantic spheres (where possible).
  • Priests of Lolth use a d6 for their cleric hit dice (instead of a d8).
  • Priests of Lolth are able to Command Undead, but do so as clerics of 2 levels lower. Thus they gain no ability to command undead until 3rd level.

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