Name: Mespilus
Symbol: A medlar fruit
Alignment: Neutral

Mespilus is depicted as a somewhat surly chimpanzee (albeit one that walks upright) dressed in the manner of a farmer. His sole distinguishing feature (bar his being an ape) is his large hat, which somehow combines the attributes of a fez and a beret of muddy brown hue. Mespilus is inordinately proud of his hat.

This petty god is worshipped by those who gather, ferment (in a process known as bletting) and consume the fruit of the medlar tree (and to a lesser extent related species such as crab apples, sugarplums, quince, and persimmons) which are commonly cultivated in the Moonsea region. Mespilus and his clergy find adventurers tiresome, usually rebuffing them with “I deal with med-LARS, not medd-LERS”, and thus most of his worshipers are simple farmers.

He is most often invoked during medlar harvests, but may occasionally be called upon by those lost in forests and desperately hungry, hoping to find something at least moderately edible. Given the extra-long ripening period, these fruits are sometimes the only sort of plant-based sustenance available in the wilds during winter months.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score The supplicant finds 1d4 magical medlar fruit (bletted or unbletted depending on the season). Unbletted medlars can be used as +1 sling bullets. Bletted medlars function as a potion of healing.
Roll < Score The supplicant finds sufficient bletted fruit to make a meal for himself and 1d4 others. If invoked during a harvest of cultivated medlars, the yield is instead increased by 20%.
Roll > Score Nothing happens.
Natural 20 The supplicant finds medlars (as above), but the entire harvest is either rotten or else will not properly blett.


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