Name: Mico
Symbol: A broken bottle wreathed in flame
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Mico, He Who Blocks the Path or He Who Smells of Burning Hair, is the petty god of burning oil. He is depicted as a slumped over humanoid, burned and scarred, smelling of burnt hair; his hands and head are wreathed in pale orange flame and his eyes twinkle with a maniacal menace.

When adventurers find themselves backed into a corner or facing desperate odds, Mico is called upon to make their aim true and their flasks fragile. If the character is carrying more than 5 flasks of oil on his person, he gains a +1 bonus on his Prayer check.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score The next flask of flaming oil thrown by the character explodes in a fireball (as the spell cast at 5th level).
Roll < Score Any flask of oil (or similar flammable liquid) of any variety, thrown by the supplicant within the next 1d4 turns is treated as Greek Fire, and he gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls with such.
Roll > Score One flask of lamp oil (or similar flammable liquid) in the supplicant’s possession cracks and leaks, soaking in to his clothing. He suffers a -2 penalty on his next saving throw against a fire-based attack, and suffers +1 damage per die from that attack.
Natural 20 All flasks of oil (or similar flammable liquids) in the supplicant’s possession spontaneously ignite.


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