Quick Stats:

  • Ability Score Adjustment: see below
  • Class Level Limits: See Racial Level Limits
  • Multi-Class Options: Any two (must be from different categories)
  • Height (M/F): 60 in / 59 in +2d12
  • Weight (M/F): 145 lbs / 105 lbs +4d10
  • Aging:
    • Starting: 6 +1d4 years
    • Adult/Middle/Old/Venerable: 7 / 15 / 20 / 30
    • Maximum: 30 +1d10 years
  • Languages:
    • Bonus Languages: Common
    • Recommended Languages: Any
  • Movement: 9
  • Special Abilities:
    • Mongrelmen gain a +1 bonus to any two Ability Scores of their choice, other than Appearance.
    • A Mongrelman’s tough hide grants him +5 to his natural AC. As with all creatures with natural armor, this is superseded by (does not stack with) actual worn armor. Armor that grants an armor bonus of +5 or less grants a +1 bonus to the mongrelman’s AC (this does stack).
    • Mongrelmen can mimic the sounds made by any monster or creature they have encountered, though they cannot imitate special attack forms. They gain the Animal Noises and Voice Mimicry non-weapon proficiencies at no cost.
    • All mongrelmen learn from an early age to filch the things they need to survive. Mongrelmen gain the Pick Pockets non-weapon proficiency for free.
    • Mongrelmen can camouflage themselves and their items, they gain the Camouflage non-weapon proficiency for free.
  • Special Restrictions:
    • Regardless of class or other factors, a mongrelman always has a starting Appearance score of 1.

Background: Mongrelmen combine the worst features of many species, including humans, orcs, gnolls, ogres, dwarves, hobgoblins, elves, bugbears, and bullywugs. No two mongrelmen look the same, but all appear as poorly constructed combinations of various humanoid races. Always misshapen and ugly, mongrelmen grow to heights ranging from five to seven feet tall. In general, they are ashamed of their appearance and do their best to keep their bodies hidden from those they encounter. Mongrelmen speak common, though they intermix intelligible words with grunts, whistles, growls, and gestures. Their names often mimic animal noises.

Mongrelmen receive no welcome in lawful and good societies. Among evil and chaotic groups, they meet with enslavement and abuse. Most of these reactions are in response to mongrelmen appearances-they look like deformed monsters and are treated as such by society at large. They work as slaves or serfs, toiling endlessly for cruel and evil masters. Mongrelmen have infinite patience and an unswerving belief that their oppressors will eventually be punished by outside forces. Because of this belief, enslaved mongrelmen refuse to rebel against their masters, even when the opportunity presents itself. Those remaining free often take up residence in abandoned ruins or other long-forgotten places.

Mongrelmen are survivors. To remain alive and relatively unharmed is their ultimate goal-they do not seek power or treasure or fame like other races. An orderly day-to-day existence is a mongrelman’s perfect state of being. Patience is the greatest virtue, not the ability to destroy. They are by no means pacifists, but they will only fight in self-defense or on the orders of their masters. Free mongrelmen have a long tradition of art, music, and literature. Of course, mongrelman music is an acquired taste, being a bizarre cacophony of animal songs mixed with mournful dirges and wails.


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