Base Class Statistics:

  • Ability Requirements: Reason 11, Intuition 12, Appearance 15
  • Alignments: Chaotic (CG, CN, CE)
  • Experience Chart: Specialty Priest
  • Hit Dice: d8
    • Maximum Hit Dice: 9d8
    • Additional Hit Points: +2 per level beyond 9th
  • Attack: Priest
  • Saves:
    • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: as Priest
    • Rods/Staves/Wands: as Priest
    • Petrification/Polymorph: as Priest
    • Breath Weapon: as Priest
    • Spell: as Priest
  • Proficiencies:
    • Weapons, Initial: 2
    • Weapons, Advancement: +1 per 4 levels
    • Non-Weapon, Initial: 4
    • Non-Weapon, Advancement: +1 per 3 levels
    • Non-Weapon Proficiency Groups: Pastoral, Social, and Spiritual
    • Bonus Proficiencies: Chandler, Herbalism, Religion
  • Allowed Weapons: Lasso, Net, Quarterstaff, Sling, and Whip
  • Allowed Armor: None

Class Features:

Mystics draw their spells from spheres that connect to the natural world, that protect them or help in their travels, or that help them deal with the faithful to heal or give advice. Mystics have major access to the spheres of All, Animal, Chaos, Charm, Divination, Healing, Summoning, and Travelers. They have minor access to the Guardian, Necromantic, Plant, and Protection spheres.

The mystic receives his spells as insight directly from his deity (the deity does not need to make a personal appearance to grant the spells the mystic prays for), as a sign of and reward for his faith, so he must take care not to abuse his power lest it be taken away as punishment. In addition to those spells gained by leveling (see the Table below), the mystic gains a number of bonus spells based on his Intuition score. Bonus spells of a given level are not gained until the mystic could cast at least 1 spell of that spell level normally.

Priest Spells
Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
1 1
2 2
3 2 1
4 3 2
5 3 3 1
6 3 3 2
7 3 3 2 1
8 3 3 3 2
9 4 4 3 2 1
10 4 4 3 3 2
11 5 4 4 3 2 1
12 6 5 5 3 2 2
13 6 6 6 4 2 2
14 6 6 6 5 3 2 1
15 6 6 6 6 4 2 1
16 7 7 7 6 4 3 1
17 7 7 7 7 5 3 2
18 8 8 8 8 6 4 2
19 9 9 8 8 6 4 2
20 9 9 9 8 7 5 2

Mystics may use any magical item normally usable by priests, with the exception of magical armor and most magical weapons (see above).

Mystics gain a +2 bonus on their saving throws against all forms of charm spells and abilities because of their fiercely independent personalities. Even if a charm does not normally allow a save, mystics are allowed an unmodified save vs. spell to avoid the effect.

A mystic’s facility with herbalism allows the mystic to identify plants and fungi with perfect accuracy.

Mystics gain the spell-like ability to cause creatures to Sleep once per day (as the 1st level wizard spell). At 9th level, mystics are able to charm monster once per week (as the 4th-level wizard spell), and at 13th level, they gain the ability to use mass charm once per week (as the 8th level spell).

Mystics respect and often befriend animals. At 3rd level, mystics gain the ability to find familiar (as the wizard spell). This ability may be attempted once per year, but cannot be used again while an existing familiar is alive. If a familiar found with this ability dies of natural causes, the mystic need not make the system shock check normally associated with the death of a familiar-she does lose one point of Health temporarily (for three months) while grieving for her lost companion. A new attempt to find a familiar may be attempted after this three-month period.

When mystics reach 5th level, they can make nonmagical ointments and potions that duplicate the effects of many magical potions. These mixtures can take anywhere from one day to one month to make. Mystics cannot brew potions while traveling on foot or on a mount, though they may be able to do so on a ship (if the proper ingredients and tools are on hand). Mystics cannot brew multiple potions at the same time, one must be finished before another is begun.

  • Poisons and Antidotes (5th): At 5th level, a mystic can brew an antidote for any specific poison in 1 day or certain poisons in 1 week. An antidote works immediately when consumed, but only against the specific poison it was brewed for. At 5th level, they can brew an injected sleep poison which causes a creature to fall asleep 1d4+1 round after contact. One batch of sleep poison is sufficient to coat 6 projectiles or one large bladed weapon. As she levels, the mystic learns to brew additional poisons: Type G at 7th level, Type H at 9th level, Type I at 11th level, and Type J at 13th level (see the DMG for poison details).
  • Truth Potion (6th): At 6th level, a mystic can brew a non-magical truth potion in 1 week. Anyone drinking the potion must make a save vs. poison or fall into a stupor for 2d6 turns (during which the drinker moves at half speed and cannot take any offensive action) and answer 1d4 questions truthfully. This truth potion remains potent for one month after brewing.
  • Love Potions (7th): At 7th level, a mystic can brew a non-magical love potion that works exactly as a philter of love. It takes one week to brew the potion and it remains potent for one month.
  • Healing Potions (8th): At 8th level, a mystic can brew a non-magical healing potion that works exactly like a potion of healing. It takes 3 days to brew the potion, which remains potent for one month.
  • Extra-Healing Potion (9th): At 9th level, a mystic can brew magical potions and ointments that work exactly as a potion of extra healing. The potion takes 2 weeks to brew and is potent permanently unless dispelled.
  • Flying Potion (10th): At 10th level, mystics learn to brew non-magical flying potions that work like a potion of flying, allowing the imbiber to fly for 1d6+10 turns. A flying potion takes 2 weeks to brew and remains potent for six months.
  • Elixer of Health (12th): At 12th level, mystics can brew magical elixers of health. These take one month to brew and remain potent permanently unless dispelled.
  • Shape Change Potion (15th): At 15th level, mystics can brew a magical potion that duplicates the effects of the 9th level wizard spell Shape Change when consumed, the effect lasting for 2 turns. It takes one month to brew, but remains potent permanently unless dispelled.

At 7th level, mystics are able to put their mastery of herbs and influential magics together into special magical candles. Mystics may manufacture one candle per month. For every three days spent making a candle, the candle will burn for 1 turn (up to a maximum of 10 turns for a candle that took a full 30 days to make). The magic of the candle takes effect when the candle is either snuffed out or burned down to nothing at the end of the duration. A candle must be burned in the presence of the intended subject, where appropriate, to work, and the subject must remain within 10 feet of the candle for the entire burning time. Any candle that does not burn continuously for at least 1 turn has no effect. Mystics learn how to make the following kinds of candles at they rise in level:

  • Red Love Candle (7th): At 7th level, mystics learn to make love candles, which affect their target as a philter of love. The charm effect lasts for one day for each turn of the candle’s burning. The subject receives no saving throw against this effect and creatures normally immune or resistant to charms (such as elves) are still affected. The charm of a love candle cannot be dispelled except by a limited wish or similar magic.
  • Blue Protection Candle (9th): At 9th level, mystics can make protection candles. These candles generate a protection from alignment 10-ft. radius (good or evil) effect for one turn for each turn that the candle burned. The power is doubled against evil creatures if used by a good mystic or doubled against good creatures if used by an evil mystic.
  • Purple Truth Candle (11th): At 11th level, mystics learn to manufacture truth candles. This works exactly as the mystic’s truth potion, save that it requires a save vs. spell, and the target must answer two questions for every turn that the candle burned.
  • Gold Healing Candle (13th): At 13th level, mystics are able to craft healing candles. These candles cure 1d6 points of damage for every turn that it burned to all creatures that remained in the 10-ft. area of effect while it burned.
  • Yellow Telepathy Candle (15th): At 15th level, mystics learn to craft telepathy candles. These candles allow the mystic to read a subject’s mind and communicate with him if the subject fails a save vs. spell. Subjects may voluntarily fail the save if they desire. The telepathy lasts while the candle is burning and ceases when the candle is extinguished. This communication is not language-dependent and the subject is completely incapable of lying to the mystic (unless the information he “knows” is false).
  • Green Fortune Candle (17th): At 17th level, mystics can create fortune candles. A fortune candle grants good fortune similar to that granted by a luck stone (+1 or +5% on all die rolls save attack and damage). For each turn that the candle burned, one day of good fortune is granted.
  • White Purification Candle (20th): Good mystics can craft purification candles, starting at 20th level. These candles either cast a remove curse (at the mystic’s caster level) on the subject, grant the subject the effects of imbibing an elixer of health, or automatically banish one extraplanar creature (automatically overcoming any magic resistance). One effect of the mystic’s choice is generated each turn that the candle burns.
  • Silver Empowerment Candle (20th): Neutral mystics can craft empowerment candles, starting at 20th level. When burned for a turn, it causes all spell effects and damage rolls made by the subject to be maximized for one hour for every turn the candle was burned.
  • Black Curse Candle (20th): Evil mystics can create curse candles at 20th level. These candles place a curse on a victim for every turn they burn. Curses can vary, but the most common are reducing a single ability score to 3. Victims are entitled to a save vs. spell for each curse as a turn ends, with a successful save negating that particular curse. A remove curse spell removes one curse for each casting. Each curse is permanent until dispelled or removed.
  • Bonus Candles (25th): At 25th level, Good and Evil mystics gain the ability to craft empowerment candles and Neutral mystics gain the ability to craft either purification candles or curse candles (their choice).

At 15th level, mystics are granted longevity by their deities for their dedicated service. From this point onward, mystics age at only one-tenth the normal rate for their race. Spells or effects which magically age a mystic still age the mystic the normal amount.

Mystics never gain followers, nor do they set up temples or shrines for others to worship at. A mystic may maintain a small personal shrine, suitable for their own use.


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