Mystic of Nog

Base Requirements

  • Races: Any
  • Sub-Classes: Mage or Specialist
  • Ability Requirements: None
  • Alignments: Any Lawful or Chaotic (non-Neutral)
  • Starting Cash: None

Weapon Proficiencies

  • Weapon Slots: By class
  • Bonus Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Required Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Allowed Weapons: By class
  • Allowed Armors: By class

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Non-weapon Slots: By class
  • Available Categories: By class
  • Bonus Non-weapon Proficiencies: Endurance, Jumping, Running, Tumbling
  • Required Proficiencies: Ancient Languages (Noga)
  • Recommended Proficiencies: Ancient History, Athletics, Awareness, Begging, Blind-Fighting, Bulwark, Dancing, Dodge, Drinking, Eating, Elemental Resistance, Escape, Evade, Explosive Energy, Healing, Philosophy, Psionic Detection, Rope Use, Slow Respiration, Spellcraft, Survival, Swimming, Tattooing, Tightrope Walking.
  • Forbidden Proficiencies: None

Overview: The ancient empire of Nog contained within its boundaries a sect of wizards who learned to not merely channel spells through their bodies, but to actually contain the energies of those spells within their flesh. This ability allowed the Mystics of Nog to alter their physical forms to a greater or lesser degree, though it did reduce their ability to cast spells. No one now knows where Nog was located, but the magical secrets of the Nogian Mystics has spread throughout the Realms, kept by ancient texts, hidden monasteries, and lone masters dwelling in desolate wilderlands.

Nogian mystics must be of any alignment that is not neutral. The powers they command are products of a passion and conviction that neutral-aligned characters find hard to maintain.

Description: Mystics of Nog are easily mistaken for beggars (indeed many take up that trade). They dress in rags or simple homespun, and carry very few possessions.

Role-Playing: The Mystics of Nog have learned to harness magical energies to enhance their own bodies. These enhancements last for a limited time, but can have very powerful effects. During the time in which Nog was a real power, the Nogian mystic was a feared warrior on the battlefield. They served the dual function of elite troops and the home guard. Some say that the reason Nog fell was because they turned against the empire they had so long served.

With the fall of Nog many millenia ago, and its subsequent sinking into obscurity, the Nogian mystics have become reclusive. There are but a few hundred left, and most of these live a hermit-like existence. These men and women spend the majority of their time honing their abilities and studying the interplay of flesh and magic. The Nogian mystics gather together from time to time to discuss the theory and practice of their art and to contemplate new discoveries and abilities. They hope to find a new homeland, a place where they can become what they once were—the respected bodyguard and soldiers of an honorable land.

Special Abilities:

  • Nogian Mystics gain bonuses for exceptional Constitution scores as if they were warriors.
  • The Mystics of Nog are masters of physical magic. They have studied the nature of magical energies and have focused these energies into their body. They can cast spells, but generally prefer to augment their bodies instead. The Mystics of Nog spend “spells” in order to purchase special abilities, which are listed below. Each special ability costs a certain number of spell levels to obtain. The Nogian mystic permanently sacrifices the ability to prepare that many spells in order to gain the ability. Spell levels must be spent in full spell units (thus spending only 1 spell level of a 2nd level spell still causes that slot to be permanently lost).
    • Attribute Increase: A Mystic of Nog may choose to permanently increase any of their physical attributes (Stamina, Muscle, Aim, Balance, Health, or Fitness). Only one point may be added to a given attribute per each level the mystic possesses (i.e. max +5 at 5th level). The spell cost of any increase is determined by the attribute’s total after the increase is applied. No ability may be raised above 18 in this manner (though other attribute raising magics will stack with this).
      • Score 3 to 13: 1 spell level/point
      • Score 14 to 17: 3 spell levels/point
      • Score 18: 5 spell levels/point
    • Fast Healing: Fast healing funnels healing magics to damaged sites, allowing the mystic to increase the rate at which their body repairs itself. For every four spell levels spent on this ability, the mystic is entitled to roll 1d4 to determine the number of additional points healed in a given day. Damage is healed after the character has had at least six hours of uninterrupted rest. If the character cannot rest at least six hours, the number of points healed is halved.
    • Sudden Speed: Sudden speed allows the character to move very suddenly, once per day. This gives him or her a bonus of -1 to initiative for that round. The movement may be the drawing of a weapon, a quick thrust, or an actual move of up to 10 feet. The cost is three spell levels, and purchasing this ability more than once allows an additional use per day.
    • Hands of Stone: Hands of stone allows the character to cause increased damage with his bare hands. The damage caused is equal to 1d4 plus ½ the mystic’s level (round up). This ability costs five spell levels.
    • Stunning Blow: Stunning blow costs three spell levels. It allows the character to stun an opponent in combat. This ability may be used once per day against a given opponent. If the character successfully strikes an opponent, he may opt to stun rather than cause damage. This attack form freezes the target for 1d4 rounds if a successful save vs. paralyzation is not made. If used in conjunction with hands of stone, the saving throw to resist a stunning blow will suffer a penalty of -2. Purchasing this ability more than once allows an additional use per day.
    • Silent Walk: Silent walk costs one spell level and allows the character to gain the ability to walk silently. This ability may be used once per day per level of mystic and lasts for one turn. During this time, the character will walk with a completely undetectable step. No magical or natural ability will be able to pick out the sound of the character walking.
    • True Target: True target grants the Mystic of Nog the ability to pick out the weaknesses in a target’s armor after one round of concentration. This reduces the target’s Armor Class by 1 for purposes of determining attacks made by the Nogian mystic. This ability is effective only for the first attack made against a target. The cost for this ability is one spell level.
    • Immovability: Immovability allows a character taking no other action to remain in a spot regardless of the force brought to bear against him. The character becomes as one with the surface upon which he stands and may not be knocked down or moved by any means. This ability lasts for one round per level of the wizard using it and costs two spell levels.
    • Leap: Leap allows the mystic to jump much farther than a normal person could. For the cost of one spell level, the mystic adds 10 feet to the distance when making any running or standing leap, or half that when making a vertical Spring. This distance can be increased up to a maximum of +30 feet, at the cost of one spell level per additional 10 feet of distance. If used as a means of closing to attack, the wizard gains a +1 attack bonus on his first attack.
    • Steelskin: Steelskin hardens the skin of the mystic, allowing the mystic a form of natural armor. This ability increases the natural AC of the mystic by one point per level of the mystic, to a maximum of +8 AC. The presence of steelskin is disrupted by any other protective devices, including magical bracers, rings, and cloaks. The cost is two spell levels.
    • Hammerblow: Hammerblow costs three spell levels and gives a wizard the ability to shatter certain inanimate objects. This ability forces items to save vs. crushing blow, or be destroyed. If the item contains some harmful liquid or substance, it will be released; the wizard will suffer full damage from or the full effects of whatever was contained in the item. This ability doesn’t work against magical items.
    • Weapon Proficiency: Weapon proficiency gives the wizard the ability to use another weapon. This weapon will be instinctively understood and usable without penalty, including magical versions of these weapons. Cost is one spell level for weapons commonly allowed wizards, two spell levels for weapons which are not normally available to wizards (footman’s mace or short sword, for example), and four spell levels for weapons which are not normally available to wizards and inflict a maximum of eight points of damage (or more) to man-sized targets (long sword, khopesh, morningstar, etc).
    • Magic Resistance: Five spell levels grants the Mystic Magic Resistance of 10%. For every five additional levels, this magic resistance increases by another 10%, to a maximum MR of 80%.
    • Gills: Two spell levels allows the Mystic to breathe fresh water at will, as well as air. An additional 3 levels, allows the Mystic to breathe salt water as well.
    • Improved Saves: Two slots grants the Mystic a +1 bonus to a single category of saving throws (Paralyzation, Poison, Death, Petrification, Polymorph, Rods, Staves, Wands, Breath Weapons, or Spells).
    • Energetic Fists: Three spell levels allows the Mystic to deal energy damage with their unarmed attacks (fists, feet, teeth, etc.). Each three spell levels spent grants +1 damage of a specific energy type (fire, cold, lightning, acid, etc.). Each time this ability is selected, the Mystic must specify what type of energy he is adding.

Special Disadvantages:

  • A Mystic of Nog begins play with a single weapon (one he is proficient with), his spellbook, and the most basic of clothing—he gains no starting money with which to purchase additional equipment.
  • The Mystics of Nog may only carry one weapon, one change of clothes (which may include magical garments but not jewelry), his spellbook, and a single day worth of food. Money may be carted around, but only if the wizard intends to spend the money within a week. Any other possessions must be sold or discarded.
  • The cost of special abilities is limiting to Nogian mystics, as they may memorize fewer spells than other wizards. In addition, the Mystic of Nog must spend at least half of his spell levels on abilities (including bonus spell slots gained from specialization), and must maintain this balance at all times.
  • A Nogian mystic may never learn or cast a spell of greater than 5th level. He still gains 6th level and higher spell slots when he reaches the appropriate level, but these must be used to purchase mystic abilities.

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Mystic of Nog

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