Nazarash the Shatterer

Name: Nazarash the Shatterer
Symbol: A shattered glass bottle
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Nazarash, the Shatterer, is the petty god of broken glass. Nazarash is a faithful servant of Talos, god of destruction, and close friends with Mico, the petty god of burning oil, and Jodj, the petty god of vandalism. Nazarash resembles a older, human male with numerous bloody cuts and scratches, but with masses of broken glass in the eyesockets and mouth. Many paintings show Nazarash as composed of a man-shaped mass of broken glass, with the skin of a man stretched over it, with long talons of glass shards for hands. It is said that Nazarash is the embodiment of one of the infinite facets of entropy.

Nazarash is often invoked by those who delight in random destruction, or occasionally by spiteful duelists and adventurers who wish to deprive their foes of potions, alchemical reagents, or other useful items that may be stored in glass containers. Many pantheists will invoke Nazarash before calling on Mico to heighten the devastation they can cause.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score A nearby glass object (window, vase, etc.) shatters spontaneously (chosen randomly). The supplicant will find a single shard shaped like a dagger. If wielded as a weapon, the dagger +1 that inflicts triple base damage (3d4). On an unmodified attack roll of 4 or less, the dagger shatters, dealing 1d3 damage to its wielder.
Roll < Score All glass and crystal items possessed by one enemy within line of sight of the supplicant instantly shatter (gems and magical items are a allowed a saving throw vs. crushing blow). This has no effect on crystalline creatures.
Roll > Score Tiny cracks appear on all non-magical glass or crystal items possessed by the supplicant. The weakened items automatically fail their next item saving throw.
Natural 20 A disembodied shriek emanates from a point near to the supplicant. All non-magical glass and crystal items within 20 feet of the supplicant (including those in his possession) must make a save vs. crushing blow or be destroyed.

Nazarash the Shatterer

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