Name: Nwee, Godling of Boredom and Ennui
Symbol: A piece of well-carved jade; the exact design can be whatever strikes the devotee’s fancy
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Nwee, Godling of Boredom and Ennui; often goes by other names, just for fun

Nwee is a petty godling existing in a perpetual state of boredom. Nwee constantly travels the world, outer planes and alternate dimensions, seeking out new and exotic experiences. Capricious and cruel, Nwee’s only concern is Nwee’s satisfaction. Neither male nor female, Nwee appears at times as either, as an androgynous being, a hermaphroditic hybrid of man and woman, or as an animal of some sort, depending on the godling’s mood. He goes by a great many names, regularly changing his name simply for the fun of it. His clergy does the same, creating all manner of new names, amusing epithets, and bizarre rituals for their god.

Nwee is commonly worshipped by the decadent off-spring of the wealthy and powerful. These restless youth organize extravagant, and often cruel, parties, orgies, hunts or arena fights both to honor Nwee, and to alleviate their own boredom. Such festivities are always held at night, and seldom interesting or exotic enough to attract Nwee’s attention, though if Nwee does make an appearance (posing as a mortal, of course) things quickly get out of hand. All priests of Nwee must take the Dilettante kit, even though this is normally not allowed to members of the priest class.

Unsurprisingly, Nwee’s worshipers generally invoke their god simply to break the boredom and monotony of life, or when involved in something that they think might amuse their lord. Calling his attention in this way is seldom beneficial to anyone involved, but may provide amusement or a timely distraction.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score Nwee is amused. The supplicant gains triple the normal amount of experience the next time he Carouses, but must roll twice for the consequences.
Roll < Score Nwee decides to liven things up. A powerful illusion is created, affecting all living beings that can see the supplicant. The illusion looks, feels, smells and even tastes real (save vs. spells to see through it), and lasts 1d10 rounds (the limit of Nwee’s attention span). The scenario is always something disorienting and uncomfortable for those involved (subject to DM fiat).
Roll > Score Nwee finds the supplicant too boring to bother with. Nothing happens.
Natural 20 The supplicant must save vs. spells at a -4 penalty or be overcome with ennui. All endeavors seem pointless; all accomplishments empty and meaningless. The victim becomes lethargic and apathetic, perhaps laying down in resignation or perhaps skulking away in defeat. Either way, they’re no longer willing to engage in combat of any kind (even to defend themselves). This effect remains until removed by a remove curse or dispel magic.


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