Ogre Mage

Quick Stats:

  • Ability Score Adjustment: +1 Muscle, +1 Knowledge, -1 Intuition
  • Class Level Limits: See Racial Level Limits
  • Multi-Class Options: Mage + any one non-wizard, or Fighter/Mage/Thief
  • Height (M/F): 114 in / 96 in +2d6
  • Weight (M/F): 810 lbs / 780 lbs +4d10
  • Aging:
    • Starting: 20 +1d4 years
    • Adult/Middle/Old/Venerable: 20 / 82 / 116 / 175
    • Maximum: 175 +2d20 years
  • Languages:
    • Bonus Languages: Jogishk, Auld Tharian
    • Recommended Languages: Jotunalder or by region
  • Movement: 9
  • Special Abilities:
    • Oni gain hit dice by class and receive 5 bonus hit points at 1st level.
    • Oni are large creatures and can carry 50% more than a human of similar strength.
    • An oni’s tough hide grants him +6 to his natural AC. As with all creatures with natural armor, this is superseded by (does not stack with) actual worn armor. Armor that grants an armor bonus of +6 or less grants a +1 bonus to the oni’s AC (this does stack).
    • Oni receive a +1 bonus to their morale scores, including Fear saves.
    • Oni heal remarkably fast, recovering 1 hit point every turn (10 minutes). This healing can even allow the oni to reattach (but not re-grow) severed limbs, requiring that the severed limb be held in place for 1 full turn. If the oni possesses exceptional Health, the regeneration granted by her Health stacks with this natural regeneration. An Oni that is reduced to negative hit points must make System Shock rolls as normal. An Oni that dies due to a failed System Shock check ceases to regenerate.
    • Oni possess numerous magical abilities, which grow as they increase in levels. Each ability functions as the spell of the same name (except where described below). These innate spell-like abilities are activated by gesture (Somatic components only), requiring no Verbal or Material components necessary. All such powers have a casting time of 3 and are cast as a wizard of the Oni’s level. The following powers become available at the indicated levels:
      • 1st: Fly (as the 3rd-level spell), a number of times per day equal to the Oni’s level. When cast by the Oni, this spell always has a duration of 1 turn.
      • 2nd: Invisibility (as the 2nd-level spell) a number of times per day equal to her level.
      • 2nd: Charm Person (as the 1st-level spell) 1/day.
      • 3rd: Darkness 15-ft. radius (as the 2nd-level spell) a number of times per day equal to her level.
      • 3rd: Sleep (as the 1st-level spell) 1/day.
      • 4th: Alter Self (as the 2nd-level spell) a number of times per day equal to her level.
      • 4th: Gaseous Form (as the 4th-level wizard spell) 1/day.
      • 5th: Cone of Cold (as the 5th-level spell) 1/day.
  • Special Restrictions:
    • Oni take damage as Large creatures.
    • Oni must earn twice the normal number of experience points to advance each level (i.e. a 2nd level Fighter requires 4000xp instead of the usual 2000xp).

Background: Ogre magi (more commonly known as Oni) have light blue, light green, or pale brown skin. Ivory horns jut from their foreheads. They are 10½ feet tall, with black nails, dark eyes with white pupils, and white teeth and tusks. They favor oriental clothing, armor, and weapons.

These larger, more intelligent ogres live in fortified dwellings or caves. They raid for slaves, treasure and food, and are very protective of their young. They follow many oriental traditions, including respect and honor for their clans and clan symbols.

Oni are more civilized than their primitive, smaller cousins. This does not make them less fierce or dangerous, just smarter and more cultured. They prefer to use magic instead of physical force, and are much more reflective than normal ogres.

Ogre Mage

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