Paths of Magic

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Common Paths
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Paths of Magic

Paths of Magic are sequences of related spells that must be learned in a particular order, from lowest to highest level. If a path contains more than one spell of a certain level, the mage only needs to learn one of those spells in order to progress along the path (but she may learn more than one spell of a certain level on a given path if she so desires).

In this system of magic, each step on the path of power depends on understanding the principles behind previous steps; that is, a mage never can learn a spell if he does not understand the previous spells on the same path. For this reason, spells are arranged in sequences of required learning, like the rungs of a ladder or the steps on a staircase. For instance, before a mage on the Flame Dancer’s Path can cast a fireflow spell (third level), he must be able to cast at least one of the four second-level spells preceding fireflow on
this path: Agannazar’s Scorcher, Cat’s Grace, Circle Dance, or Circle of Flame.

This system might seem too constricting, forcing choices, a straitjacket for mages. However, there are advantages to pursuing magic along paths. In fact, it opens many choices as well, for a mage on a path may always automatically find information about the next spell on a path when he reaches the experience level that allows him to cast it. No more need to rummage through dusty tomes with all the dignity of a looter on a battlefield; no need for a player to depend on a DM’s whim for the spells he wants; no need for the DM to drop scrolls and spell books “conveniently” into every adventure.

Simply put, the mage rolls the percentage chance to learn a spell whenever he wishes (assuming he has access to that level of spell). If a path is frustrated in one direction (he fails the roll for a prerequisite spell), he may be able to approach it from another direction (if the path contains more than one spell of the same level), or he may try again to learn the next spell when he gains another level.

Skipping Steps

As a wizard progresses along a path, he builds a base of knowledge, formulas, and techniques for the magic of the path. Once he knows spells from two or more consecutive spell levels on a path, he may skip one step farther along on the path. For example, a wizard on the Eagle’s Road already knows feather fall (first level) and featherfoot (second level). He may then skip one step (a third-level spell) and learn spectral wings (fourth level). Only one spell level can be skipped on any path.

Completing a path

If a wizard learns every spell in a path, the path is said to be mastered. Spells from that path no longer count against his maximum number of spells known per level. In general, paths become less and less limiting at higher levels, since the archmage knows almost everything is there is to know about the arcane arts anyway; new paths are less challenging because of their similarities to spells he has already studied and mastered.

Forking Paths

When paths of power intersect, the wizard learning the paths has three choices: he may continue to follow only the path he began with, ignoring the intersection; he can switch from one path to the other, abandoning the chance of any further progress on the first path; or he can pursue both paths by declaring that he will follow a forking path. These forking paths offer a wizard more options than just a straight line because he can learn spells from either path as he gains more levels, but each “branch” of the fork still counts as a separate path for purposes of determining how many paths a wizard can follow (assuming he takes the third option).

Some spells are listed on more than one path; there’s more than one way to learn many of the arts of magic, after all. Spells that intersect at the crossroads of two or more paths are called nexus spells. First-level spells are never nexus spells (even if they exist on multiple paths). To jump the track and switch from one path to another at a nexus point, the mage must know about the existence of both paths. Once he switches tracks on a forked path, he can no longer skip any spells beyond the nexus spell; this is only part of the price he pays for forking his path. If he abandons one path entirely (either by forgetting or completing it), he may skip spells on the second forking path normally.

Although paths are generally meant to be followed from beginning to end (from lowest-level spell to highest-level spell), there is nothing to prevent a wizard from “backtracking” to learn a lower-level spell he did not already know. In fact, this is what happens when a wizard fills in a step along a path that he had earlier skipped (see “Skipping steps” above). The same sort of “filling in” can be done for the sake of picking up a spell that didn’t have to be learned earlier (in the case of a path containing more than one spell of a certain level), and for the sake of acquiring lower-level spells along a path that the wizard began to follow at a nexus point. A wizard may not often find it useful to engage in this backtracking, but it can be done if she so desires.

Number of Paths by Level

The number of paths a mage can travel on depends on both his experience level and his Intelligence. The table below lists the number of paths that a mage or a specialist of a certain experience level can follow (i.e., learn spells from). Bonuses from a high Knowledge score are added to the number below.

A specialist retains his normal bonuses (he may memorize one additional spell of each level he is capable of learning about) but he can learn fewer paths at any given level
than a generalist (a mage) can. Spells from opposition schools are still off limits; this may prevent the specialist from gaining mastery of some paths.

Rogue spellcasters (Bards, Lone Wolves, and Shadow Walkers) likewise use paths, but have access to a much more limited selection that true wizards. Other partial arcane spellcasters, such as Witch-Doctors or warriors from Nimbral, also use this column (treating their caster level as wizard level).

Level of Wizard Max. # Mage Paths Max. # Specialist Paths Max # Rogue Paths†
1 3 2 1
2 3 2 2
3 4 3 2
4 4 3 3
5 5 4 3
6 5 4 4
7 6 5 4
8 7 5 5
9 8 6 5
10 9 7 6
11 10 8 6
12 11 9 7
13 12 10 7
14 13 11 8
15 14 12 9
16 15 13 10
17 16 14 11
18 18 15 12
19 20 16 13
20 22 18 14

† Includes Bards, Lone Wolves, and Shadow Walkers.

Starting Paths:

Beginning 1st level wizards start with a number of paths of their choice equal to the number granted by their level, plus any bonus paths for a high Knowledge score. The character may choose any path, so long as two conditions are met: (1) the path must contain 1st level spells, and (2) at least one 1st-level spell in the path must be of a school that the wizard can learn.

The wizard automatically knows one 1st-level spell from each of his chosen paths. He need not make chance to learn spell rolls for these spells (he is assumed to have already learned these spells as part of his training). He may also attempt a chance to learn spell roll for each other spell in his chosen paths, up to his maximum number of spells known.

Characters that multi-class between multiple spellcasting classes gain the paths per level for each of their classes (and must track their spells known seperately). Any bonus paths for high intelligence are gained only once, and should be split evenly between the classes (odd bonus paths should be assigned to whichever class has a higher number of base paths).

Beyond these initial paths, in order to learn new paths, the wizard much find a tutor who can teach him the path, find a spellbook describing the path, or find some other source of knowledge for a new path in the course of a game.

Certain Kits and Homelands may grant the spellcaster bonus paths known, or have paths that it is required that the wizard take.

Note: Members of the Lone Wolf always start with the rare path, Ajathar’s Path, as their first path known.

Common Paths

These paths are available to all wizards.

The Aberrant Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration, Evocation, Abjuration
  • 1st: Adhesion, Grease, Immunity to Adherence
  • 2nd: Hand of Tentacles, Toothed Tentacle
  • 3rd: Acid Last, Acidic Blast, Brannart’s Acidic Grip, Grease Slick, Protection from Amorphs
  • 4th: Confusion, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Sinuous Horrors
  • 5th: Distance Distortion, Manshoon’s Xorn Talons, Wonderform
  • 6th: Claws of the Umber Hulk, Murlynd’s Void, Tentacles
  • 7th: Acid Storm, Amorphous Blob, Destroy Magedoom
  • 8th: Maze
  • 9th: Absorption

The Alchemist’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Necromancy, Abjuration, Enchantment, Conjuration
  • 1st: Firewater, Metamorphose Liquids, Oilskin, Spoil Holy Water, Tipple
  • 2nd: Filter, Protection from Poison
  • 3rd: Alamir’s Fundamental Breakdown, Organic Disruption, Solvent of Corrosion
  • 4th: Control Fluid, Darsson’s Potion, Poison, Spendelarde’s Chaser, Unburn, Vitriolic Sphere
  • 5th: Deathmaster’s Vial, Water to Poison
  • 7th: Hatch the Stone from the Egg
  • 8th: Elemental Transmogrification, Homunculus Shield, Polymorph Any Object
  • 9th: Glorious Transmutation

The Apprentice’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Divination, Conjuration
  • 1st: Cantrip, Conjure Spell Component, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Wizard Mark
  • 2nd: Protection from Cantrips, Sinister Cantrip, Wizard Lock
  • 3rd: Dispel Magic, Jalartan’s Miraculum, Spell Sense, Wizard Sight
  • 4th: Jonstal’s Double Wizardry, Neutralize Components, Wizard Eye
  • 5th: Magic Staff, Spell Trigger
  • 6th: Contingency, Jonstal’s Improved Double Wizardry
  • 7th: Greater Spell Trigger, Jalensifer’s Trident, Persistence
  • 8th: Presper’s Double Wizardry
  • 9th: Algarth’s Embattlement, Chain Contingency

The Archer’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Enchantment, Conjuration
  • 1st: Accuracy, Arrowflight, Catapult, Sidhelien Bow
  • 2nd: Fire Arrows, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Seeking
  • 3rd: Flame Arrow, Haelyn’s Bow, Venom Bolt
  • 5th: Aiming at the Target, Conduit, Pierce Magic Resistance, Presper’s Moonbow
  • 6th: Arrow of Bone
  • 7th: Electric Arrow
  • 8th: Finding the Center
  • 9th: Pierce Any Shield, Thornbush Arrows

The Archmage’s Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Abjuration, Evocation, Divination, Enchantment
  • 1st: Know School
  • 2nd: Sense Shifting
  • 3rd: Augmentation I, Close Path, Far Reaching I, Squaring the Circle
  • 4th: Dilation I, Extension I, Far Reaching II, Jackal Ward, Know Path of Magic
  • 5th: Bestow Enchantment, Extension II, Far Reaching II, Reconnect, Seal Path
  • 6th: Augmentation II, Dilation II, Extension III
  • 7th: Discern
  • 8th: Block Advancement, Burn Path, Weavecall
  • 9th: Combine, Conquer Self, Mylsibis’s Arcane Contention

The Artificer’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Enchantment, Evocation, Conjuration, Divination
  • 1st: Compass, Mending
  • 2nd: Charge, Irithra’s Spelltouch
  • 3rd: Analyze Device, Item, Modron Mind, Serrel’s Minor Enchantment, Summon Modron I
  • 4th: Dancing Weapon, Duplicate, Native Item
  • 5th: Fabricate, Motion, Serrel’s Major Enchantment
  • 6th: Capacitor, Construction, Enchant an Item, Itembane, Prepare Enchantment, Recharge, Reconstruction
  • 7th: Hold Golem, Rebinding, Steal Enchantment, Tool
  • 8th: Analyze Dweomer, Permanency, Spellcaster, Spell Engine
  • 9th: Ringweave, Wondercraft

The Bard’s Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Enchantment
  • 1st: Alter Instrument, Dance Macabre, Ghostharp, Sound Bubble
  • 2nd: Circle Dance, Echoes, Magic Ear, Murmuring Masses, Odeen’s Sounding Stick, Vocalize
  • 3rd: Scarf, Talon’s Skitmaster, Talon’s Soundmaster, Wall of Sound
  • 4th: Juggle, Shadow Dance
  • 5th: Leomund’s Lamentable Belaborment, Melisander’s Harp
  • 6th: Brightsong, Starharp
  • 8th: Otto’s Irresistable Dance
  • 9th: Transforming Tune

The Beastmaster’s Path

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Alteration, Conjuration
  • 1st: Animal Nonaggression, Animal Sanctuary, Find Familiar, Sooth the Beast
  • 2nd: Animal Companion, Detect Lycanthrope, Familiar Enhancer I, Nature Call, Unbridle the Wild Beast
  • 3rd: Familiar Enhancer II
  • 4th: Animal Magnetism, Familiar Enhancer III, Protection from Lycanthropes, Summon Lycanthrope
  • 5th: Animal Growth, Charm Animals, Familiar Enhancer IV
  • 6th: Conjure Animals, Familiar Enhancer V
  • 7th: Control Lycanthrope, Familiar Enhancer VI
  • 8th: Familiar Enhancer VII
  • 9th: Familiar Enhancer VIII

The Black Road

  • Schools1: Illusion, Alteration, Evocation, Necromancy, Conjuration
  • 1st: Blacksteel, Blackthorns, Color Blindness, Face Blur
  • 2nd: Blindness, Blur, Tunnel Vision
  • 3rd: Blacklight, Touch the Black
  • 4th: Blacksphere
  • 5th: Grimwald’s Graymantle
  • 6th: Blackmantle
  • 7th: Open the Gray Portal
  • 8th: Blackstaff, Circle of Blindness, Power Word Blind
  • 9th: Mass Blindness

The Bonebinder’s Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Alteration, Enchantment, Evocation
  • 2nd: Blastbones, Boneharden, Boneiron, Bonewood, Skeletal Hands
  • 3rd: Bone Club, Bone Dance, Bone Knit, Skeletal Hand
  • 4th: Bone Form, Bone Seize
  • 5th: Throbbing Bones, Wall of Bones
  • 6th: Arrow of Bone, Bones of the Earth, Transmute Bone to Steel
  • 7th: Bone Javelin
  • 8th: Bone Blade, Simbul’s Skeletal Deliquescence

The Breaker’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Necromancy
  • 1st: Patternweave, Scatterspray
  • 2nd: Shatter
  • 3rd: Age to Destruction, Organic Disruption, Pain Touch
  • 4th: Shatterhull, Shout
  • 5th: Rip, Rusting Grasp, Tenser’s Destructive Resonance, Wood Rot
  • 6th: Barrier Reaver, Breach Defenses, Disintegrate, Pain, Ring of Disintegration
  • 7th: Lesser Cleaving
  • 8th: Great Shout, Rusting Touch
  • 9th: Disintegrate Flesh, Lauthdryn’s Cleaving, Sphere of Ultimate Destruction

The Cat’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Enchantment, Conjuration
  • 1st: Balance, Cat Charm, Jump, Sharptooth, Tenser’s Eye of the Tiger
  • 2nd: Cat’s Grace, Enhanced Olfaction, Mass Jump, Mouse, Summon Cats, Wakefulness
  • 3rd: Haste, Snapping Teeth
  • 4th: Conjure Sand Lion
  • 5th: Jaguar Form, Valiancy
  • 7th: Shadowcat

The Chromatic Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Illusion, Evocation, Conjuration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Chromatic Orb, Color, Color Spray
  • 2nd: Flash, Hypnotic Pattern
  • 4th: Rainbow Pattern, Rainbow Shield
  • 5th: Chromatic Blade
  • 6th: Prismatic Eye
  • 7th: Prismatic Spray
  • 8th: Gunther’s Kaleidoscopic Strike, Prismatic Wall
  • 9th: Prismatic Sphere

The Councilor’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration, Enchantment, Illusion, Divination
  • 1st: Comprehend Languages, Detect Untruth, Friends, Khinasi Trade Tongue, Message
  • 2nd: Fascinate, Magic Mouth, Power Word Sleep, Seal Mouth, Speak in Tongues, Words of Fire
  • 3rd: Elminster’s Multiple Mouths, Face, Improved Magic Mouth, Odeen’s Secret Word, Suggestion, Tongues
  • 6th: Mass Suggestion, Power Word Silence
  • 7th: Power Word Stun
  • 8th: Demand, Power Word Blind
  • 9th: Power Word Banishment, Power Word Kill, Power Word Liquefy

The Corsair’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration, Abjuration, Enchantment, Evocation
  • 1st: Float, Talon’s Waterproof, Water Protection, Wind Compass
  • 2nd: Fireproof, True Bearing
  • 3rd: Callistram’s Gondola, Nautical Ironwood, Stonehull
  • 4th: Ghost Rigging, Nautical Ball Lightning, Sargasso, Shatterhull, Ship Invisibility
  • 5th: Shipshock
  • 6th: Ship of Fools, Vessel
  • 7th: Gullship
  • 8th: Airboat

The Coward’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Abjuration, Enchantment, Evocation
  • 1st: Deflection, Expiditious Retreat, Release Weapon
  • 2nd: Displace Self, Pacify, Speed, Thump
  • 3rd: Basket Trick, Calm, Fleet Feet, Haste
  • 4th: Disguise, Elude Blow, Gaseous Form, Great Thump, Hiding Place, Quell
  • 5th: Avoidance, Bowjentle’s Fleeting Journey, Rapid Reflexive Response
  • 7th: Translocation Shift
  • 9th: Elminster’s Evasion, Succor

The Cursed Path

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Evocation, Alteration, Necromancy
  • 1st: Avert Evil Eye
  • 2nd: Ray of Ondovir, Strahd’s Baneful Attractor
  • 3rd: Battlecurse, Curse of the Gypsies, Curse Tablet, Maladweomer, Minor Malison, Misfortune
  • 4th: Baatezu Bane, Greater Malison, Remove Curse, Unluck, Wall of Evil
  • 5th: Caddelyn’s Catastrophe, Sleepless Curse, Tanar’ri Tribulations, Xult’s Magical Doom
  • 6th: Curse of Lycanthropy, Magical Susceptibility
  • 7th: Curse of Forgetfulness
  • 9th: Allisandro’s Binding Curse, Avissar’s Bane

The Deadbuilder’s Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy
  • 1st: Animate Dead Animals, Claws of Velsharoon, Undead Servant
  • 2nd: Animate Skeletons, Undead Mount
  • 3rd: Animate Zombies, Double Undead, Zombie Animation
  • 5th: Animate Dead, Ghast Creation, Nulathoe’s Ninemen, Undead Familiar
  • 6th: Animate Dead Monster, Animate Dread Warrior, Construct Undead
  • 7th: Create Crypt Thing, Doom Legion, Reanimation
  • 8th: Undead Aides, Unlife
  • 9th: Confer, Create Minion, Undead Creation

The Deathslayer’s Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Abjuration, Alteration
  • 1st: Detect Undead
  • 2nd: Cloak from Undead, Greater Detect Undead
  • 3rd: Hold Undead, Ward Against Undead
  • 4th: Destroy Undead, Disrupt Undead, Life Bolt, Protection from Undead, Turn Undead
  • 5th: Bind Undead, Life Field
  • 7th: Negative Plane Protection, Repel Undead
  • 9th: Death Ward, Disruption, Immunity to Undeath

The Eagle’s Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Enchantment
  • 1st: Bird Charm I, Erdlu Claw, Feather Fall, Feather Float, Little Bird, Murdock’s Feathery Flyer
  • 2nd: Aerial Acceleration, Bendal’s Swoop, Featherfoot, Protection from Birds, Tenser’s Hunting Hawk, Wings
  • 3rd: Eagle Vision, Erdlu Hide, Fly
  • 4th: Bard Charm II, Improved Featherfoot, Wingbind
  • 5th: Eagle Form, Erdlu Egg
  • 7th: Wing Gifting

The Enchanter’s Path

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Abjuration, Necromancy
  • 1st: Charm Person
  • 2nd: Protection from Charm
  • 3rd: Detect Charm, Dire Charm, Love Charm
  • 4th: Charm Monster, Charm Undead, Fire Charm, Ward Against Charms
  • 5th: Charm Animals, Command Dragon, Domination
  • 6th: Sidhelien Mien
  • 7th: Charm Plants, Major Domination
  • 8th: Disrupt Dominion, Mass Charm
  • 9th: Mass Domination, Virus Charm

The Firesight Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Abjuration, Illusion, Enchantment, Divination
  • 1st: Fiery Eyes, Fire Quill, Fire Truth
  • 2nd: Banish Dazzle, Candletrick, Words of Fire
  • 3rd: Dispel Mirage, Fearfire, Fire Phantom, Protection from Fire
  • 4th: Fire Aura, Fire Charm, Fire Enchantment, Fire Trap
  • 5th: Eyefire, Heat Mirage, Protection from Fire 15-ft. Radius
  • 6th: Fire Eyes, Flame of Justice
  • 7th: Cleansing Flame, Incendiary Entrapment
  • 9th: Internal Fire

The Flame Dancer’s Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration
  • 1st: Burning Hands, Dancing Light, Flamespin
  • 2nd: Agannazar’s Scorcher, Circle Dance, Circle of Flame
  • 3rd: Animate Fire, Fiery Fists, Fire Wings, Fireflow, Zikalan Fireform
  • 4th: Enhance Fire Creature, Fire Shield, Fire Wake
  • 5th: Fire Track, Produce Flame, Shroud of Flame
  • 7th: Flame Chase, Malec-Keth’s Flame Fist
  • 8th: Otto’s Irresistable Dance
  • 9th: Conflagration

The Forceful Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Gauntlet, Magic Disk, Push, Shield
  • 2nd: Battering Ram, Belsham’s Mace, Decastave, Forcewave
  • 3rd: Airbolt
  • 4th: Bigby’s Force Sculpture, Forcelash
  • 5th: Lapis Bonds, Thultaun’s Thrust, Wall of Force
  • 6th: Bigby’s Forceful Hand, Repulsion
  • 7th: Forcecage
  • 8th: Spell Engine
  • 9th: Mycontil’s Last Resort

The Frozen Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Necromancy, Abjuration
  • 1st: Chill Touch, Cool Strength, Frost Fingers, Germidan’s Icicle, Snilloc’s Snowball
  • 2nd: Frostfire, Ice Knife, Improved Chill Touch, Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm
  • 3rd: Icelance, Numbness, Protection from Cold
  • 4th: Bands of ice, Ice Storm, Wall of Ice
  • 5th: Cone of Cold, Protection from Cold 15-ft. Radius, Transmute Snow to Stone
  • 6th: Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere
  • 7th: Ice Blight
  • 8th: Cold Curtain

The Garden Path First you must bring us A SHRUBBERY!

  • Schools1: Alteration, Abjuration, Enchantment, Conjuration
  • 1st: Animate Wood, Bloom, Gardener’s Touch, Warp Wood
  • 2nd: Plant Renewal, Protection from Plants
  • 3rd: Blossom, Conservation, Nurturing Seeds, Plant Entrapment, Preserve Wood, Wood Shape
  • 4th: Hallucinatory Terrain, Ivy’s Irresistable Scent, Massmorph, Plant Growth, Protection from Plants 10-ft. Radius, Woodiron
  • 5th: Enhance Plant, Hedge Enchantment, Rejuvenate, Ironwood
  • 7th: Charm Plants, Sprites
  • 8th: Create Tree of Life
  • 9th: Land Lock

The Genie’s Path

  • Schools1: Conjuration, Alteration, Abjuration, Illusion
  • 1st: Elemental Birst
  • 2nd: Elemental Guide
  • 3rd: Alternate Reality, Ritual Strength
  • 4th: Elemental Form, Genie Contract, Minor Creation, Protection from Elementals, Protection from the Elements
  • 5th: Elemental Control, Major Creation
  • 6th: Energy Transformation
  • 7th: Alter Reality, Command Element, Limited Wish, Summon Sha’ir
  • 8th: Unleash Monolith
  • 9th: Elemental Aura, Wish

The Ghostly Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration
  • 1st: Ghostharp, Ghost Light, Spectral Ears, Spectral Voice
  • 2nd: Ghost Blade, Ghost Pipes, Spectral Eyes, Spectral Hand
  • 3rd: Ghost Armor, Phantom Light, Phantom Wind, Wraithform
  • 4th: Othnal’s Spectral Dagger, Spectral Wings
  • 5th: Ghosttalk, Phantom Blade
  • 6th: Bloodstone’s Spectral Steed, Ghostgrail, Spectral Guard
  • 8th: Create Spectral Wizard, Create Watchghost

The Giant’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation
  • 1st: Enlarge, Giant Fur, Troll Repellent
  • 2nd: Enlarge Desert Creature, Strength
  • 4th: Hasten Growth, Hold Giant, Improved Strength, Murlynd’s Ogre, Plant Growth, Tenser’s Giant Strength, Turn Pebble to Boulder
  • 5th: Animal Growth, Mass
  • 6th: Tenser’s Transformation
  • 8th: Giant Size, Rising Colossus
  • 9th: Juggernaut, Weight Concentration

The Glassblower’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Divination, Conjuration, Necromancy
  • 1st: Burning Sands
  • 2nd: Bloodglass, Glitterdust
  • 3rd: Sand Tools
  • 4th: Magic Mirror, Prismal’s Handy Mirror, Spell Deferment, Vision Stone
  • 5th: Breathe Fire or Magma, Move Fire or Magma, Fire Breath, Proofing Versus Combustion
  • 6th: Dhulark’s Glasstrike, Dhulark’s Glasstrike Trap, Glasssee
  • 7th: Return to Sand, Sand Gems, Sands of Time
  • 8th: Glassteel, Obsidian Death
  • 9th: Crystalbrittle, Volcanic Circle

The Hangman’s Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Conjuration, Alteration, Evocation
  • 1st: Exterminate
  • 2nd: Bind, Choke, Death Armor, Rope Trick, Whip
  • 3rd: Mystic Rope, Whip of Pain
  • 4th: Phantasmal Killer
  • 5th: Death Bump, Death Whip, Persona of Death
  • 6th: Death Spell, No Breath
  • 7th: Finger of Death, Suffocate
  • 8th: Deathshroud, Wave of Death
  • 9th: Power Word Kill

The Howling Path

  • Schools1: Illusion, Evocation, Enchantment, Necromancy
  • 1st: Spook, Tasso’s Shriek, Trembling Horn
  • 2nd: Aura of Terror, Deafness, Scare
  • 4th: Dread Whisper, Fear, Shout, Vrock’s Screech
  • 6th: Howl of Pandemonium
  • 7th: Howling Horror
  • 8th: Great Shout
  • 9th: Wail of the Banshee

The Hunter’s Path

  • Schools1: Divination, Alteration
  • 1st: False Tracks, Find Direction, Locate Remains
  • 2nd: Footsteps of the Quarry, Locate Object, Ruornil’s Tracks, Seeking
  • 3rd: Find Water
  • 4th: Find Person, Find Treasure, Locate Creature, Mage Seeker, Tulrun’s Tracer
  • 5th: Shandaril’s Tracer, Shoondal’s Seeking
  • 6th: Seek Teleporter
  • 7th: Find the Path
  • 8th: Reverse Teleport
  • 9th: Seek

The Jeweler’s Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Enchantment, Conjuration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Chromatic Orb, Protective Amulet
  • 2nd: Nystul’s Crystal Dagger
  • 3rd: Blast Jewel, Death Talisman, Nystul’s Crystal Dirk
  • 4th: Archveult’s Skybolt, Rastor’s Magical Spy
  • 5th: Facet, Lapis Bonds
  • 6th: Otiluke’s Diamond Screen
  • 7th: Gemjump, Janga’s Jewel, Ruby Ray of Reversal, Sand Gems, Vision Crystal
  • 8th: Trap the Soul
  • 9th: Crystalbrittle, Triad Gem

The Joining Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Alteration
  • 1st: Corpse Link, Living Link
  • 3rd: Empathic Link
  • 5th: Graft Flesh, Magic Jar, Nemicron’s Transference, Strahd’s Malefic Meld
  • 6th: Corpse Host, Graft
  • 7th: Bloodstone’s Frightful Joining, Strahd’s Frightful Joining
  • 8th: Body Link, Death Link, Graft Item, Graft Limb
  • 9th: Lifeblend

The King’s Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Enchantment, Divination, Conjuration
  • 1st: Filth’s Bane, Honor Mark, Know Faction
  • 2nd: Call Society, Deeppockets, Flann’s Finery, Thundaerl’s Universal Taster
  • 3rd: Alahandra’s Questing Call, Dedication, Instant Audience
  • 4th: Bargain, Lesser Geas
  • 5th: Know Value
  • 6th: Geas, Sense Treason, Worship
  • 7th: Obedience
  • 8th: Antipathy-Sympathy, Enhance
  • 9th: Laeral’s Crowning Touch, Skycastle

The Knight’s Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration, Illusion
  • 1st: Armor, Disarm, Mount, Phantom Armor
  • 2nd: Speedmount, Summon Equine Beings
  • 3rd: Fire Lance, Icelance, Invisible Mail, Lance of Disruption, Mailed Might, Phantom Steed, Wepaon Proficiency
  • 4th: Heroism, Improved Armor, Iron Maiden, Thunderlance
  • 5th: Mass Mounts, Superheroism
  • 6th: Bloodstone’s Spectral Steed
  • 8th: Iron Body
  • 9th: Pierce Any Shield

The Lifemender’s Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Alteration
  • 1st: Regenerate Self
  • 2nd: Bloodbridge, Detect Life, Remove Disease, Wound Bind
  • 3rd: Healing Touch, Vampiric Touch
  • 4th: Death’s Door, Empathic Wound Transfer
  • 5th: Bone Growth, Morgannaver’s Sting
  • 6th: Reincarnation, Trollish Fortitude
  • 7th: Wound Conferral
  • 8th: Exchange Wounds, Life Force Transfer, Temporary Resurrection
  • 9th: Instant Regeneration, Life Water

The Lifeshielder’s Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Alteration, Divination, Abjuration
  • 1st: Detect Disease
  • 2nd: Balliard’s Rejuvenating Touch, Detect Life, Detect Poison, Wound Bind
  • 3rd: Delay Death, Feign Death, Revenance
  • 4th: Lifesurge
  • 5th: Dispel Exhaustion, Guard Life, Immunity to Poison and Disease
  • 6th: Reincarnation
  • 7th: Velsharoon’s Death Pact
  • 8th: Hide Heart, Surelife
  • 9th: Life Force Exchange, Life Water

The Locksmith’s Path

  • Schools1: Abjuration, Alteration, Evocation
  • 1st: Alarm, Hold Portal, Portal Beacon
  • 2nd: Hold Portal Open, Knock, Leomund’s Trap, Portal Alarm, Protection from Mechanical Traps, Unpickable Lock, Wizard Lock
  • 3rd: One-Way Lock, Protection from Magical Traps
  • 4th: Fire Trap, Nerren’s Guardlock, Odeen’s Impenetrable Lock, Protection from Traps 5-ft. Radius
  • 5th: Leomund’s Secret Chest, Silent Alarm
  • 6th: Multi-Lock, Wall with No Doors
  • 7th: Spelltrap
  • 9th: Unbinding

The Long Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Divination, Abjuration
  • 1st: Due North, Farseer, March
  • 2nd: Warp Sense
  • 3rd: Blink, Farspeaker, Proof from Teleporation, Teleport Object
  • 4th: Dimension Door
  • 5th: Bowjentle’s Fleeting Journey, Sending, Teleport
  • 6th: Cubehopper, Teleport Other, Up the Abyssal Walls
  • 7th: Gem Jump, Mass Teleport, Teleport Without Error
  • 8th: Gateway, Mass Teleport Without Error, Prismal’s Wormhole, Reverse Teleport, Teleport Block, Transport
  • 9th: Tymessull’s Cerulean Traverse, Worldwalk

The Misty Road

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Cloud Ladder, Control Vapor, Wall of Fog
  • 2nd: Fog Cloud, Odeen’s Magic Cloud, Stinking Cloud
  • 3rd: Dispel Fog, Dissipate Vapor, Ground Fog, Hold Vapor, Ranike Cloud
  • 4th: Gaseous Form, Merald’s Murderous Mist, Solid Fog, Vampire Mist
  • 5th: Cloudkill, Mind Fog, Ozone Cloud
  • 6th: Death Fog
  • 7th: Wardmist
  • 8th: Cloud Trapeze, Incendiary Cloud
  • 9th: Solidify Air

The Mortician’s Road

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Abjuration
  • 1st: Corpse Visage, Locate Remains, Preserve Dead
  • 2nd: Embalm, Preserve, Speak with Dead
  • 3rd: Death Mark, Feign Death
  • 4th: Corpse Whisper, Flesh to Air, Mask of Death
  • 5th: Anesthesia, Feign Undead, Flesh Mirage, Fleshhiver, Knoslira’s Crypt, Thunguul’s Preservation
  • 6th: Skeletal Bride
  • 7th: Lifeproof, Velsharoon’s Death Pact
  • 8th: Simulate Skill

The Parched Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Abjuration, Necromancy
  • 1st: Waterbane
  • 2nd: Deny Cold/Fire, Dustcurtain, Enlarge Desert Creature, Insatiable Thirst
  • 3rd: Dissipate Vapor, Sunscorch
  • 4th: Plant Death, Raze, Sunfire
  • 5th: Desert Fist, Heat Mirage
  • 6th: Evaporate Fluid, Transmute Water to Dust
  • 8th: Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting, Defoliate

The Path of Blood

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Alteration
  • 2nd: Bloodbridge, Bloodglass, Rain of Blood
  • 3rd: Vampiric Touch
  • 4th: Beltyn’s Burning Blood, Blood Lightning, Improved Vampiric Touch, Vampire Mist
  • 5th: Crimson Scourge
  • 6th: Animate Blood, Vampire Dagger
  • 7th: Bloodstars
  • 9th: Blood Drain, Vampiric Youthfulness

The Path of Counterspells

  • Schools1: Abjuration, Alteration, Divination, Enchantment
  • 1st: Detect Illusion, Detect Magic
  • 2nd: Detect Invisibility
  • 3rd: Cloak of Adeamosz, Dispel Fog, Dispel Magic, Dispel Silence
  • 4th: Counterspell Immunity, Dispel Illusion, Minor Spell Turning
  • 5th: Spell Immunity, Spell Shields, Thiondar’s Permanent Anti-Magic Field
  • 6th: Antimagic Aura, Antimagic Shell, Dispel Shunt
  • 7th: Resist Magic, Spell Turning
  • 8th: Dispel Enchantment, Dweomerdeny, Serten’s Spell Immunity
  • 9th: Dweomerbanish, Mordenkainen’s Disjunction, Spellstrike

The Path of Darkness

  • Schools1: Alteration, Illusion, Conjuration, Evocation
  • 2nd: Dark Mirror, Darkness 15-ft. Radius, Invisibility, Wall of Gloom
  • 3rd: Create Darkness, Dark Wings, Darksense, Hand of Darkness, Invisibility 10-ft. Radius, Nightscar
  • 4th: Create Darkenbeast, Darkening Bolt, Gloom, Gloomcloud, Improved Invisibility
  • 5th: Creeping Darkness, Darkbolt, Summon Shadow
  • 6th: Sword of Darkness
  • 7th: Mass Invisibility
  • 9th: Pact of Darkness

The Path of Deception

  • Schools1: Illusion, Abjuration, Alteration
  • 1st: Audible Glamer, Illusory Talent, Phantasmal Force, Read Illusionist Magic
  • 2nd: Apparition, Elonia’s Glamer, Improved Phantasmal Force
  • 3rd: Illusionary Script, Protection from Illusions, Spectral Force
  • 4th: Illusionary Wall, Programmed Glamer, Special Effects
  • 5th: Advanced Illusion, Protection from Illusions 10-ft. Radius, Sword of Deception
  • 6th: Mirage Arcana, Permanent Illusion, Programmed Illusion

The Path of Doors

  • Schools1: Abjuration, Alteration, Divination, Evocation, Necromancy, Conjuration
  • 1st: Detect Secret Passages and Portals, Portal Beacon
  • 2nd: Gate Ward, Portal Alarm
  • 3rd: Filverel’s Doorward, See Hidden Doors, Gate Seal
  • 4th: Dimension Door
  • 5th: Major Gate Ward, Passwall, Shadow Door
  • 6th: Close Gate
  • 7th: Door of Death, Open the Gray Portal, Phase Door, Planar Door
  • 8th: Gateway, Spelldoor
  • 9th: Gate

The Path of Hands

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Conjuration, Necromancy, Illusion
  • 1st: Gauntlet, Magic Fist
  • 2nd: Ebony Hand, Flying Fist, Hand, Spectral Hand
  • 3rd: Fiery Fists, Hand of Darkness
  • 4th: Arnvid’s Unseen Limb, Caligarde’s Claw, Duhlark’s Long Reach
  • 5th: Bigby’s Interposing Hand, Halaster’s Grappling Hand, Shadow Hand
  • 6th: Bigby’s Forceful Hand, Gauntlet of Teeth, Geirdorn’s Grappling Grasp, Shadow Gauntlet
  • 7th: Bigby’s Grasping Hand, Ongeldyn’s Fist
  • 9th: Bigby’s Crushing Hand

The Path of Missiles

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration
  • 1st: Lightning Bug, Magic Missile, Serpent Missile, Shield, Snilloc’s Snowball
  • 2nd: Germidan’s Paralytic Missile, Magic Missile Reflection, Poisonstar, Snilloc’s Cream Pie, Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm
  • 3rd: Erik’s Quills, Improved Magic Missile
  • 4th: Delayed Magic Missile, Galkyn’s Bolt, Missile Mastery
  • 5th: Battlestar, Snilloc’s Major Missile
  • 7th: Nerve Dance
  • 9th: Tempestcone

The Path of Scorn

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Taunt
  • 2nd: Jester’s Jest, Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter
  • 3rd: Chastise, Hold Person, Hold Undead, Paralyzation, Shield of Chains
  • 4th: Galanther’s Gnostic Chain, Hold Giant, Jest
  • 5th: Discord, Hold Monster, Sacremon’s Acid Wit, Scorn, Sighing Chain
  • 6th: Howling Chain
  • 7th: Hold Golem
  • 9th: Imprisonment

The Path of Shadows

  • Schools1: Illusion, Alteration, Divination
  • 1st: Shadow Scry
  • 2nd: Deepen Shadows, Sand Shadow
  • 3rd: Shadow Blink, Shadow Bolt, Wind Shadow
  • 4th: Shadow Monsters, Shadow Skeleton, Shadowstrike, Shaerpaete’s Shadowy Distinction
  • 5th: Demishadow Monsters, Shadow Door, Shadow Magic, Shadow Play
  • 6th: Demishadow Magic, Shades, Shadow Speak, Shadowsteal
  • 7th: Shadow Walk
  • 8th: Shadow Form
  • 9th: Web of Shadows

The Path of Shifting Sands

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation
  • 1st: Move Sand, Plungesoil
  • 2nd: Dust Curtain, Pillar of Sand
  • 3rd: Entomb, Sand Seal, Sand Tools, Sandspray
  • 4th: Dig, Sandcone, Transmute Sand to Stone, Wall of Sand
  • 5th: Liquid Earth, Move Dune, Waves of Sand
  • 6th: Airy Earth, Move Earth, Part Sand
  • 8th: River of Sand, Sink
  • 9th: Sandswallow, Wastequake

The Path of Smoke

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration
  • 1st: Affect Normal Fires, Fire Burst
  • 2nd: Flashpuff, Stinking Cloud, Pyrotechnics, Smoke Screen, Smoke Shape, Smoky Form
  • 3rd: Breath Smoke Dust or Ash, Scalding Spour, Searing Serpent, Steam Blast, Steam Breath
  • 4th: Transmute Fire to Smoke, Wall of Fire
  • 5th: Cloudkill, Death Smoke, Summon Deadly Fog
  • 6th: Evaporate Fluid, Summon Fire Dragon
  • 8th: Incendiary Cloud
  • 9th: Vaporize

The Path of Spiders

  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration, Abjuration, Necromancy, Evocation
  • 1st: Cling, Drowsy Insects, Protection from Vermin, Spider Climb, Spidereyes
  • 2nd: Immunity to Spider Venom, Improved Spider Climb, Nimode’s Major Delousing, Spider Gout, Summon Swarm, Web
  • 3rd: Arachnophobia
  • 4th: Spider Leap, Spider Shape, Spider Strand
  • 5th: Insect Sight, Kank Shell, Lethal Hatchling, Passweb, Spidercloak Armor
  • 6th: Summon Spider
  • 7th: Bug
  • 8th: Brain Spider, Death Spider
  • 9th: Web of Shadows

The Path of Stars

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration
  • 1st: Dancing Lights, Fire Burst, Slingstar
  • 2nd: Calder’s Starry Sky, Fire Shuriken, Flaming Sphere, Infratorch, Rainfire
  • 3rd: Enchanted Torch, Fireball, Fire Rain, Melf’s Minute Meteors
  • 4th: Flamsterd’s Flamestrike
  • 5th: Battlestar, Fallion’s Fabulous Fireball
  • 7th: Dathchaunt’s Deathbolt, Delayed Blast Fireball
  • 8th: Net of Stars, Shooting Stars
  • 9th: Meteor Swarm

The Path of Staves

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Enchantment, Abjuration, Divination
  • 1st: Divining Rod, Wandbane
  • 2nd: Decastave, Firestaff, Odeen’s Sounding Stick
  • 3rd: Lightning Rod, Staffspell
  • 4th: Thunder Staff
  • 5th: Magic Staff
  • 7th: Create Soundstaff, Rodbane, Wandweird
  • 8th: Blackstaff

The Path of Swords

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Necromancy
  • 1st: Sand Jambiya
  • 2nd: Bladeleap, Bladethirst, Flame Dagger, Flying Jambiya, Whirling Blade
  • 3rd: Night’s Jambiya, Sand Sword
  • 4th: Dancing Blade, Swordshun, Whisper Blade, Wind Blade
  • 5th: Chromatic Blade, Sword of Deception
  • 6th: Blade of Doom, Dimensional Blade, Fellblade, Vampire Dagger
  • 7th: Faerie Sword, Mordenkainen’s Sword
  • 9th: Black Blade of Disaster, Blade in the Soul, Ring of Swords

The Path of the Beholder

  • Schools1: Alteration, Divination, Necromancy, Evocation, Enchantment
  • 1st: Avert Evil Eye
  • 2nd: See Through Other Eyes, Spectral Eyes
  • 3rd: Eye Shield, Infravision
  • 4th: Wizard Eye, Control Death Tyrant, Halo of Eyes, Sphere of Eyes, Ultravision
  • 5th: Prismatic Eye
  • 6th: Prying Eyes, Eyebite, True Seeing
  • 7th: Exalted Eye, Seven Eyes, Watchful Eye
  • 8th: Create Death Tyrant, X-Ray Vision
  • 9th: Eye of Power, Tyranteyes

The Path of the Medusa

  • Schools1: Alteration, Enchantment, Evocation, Necromancy
  • 1st: Gaze Reflection, Hypnotism, Petrify Wood
  • 3rd: Reverse Fossilization
  • 4th: Stoneskin, Transmute Sand to Stone
  • 5th: Eyefire, Protection from Petrification, Transmute Snow to Stone
  • 6th: Dead Man’s Eyes, Eyebite, Stone to Flesh
  • 7th: Basilisk Glare, Petrifying Gaze, Statue, Watchful Eye
  • 8th: Heart of Stone, Statue Form
  • 9th: Eye of Power

The Path of the Mind

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Abjuration, Divination, Alteration
  • 1st: Dolent’s Helm, Empathic Seizure, Empathy
  • 2nd: Compose Mind, Detect Psionics, Empathic Control, ESP, Forget
  • 3rd: Improved Mind Mantle, Iron Mind, Mental Dagger
  • 4th: Lapse, Psionic Dampener, Psionic Tracer, Psychic Protection, Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer
  • 5th: Manor’s Mindsight, Psionic Override
  • 6th: Psychic Drain, Psychic Reversal, Tower of Mental Resistance
  • 7th: Enhanced Empathy, Manor’s Mind Vision
  • 8th: Brain Spider, Mind Blank
  • 9th: Dismind, Programmed Amnesia, Sathrah’s Ingenious Recollection

The Path of the Smith

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Abjuration, Enchantment
  • 1st: Detect Metals and Minerals, Sharpen
  • 2nd: Bands of Sirellyn, Enchanted Blade, Smelting
  • 3rd: Iron Kimono, Magnetism, Steeldance, Stoneiron
  • 4th: Enchanted Weapon, Fistandantilus’s Firequench, Iron Maiden, Repulse Metal
  • 5th: Ironguard, Produce Flame, Wall of Iron
  • 6th: Double Steel, Superior Magnetism, Weapon Return
  • 8th: Avissar’s Flaming Weapon, Glassteel, Iron Body

The Path of Twins

  • Schools1: Illusion, Necromancy, Conjuration, Alteration
  • 1st: Reflected Image
  • 2nd: Mirror Image
  • 3rd: Double Undead, Watery Double
  • 4th: Aryeric’s Cloak of Protection, Duplicate, Improved Mirror Image
  • 6th: Clone Animal, Impersonation, Project Image, Skeletal Bride
  • 7th: Body Outside Body, Double Dweomer, Simulacrum, Zombie Double
  • 8th: Clone
  • 9th: Stasis Clone

The Path of Vengeance

  • Schools1: Abjuration, Alteration, Enchantment, Evocation
  • 1st: Gaze Reflection
  • 2nd: Magic Missile Reflection
  • 3rd: Gamalon’s Fiery Backlash
  • 4th: Backlash, Elemental Turning, Minor Spell Turning, Vengeance
  • 5th: Andrul’s Baneful Backfire, Reflection, Reflectorum Arcana
  • 6th: Lightning Reflection, Psychic Reversal, Spell Mirror, Spell Reflection, Turnshadow
  • 7th: Prismal’s Revenge, Spell Turning, Ward’s Revenge
  • 8th: Prismal’s Reversal
  • 9th: Alamanther’s Return

The Prophet’s Path

  • Schools1: Divination
  • 1st: Reveal Magic
  • 2nd: Death Recall, Omen, Past Life, See Through Other Eyes
  • 3rd: Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Reveal Invisible, Scry, Wizard Sight
  • 4th: Divination Enhancement
  • 5th: Contact Other Plane, Farscry, Read Object, Revelation of Auras, Wizard’s Oracle
  • 6th: Revelation
  • 7th: Anticipation, Vision
  • 9th: Foresight

The Road of Cups

  • Schools1: Abjuration
  • 1st: Protection from Evil, Protection from Vermin
  • 2nd: Protection from Mechanical Traps, Protection from Paralysis
  • 3rd: Protection from Cold, Protection from Fire, Protection from Illusions, Protection from Magical Blunt Weapons, Protection from Magical Edged Weapons, Protection from Magical Missiles, Protection from Magical Traps, Protection from Normal Blunt Weapons, Protection from Normal Edged Weapons, Protection from Normal Missiles
  • 4th: Protection from Electricity, Protection from Gas, Protection from Lycanthropes, Protection from Possession
  • 5th: Protection from Acid, Protection from Fiends

The Road of Dreams

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Conjuration, Divination
  • 1st: Sleep
  • 2nd: Enter Dream, Slumberward
  • 3rd: Healing Dream, Sleep of Horror, Slumber, Tasarin’s Haunted Sleep
  • 4th: Conjure Dream Object, Dream Vision, Lesser Spelldream, Neverending Nightmare, Sleepwalking, True Dream, True Nightmare
  • 5th: Conjure Nightmare, Dream, Dream Globe
  • 6th: Alter Dream, Greater Spelldream
  • 8th: Endless Slumber
  • 9th: Phezult’s Sleep of Ages

The Road of Pentacles

  • Schools1: Conjuration, Necromancy
  • 1st: Find Familiar, Monster Summoning I
  • 2nd: Monster Summoning II
  • 3rd: Monster Summoning III, Undead Summoning I
  • 4th: Monster Summoning IV, Undead Summoning II
  • 5th: Monster Summoning V, Undead Summoning III
  • 6th: Monster Summoning VI, Summon Least Yugoloth, Undead Summoning IV
  • 7th: Drawmij’s Instant Summons, Intensify Summoning, Monster Summoning VII, Undead Summoning V
  • 8th: Monster Summoning VIII, Summoning Wind, Undead Summoning VI
  • 9th: Monster Summoning IX, Undead Summoning VII

The Road of Seals and Wardings

  • Schools1: Abjuration, Evocation, Enchantment, Alteration
  • 1st: Alarm, Ward, Wardaway
  • 2nd: Lesser Sign of Sealing
  • 3rd: Cloak of Warding, Gate Seal, Sand Seal, Ward Against Undead, Wylunde’s Ward
  • 4th: Electrical Wards, Ward Against Charms, Watchware
  • 5th: Defend Distant Ward
  • 6th: Greater Sign of Sealing, Guards and Wards, Ward of Defense, Watchware 30-ft. Radius, Wizard Seal
  • 7th: Wardmist, Ward’s Revenge
  • 8th: Fear Ward
  • 9th: Death Ward

The Road of Soul’s Release

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Necromancy, Conjuration, Divination, Alteration
  • 1st: Detho’s Delirium, Ray of Fatigue, Sleep, Summon Fetish Spirit
  • 2nd: Power Word Sleep, Waves of Weariness
  • 3rd: Commune with Lesser Spirit, Sleep of Horror, Spirit Armor, Tasirin’s Haunted Sleep
  • 4th: Fatigue, Summon Spirit
  • 5th: Soul Anchor, Spirit Form, Spirit Self
  • 6th: Spiritwrack
  • 7th: Call Spirit, Commune with Greater Spirit
  • 8th: Trap the Soul
  • 9th: Astral Spell, Phezult’s Sleep of Ages

The Road of the Dead

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Illusion, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Command Undead, Corpse Visage, Corpselight
  • 2nd: Everwatching Skull, Resist Turning, Speak with Dead
  • 3rd: Augment Undead, Call Undead, Detect the Living, Hovering Skull, Skull Watch, Skulltrap, Undead Constrol
  • 4th: Assume Undead Form, Corpse Whisper, Eyes of the Undead, Feign Destruction
  • 5th: Disguise Undead, Improved Skull Watch, Morphail’s Unholy Blessing
  • 6th: Teleport Dead, Undead Regeneration
  • 7th: Control Undead
  • 9th: Undead Master

The Road of True Names

  • Schools1: Conjuration, Abjuration, Enchantment, Evocation
  • 1st: Protection from Evil
  • 2nd: Detect Evil
  • 3rd: Cervate’s Summoning, Protection from Evil 10-ft. Radius
  • 4th: Transfix
  • 5th: Dismissal, Dolor, Oathbinding, Protection from Fiends
  • 6th: Ensnarement, Spiritwrack
  • 7th: Banishment, Cacofiend, Torment, True Name
  • 8th: Binding, Summon Fiend, Trap the Soul
  • 9th: Alyssindra’s Summons, Planar Call

The Road to Madness

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Illusion, Abjuration, Necromancy
  • 2nd: Agra’s Ambush
  • 3rd: Cloak of Insanity, Death Sight, Dire Charm, Heartcall
  • 4th: Brainkill, Confusion, Emotion, Despair, Fear, Phantasmal Killer, Ray of Oblivion
  • 5th: Discord, Fear Aura, Feeblemind, Mind Fog, Zone of Despair
  • 6th: Cathala’s Compulsion, Phantasmagoria, Seizure
  • 7th: Decent into Madness
  • 8th: Maze
  • 9th: Brainblaze, Weird

The Sage’s Path

  • Schools1: Divination
  • 1st: Emirikol’s Question, Identify, Know Faction, Know History, Know School, Know Weight
  • 2nd: Know Alignment, Know Intent
  • 3rd: Identify Species, Isolde’s Answer
  • 4th: Identify Race, Shayn’s Infallible Identification
  • 5th: Bubka’s Superior Identification, Know Value
  • 6th: Aura, Legend Lore
  • 7th: Consume Knowledge

The Sandman’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Necromancy, Enchantment, Illusion
  • 1st: Sand Slumber, Sand Whisper
  • 2nd: Sand Shadow, Stone Sleep
  • 3rd: Hissing Sand, Venomdust, Whispering Sand
  • 4th: Conjure Sand Lion, Sand Healing
  • 5th: Desert Fist
  • 6th: Dusts of Death, Sand Shroud
  • 7th: Return to Sand, Sands of Time
  • 8th: Sand Worm
  • 9th: Sand Form

The Scabrous Road

  • Schools1: Necromancy, Alteration
  • 2nd: Attract Ghoul, Corruption, Ghoul Touch, Irritation, Ray of Enfeeblement
  • 3rd: Cause Disease, Ghastly Hands, Mummy Touch, Paralyzing Touch, Ray of Paralysis, Stench of Death
  • 4th: Contagion, Ghelkyn’s Wounding, Lich Armor, Plague, Putrefaction
  • 5th: Mass Contagion, Weakness
  • 6th: Ghoul Gauntlet, Lich Touch
  • 7th: Harm, Paralyzing Field, Withering Palm
  • 8th: Ghoul Lattice, Wasting

The Scribe’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration, Divination
  • 1st: Copy, Dictation, Erase, Secret Signs, Sorcerous Scribe, Suric’s Swift Perusal, Write
  • 2nd: Diary, Mystic Writing, Projected Magnification, Signature Sigil
  • 3rd: Explosive Runes, Secret Page, Trap Spellbook
  • 4th: Arcane Runes, Distant Diary, Encrypt, Everpresent Record, Prismal’s Pictograph, Read Arcane Runes
  • 5th: Muirara’s Map
  • 6th: Tattoo of Power, Transcribe
  • 8th: Symbol

The Sea Children’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration, Divination
  • 1st: Lasting Breath, Sea Sight, Swim
  • 2nd: Animate Water, Depth Warning, Shark Bolt, Whispering Tide
  • 3rd: Converse with Sea Creatures, Water Breathing, Watery Double, Watery Form
  • 4th: Bubble Breath, Strength Water Creature
  • 5th: Airy Water
  • 6th: Command Water Spirits
  • 7th: Water Form
  • 8th: Deep Delve
  • 9th: Life Water

The Serpent’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration, Evocation, Necromancy
  • 1st: Serpent Missile, Snake Charm
  • 2nd: Fang Fist, Fist of the Adder, Protection from Poison, Venom Bite
  • 3rd: Manyjaws, Searing Serpent, Sepia Snake Sigil, Sylune’s Viper
  • 4th: Gutsnake, Handfangs
  • 5th: Razorfangs, Vile Venom
  • 6th: Forest’s Fiery Constrictor
  • 7th: Vipergout

The Servant’s Path

  • Schools1: Conjuration
  • 1st: Odeen’s Mystic Tailor, Spirit Servant, Unseen Servant
  • 2nd: Nimode’s Unseen Butler, Quimby’s Enchanting Gourmet
  • 3rd: Instant Audience, Serrel’s Guardian, Wind Servant
  • 4th: Conjure Elemental-Kin
  • 5th: Conjure Elemental, Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound, Servant Horde
  • 6th: Conjure Animals, Invisible Stalker
  • 7th: Conjure Greater Elemental, Elemental Servant

The Shapeshifter’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Necromancy, Illusion, Abjuration
  • 1st: Alter Digits, Change Self, Hair
  • 2nd: Alter Self
  • 3rd: Detect Shapechanger, Sculpt Features
  • 4th: Massmorph, Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self, Summon Lycanthrope, Suppress Lycanthropy
  • 5th: Fiendform, Force Shapechange, Guise of the Yak-Man
  • 6th: Curse of Lycanthropy, Dragon Scales
  • 7th: Control Lycanthrope
  • 8th: Change Form, Mass Polymorph, Polymorph Any Object
  • 9th: Dragonshape, Shape Change

The Sheltered Road

  • Schools1: Abjuration, Alteration, Evocation, Enchantment
  • 1st: Insulation
  • 2nd: Stairway
  • 3rd: Comfort, Leomund’s Tiny Hut
  • 4th: Border Guard, Conjure Cabinet, Ilyykur’s Mantle, Leomund’s Secure Shelter
  • 5th: Invulnerability to Normal Weapons, Jeggar’s Strengthened Bastion, Leomund’s Hidden Lodge, Safeguarding, Secure, Von Gasik’s Refusal
  • 6th: Alvira’s Stasis Shell, Guards and Wards, Invulnerability to Magical Weapons
  • 7th: Guardian Mantle, Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion
  • 8th: Demiplane Seed
  • 9th: Estate Transference, Spell Invulnerability

The Shining Road

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration
  • 1st: Flare, Flashlight, Light, Moonglow
  • 2nd: Continual Light, Delayed Light, Moon Rune, Sundazzle
  • 3rd: Interruptable Light, Moonglow Symbol, Nchaser’s Glowing Globe, Sunscorch
  • 4th: Lesser Sunburst, Ramael’s Cyclical Light, Sunbolt, Sunfire, Sunwarp
  • 5th: Mooncloak, Obold’s Brightness, Presper’s Moonbow
  • 7th: Sun Stone
  • 8th: Sunburst, Sunstrike
  • 9th: Sunshield

The Shocking Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Lightning Bug, Shocking Grasp
  • 2nd: Cerulean Shock, Lightning Strike, Spark Shower
  • 3rd: Ball Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Rod
  • 4th: Electrical Wards, Lightning Shield, Protection from Electricity, Shock
  • 5th: Lightning Curtain, Lightning Lash, Lightning Reflection, Shock Shield
  • 6th: Chain Lightning, Lightningcloak, Protection from Electricity 10-ft. Radius, Static Field
  • 8th: Lightning Ring, Lightning Storm, Web of Lightning

The Silver Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Abjuration, Divination, Evocation, Conjuration
  • 1st: Avoid Planar Effects, Detect Phase
  • 2nd: Deeppockets, Protection from Prime
  • 3rd: Blink, Random’s Commodious Pocket
  • 4th: Dimension Door, Phase Shift, Phase Trap, Protection from Prime 10-ft. Radius
  • 5th: Contact Other Plane, Improved Blink
  • 6th: Dimensional Blade, Etherealness
  • 7th: Duo-Dimension, Phase Door, Planar Door, Tymessull’s Planar Pacifier
  • 8th: Demiplane Seed
  • 9th: Astral Spell, Planar Call, Worldwalk

The Skyrider’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration
  • 1st: Cloud Ladder, Feather Fall, Tenser’s Floating Disk
  • 2nd: Levitate, Ride the Wind, Safe Fall, Skyhook
  • 3rd: Hover, Lessen Gravity, Skywrite
  • 4th: Archveult’s Skybolt, Darsson’s Eye in the Sky
  • 5th: Suspension, Telekinesis, Wind Carpet
  • 7th: Cyclone Chariot, Reverse Gravity
  • 8th: Air Spiral, Cloud Trapeze
  • 9th: Skycastle

The Skulking Path

  • Schools1: Illusion, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Normal Aura, Traceless Travel
  • 2nd: Camouflage, Invisibility, Silence 15-ft. Radius
  • 3rd: Invisibility 10-ft. Radius, Nondetection, Stealth
  • 4th: Detect Scrying, Hiding Place, Improved Invisibility, There/Not There, Vacancy
  • 5th: Physical Invisibility, Protection from Notice
  • 6th: Blending, Invisible Stalker
  • 7th: Mass Invisibility, Vanish
  • 8th: Mind Blank

The Spherical Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration, Conjuration
  • 2nd: Flaming Sphere, Orb of Power
  • 3rd: Airsphere, Scintillating Sphere
  • 4th: Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, Sphere of Entrapment, Vitriolic Sphere
  • 6th: Crushing Sphere, Globe of Invulnerability, Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere, Serrel’s Confining Sphere
  • 7th: Obliviasphere
  • 8th: Otiluke’s Telekinetic Sphere
  • 9th: Prismatic Sphere, Sphere of Ultimate Destruction, Sphere of Wonder

The Stone Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation
  • 1st: Fist of Stone, Hail of Stone
  • 2nd: Maximillian’s Earthen Grasp, Stone Sleep, Threestones
  • 3rd: Maximillian’s Stoney Grasp
  • 4th: Stoneskin, Turn Pebble to Boulder
  • 5th: Ballant’s Stonestrength, Breathe Earth, Stone Drill, Stone Shape, Transmute Rock to Mud, Wall of Stone
  • 6th: Ballant’s Stonesplit, Stone Barrier, Stone to Flesh, Talking Stone, Warp Stone
  • 7th: Statue
  • 8th: Heart of Stone, Statue Form

The Stormy Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Precipitation, Weathertell
  • 2nd: Cerulean Shock, Eye of the Storm
  • 3rd: Cloudburst, Fire Rain
  • 4th: Cerulean Hail, Hailcone, Ice Storm, Rain of Terror
  • 5th: Ragestorm
  • 6th: Banish Tyr-Storm, Control Weather
  • 7th: Acid Storm
  • 8th: Intensify Nature, Lightning Storm, Storm
  • 9th: Spellstorm, Tempest

The Thief’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Necromancy, Enchantment, Evocation
  • 2nd: DeGras’s Pilfering Fingers
  • 3rd: Remove Smell
  • 4th: Enervation
  • 5th: Khazid’s Procurement, Life Steal, Lower Resistance, Pilfer Dweomer, Steal Energy, Stealweb
  • 6th: Psychic Drain, Remove Life Level, Shadowsteal
  • 7th: Spell Drain, Steal Enchantment, Stealspell
  • 8th: Magic Drain, Year Stealing
  • 9th: Energy Drain

The Timekeeper’s Road

  • Schools1: Alteration
  • 1st: Storm’s Frozen Moment
  • 2nd: First Strike, Slowspell
  • 3rd: Age to Destruction, Alacrity, Haste, Slow
  • 4th: Extension I, Slowspell 10-ft. Radius
  • 5th: Extension II, Tempus Fugit
  • 6th: Age Animal, Contingency, Extension III, Improved Haste, Improved Slow
  • 7th: Semipermanency, Timed Stasis, Younger
  • 8th: Afterclap, Permanency, Protection from Time, Temporal Freedom
  • 9th: Chain Contingency, Temporal Stasis, Time Stop

The Trickster’s Path

  • Schools1: Illusion, Enchantment, Alteration, Conjuration, Evocation
  • 1st: False Tracks, Lesser Distraction, Prestidigitation, Ventriloquism
  • 2nd: Breath of Bewilderment, Fool’s Gold, Immurk’s Distraction, Magic Trick, Misdirection
  • 3rd: Bewilder, Delude, Distraction, False Face, Fool’s Speech, Greater Distraction
  • 4th: Fumble, Scapegoat
  • 5th: False Vision, Satire, Shadow Magic, Sinister Surroundings
  • 6th: Demishadow Magic, Gambler’s Luck, Mislead
  • 7th: Malraz’s Dramatic Death

The Veiled Path

  • Schools1: Illusion, Evocation, Alteration, Necromancy
  • 1st: Cooling Canopy, Face Blur, Frost Shroud, Masque Mask
  • 2nd: Blur, Cloak from Undead
  • 3rd: Mask Magic, Unmask
  • 4th: Argaster’s Cloak of Shadows, Mask of Death, Ottar’s Mask
  • 5th: Lightning Curtain, Seeming
  • 6th: Dauntra’s Cloak, Lightningcloak, Sand Shroud, Shadow Shroud, Shadow Veil, Veil
  • 7th: Sequester
  • 8th: Deathshroud, Screen
  • 9th: Major Cloak

The Walled Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Conjuration
  • 1st: Wall of Fog
  • 2nd: Falling Wall, Wall Against Noise, Wall of Gloom
  • 3rd: Wall of Paper, Wall of Sound, Wall of Water, Wind Wall
  • 4th: Illusionary Wall, Wall of Evil, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Wall of Sand
  • 5th: Wall of Bones, Wall of Force, Wall of Iron, Wall of Stone
  • 6th: Stone Barrier, Wall with No Doors
  • 8th: Prismatic Wall

The Watery Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration, Evocation, Abjuration
  • 1st: Aunty’s Bath, Liquid Orb, Still Water
  • 2nd: Animate Water, Create Water
  • 3rd: Wall of Water, Water Breathing, Watery Form
  • 4th: Laeral’s Aqueous Column, Reverse Flow
  • 5th: Airy Water, Calm Water, Jhanifer’s Deliquescence, Water Blast, Water Bomb, Waveform
  • 6th: Lower Water, Part Water
  • 7th: Water Form, Whirlpool
  • 8th: Cleanse Water, Waterspout
  • 9th: Maelstrom, Tidal Wave, Tsunami

The Wild Road

  • Schools1: Wild Magic, Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration, Conjuration
  • 1st: Hornung’s Guess, Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer
  • 2nd: Chaos Shield, Hornung’s Baneful Deflector, Nahal’s Nonsensical Nullifier
  • 3rd: Stabilize Chaos
  • 4th: Chaos Hammer, Unluck
  • 5th: Chaos, Vortex
  • 6th: Wildshield, Wildstrike
  • 7th: Hornung’s Surge Selector, Spell Shape
  • 8th: Hornung’s Random Dispatcher, Wildzone
  • 9th: Maw of Chaos, Stabilize, Wildfire, Wildwind

The Windwielder’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Abjuration, Conjuration
  • 1st: Alter Normal Winds
  • 2nd: Whispering Wind, Zephyr
  • 3rd: Airbolt, Calm Winds, Gust of Wind, Improved Whispering Wind, Wind Wall
  • 4th: Wind Blade, Wind Breath
  • 5th: Calm Wind, Shield of Winds
  • 6th: Control Winds, Scouring Wind, Summon Wind Dragons
  • 7th: Neutralize Gas, Summon Wind
  • 8th: Air Spiral, Airball, Whirlwind
  • 9th: Windtomb, Windwar

Rare Paths

These paths are in limited circulation among mages in the Realms. They may be geographically limited or limited to the apprentices of a particular well-known archmage, and are most often learned as a result of path branching. Player character wizards may not begin knowing any of these paths (unless specifically granted by the character’s kit or homeland).

Bigby’s Path

  • Schools1: Evocation
  • 1st: Bigby’s Bookworm Bane, Bigby’s Feeling Fingers
  • 2nd: Bigby’s Dextrous Digits, Bigby’s Silencing Hand
  • 3rd: Bigby’s Pugnacious Pugilist
  • 4th: Bigby’s Battering Gauntlet, Bigby’s Constructive Crew, Bigby’s Force Sculpture
  • 5th: Bigby’s Fantastic Fencers, Bigby’s Interposing Hand, Bigby’s Strangling Grip, Bigby’s Superior Force Sculpture
  • 6th: Bigby’s Besieging Bolt, Bigby’s Forceful Hand
  • 7th: Bigby’s Grasping Hand
  • 8th: Bigby’s Clenched Fist, Bigby’s Most Excellent Force Sculpture
  • 9th: Bigby’s Crushing Hand

Daltim’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Abjuration, Conjuration
  • 1st: Sustain Fire
  • 2nd: Flame Ray, Rainfire
  • 4th: Daltim’s Flaming Fist, Everlasting Fire, Firebrand, Fire Gate, Unburn
  • 5th: Daltim’s Fiery Protector, Shroud of Flame
  • 6th: Flameproof
  • 7th: Daltim’s Proof Against Flame

Darsson’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Enchantment
  • 1st: Amplify, Distort
  • 2nd: Darsson’s Cooling Breeze, Darsson’s Fiery Cube, Portrait, Safe Fall
  • 3rd: Lessen Gravity
  • 4th: Darsson’s Eye in the Sky, Darsson’s Potion
  • 5th: Darsson’s Music Box, Summon Darsson, Suspension

Drawmij’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration
  • 1st: Drawmij’s Beast of Burden, Drawmij’s Light Step
  • 2nd: Drawmij’s Adventurer’s Luck, Drawmij’s Breath of Life, Drawmij’s Scent Mask, Drawmij’s Swift Mount
  • 3rd: Drawmij’s Iron Sack, Drawmij’s Marvelous Shield
  • 4th: Drawmij’s Handy Timepiece, Drawmij’s Instant Exit, Drawmij’s Protection from Nonmagical Gas, Drawmij’s Toolbox
  • 5th: Drawmij’s Flying Feat
  • 6th: Drawmij’s Beneficent Polymorph, Drawmij’s Merciful Metamorphosis
  • 7th: Drawmij’s Instant Summons

Hishna’s Path

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration, Divination
  • 1st: Cat Charm, Hishna’s Disguise, Huntsman’s Call, Protection, Snake Charm, Talonblade
  • 2nd: Ambush, Heartsense, Hypnosis, Scalesnare, Scrollsee
  • 3rd: Drought, Net, Pestilence
  • 4th: Cursed Image, Fire, Hishna’s Sending
  • 5th: Create Talisman of Hisha, Jaguar Form

Kyristan’s Path

  • Schools1: Necromancy
  • 2nd: Cloak Undead
  • 3rd: Revenance
  • 5th: Disguise Undead, Undead Familiar
  • 6th: Imbue Undead with Spell Ability, Lich Touch
  • 8th: Create Spectral Wizard, Evolve
  • 9th: Lifeblend, Master Undead

Laeral’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Abjuration
  • 1st: Laeral’s Dancing Whip
  • 2nd: Laeral’s Cutting Hand
  • 3rd: Khelben’s Suspended Silence, Laeral’s Dancing Dweomer, Laeral’s Raging Griffon
  • 4th: Laeral’s Aqueous Column, Laeral’s Gesture
  • 5th: Laeral’s Disrobement
  • 7th: Khelben’s Warding Whip
  • 8th: Khelben’s Blackstaff, Laeral’s Invisible Blade
  • 9th: Khelben’s Dweomerdoom, Laeral’s Crowning Touch

Lorloveim’s Path

  • Schools1: Illusion, Alteration, Necromancy, Evocation
  • 2nd: Dancing Shadows, Shadow Burst
  • 3rd: Lorloveim’s Creeping Shadow, Shadow Blink, Shadow Cloak
  • 4th: Shadow Dance, Shadow Summoning, Shadowshield, Shadowstrike
  • 5th: Shadow Dragon, Shadow Hand, Shadow Head
  • 6th: Lorloveim’s Shadowy Transformation, Shadow Gauntlet
  • 7th: Shadow Walk
  • 8th: Shadow Form
  • 9th: Create Shade

Mordenkainen’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Abjuration, Conjuration, Evocation, Enchantment
  • 1st: Mordenkainen’s Protection from Avians
  • 2nd: Mordenkainen’s Encompassing Vision
  • 3rd: Mordenkainen’s Defense Against Lycanthropes, Mordenkainen’s Defense Against Nonmagical Reptiles and Amphibians, Mordenkainen’s Protection from Insects and Arachnids
  • 4th: Mordenkainen’s Celerity, Mordenkainen’s Electric Arc, Mordenkainen’s Faithful Phantom Shield Maidens, Mordenkainen’s Force Missiles, Mordenkainen’s Protection from Slime
  • 5th: Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound, Mordenkainen’s Faithful Phantom Defenders, Mordenkainen’s Involuntary Wizardry, Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum
  • 6th: Mordenkainen’s Faithful Phantom Guardian, Mordenkainen’s Lucubration
  • 7th: Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion, Mordenkainen’s Penultimate Cogitation, Mordenkainen’s Sword
  • 9th: Mordenkainen’s Disjunction

Nybor’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Enchantment, Conjuration
  • 1st: Circle, Nybor’s Gentle Reminder
  • 2nd: Power Word Sleep
  • 3rd: Assist, Detect Charm, Nybor’s Mild Admonishment
  • 4th: Disfigure
  • 5th: Create Chosen One
  • 7th: Nybor’s Joyful Voyage, Nybor’s Stern Reproof
  • 8th: Flensing, Nybor’s Wrathful Castigation
  • 9th: Spell-Lash

Nystul’s Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Conjuration
  • 1st: Nystul’s Dancing Werelight, Nystul’s Flash, Nystul’s Magical Aura
  • 2nd: Nystul’s Blackmote, Nystul’s Blazing Beam, Nystul’s Crystal Dagger
  • 3rd: Nystul’s Crystal Dirk, Nystul’s Expeditious Fire Extinguisher, Nystul’s Golden Revelation, Nystul’s Radiant Baton
  • 4th: Nystul’s Blacklight Burst, Nystul’s Grue Conjuration, Nystul’s Lightburst
  • 5th: Nystul’s Enveloping Darkness, Nystul’s Radiant Arch

Otiluke’s Path

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration
  • 1st: Otiluke’s Bubbling Buoyancy, Otiluke’s Smoky Sphere
  • 2nd: Otiluke’s Boiling Oil Bath
  • 3rd: Otiluke’s Acid Cloud, Otiluke’s Force Umbrella
  • 4th: Otiluke’s Dispelling Screen, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, Otiluke’s Steaming Sphere
  • 5th: Otiluke’s Electrical Screen, Otiluke’s Polar Screen, Otiluke’s Radiant Screen
  • 6th: Otiluke’s Diamond Screen, Otiluke’s Excruciating Screen, Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere, Otiluke’s Orb of Containment
  • 7th: Otiluke’s Death Screen, Otiluke’s Fire and Ice, Otiluke’s Siege Sphere
  • 8th: Otiluke’s Telekinetic Sphere

Otto’s Path

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Alteration
  • 1st: Otto’s Chime of Release
  • 2nd: Otto’s Soothing Vibrations, Otto’s Tones of Forgetfulness
  • 3rd: Otto’s Crystal Rhythms, Otto’s Sure-footed Shuffle
  • 4th: Otto’s Drums of Despair, Otto’s Silver Tongue, Otto’s Tin Soldiers, Otto’s Tonal Attack, Otto’s Warding Tones
  • 5th: Otto’s Gong of Isolation
  • 8th: Otto’s Irresistible Dance

Path of the Merlane

Path of the Phaerim

  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration, Necromancy
  • 1st: Dancing Fire, Fogbolt
  • 2nd: Detect Thought, Toothed Tentacle
  • 3rd: Backblast, Dweomer Vortex
  • 4th: Forcelash, Spell Fangs, Weave Mythal
  • 5th: Blastcloak
  • 6th: Crushing Sphere, Heal Self, Vampiric Lash
  • 7th: Draincone, Mystic Shield, Weirdshield
  • 8th: Lifedrain
  • 9th: Draindoom, Mystic Sphere

Path of the Red Wizards

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration
  • 1st: Aura Fire, Circle, Summon Undead
  • 2nd: Combust, Create Enchanted Tattoo, Dazzle, Flame Dagger
  • 3rd: Assist, Chant of the Red Wizards, Find Traps, Fire Lance, Flashburst, Trap Spellbook
  • 4th: Fire Gate, Negate Magical Weapons
  • 5th: Fire Stones
  • 6th: Acid Rain, Control Winds
  • 8th: Fire Storm
  • 9th: Mage Tunnel

Path of the Seven Sisters

  • Schools1: Alteration, Abjuration, Evocation
  • 1st: Storm’s Frozen Moment
  • 2nd: Alustriel’s Banner, Alustriel’s Fang
  • 3rd: Storm’s Swordfire, Sylune’s Viper
  • 4th: Alustriel’s Mantle
  • 5th: Storm’s Spell Thrust
  • 7th: Alustriel’s Improved Mantle, Alustriel’s Sword of Stars, Sylune’s Secret, Sylune’s Striking Meteor
  • 8th: Sylune’s Absolute Immunity

Path of the Yuan-Ti

  • Schools1: Alteration, Enchantment, Conjuration, Divination
  • 1st: Chameleon, Charm Person
  • 2nd: Camouflage, Darkness 15-ft. Radius, Detect Psionics
  • 3rd: Sepia Snake Sigil, Suggestion
  • 4th: Acid Bolt, Fear, Polymorph Other, Psionic Dampener, Psionic Tracer
  • 5th: Psionic Override
  • 7th: Vipergout
  • 8th: Mass Charm

Pluma’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Enchantment, Abjuration, Conjuration
  • 1st: Arrowflight, Bird Charm I, Cool, Elevate I, Featherweaving, Spearflight, Stoneflight, Warmth
  • 2nd: Bafflement, Breathsense, Fisher’s Luck, Guardian
  • 3rd: Blossom, Elevate II, Water Summoning, Windrider
  • 4th: Bird Charm II, Magic Resistance, Water Move
  • 5th: Create Talisman of Pluma, Eagle Form

Rary’s Path

  • Schools1: Divination, Alteration
  • 1st: Rary’s Empathic Perception
  • 2nd: Rary’s Attitude Adapter
  • 4th: Rary’s Memory Alteration, Rary’s Mind Scan, Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer, Rary’s Spell Enhancer
  • 5th: Rary’s Mind Shield, Rary’s Replay, Rary’s Superior Spell Enhancer
  • 6th: Rary’s Protection from Scrying, Rary’s Urgent Utterance
  • 7th: Rary’s Plane Truth

Road to Success:

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration, Enchantment, Wild Magic
  • 1st: Accuracy, Circle, Storm’s Frozen Moment
  • 2nd: First Strike, Seeking, Vicissitude
  • 3rd: Alternate Reality, Boon of Fortune, Dedication
  • 4th: Feat, Heroism
  • 5th: Aiming at the Target, Threefold Boon
  • 6th: Contingency, Luckbolt
  • 7th: Alter Reality
  • 8th: Finding the Center
  • 9th: Chain Contingency

Tenser’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation
  • 1st: Tenser’s Eye of the Tiger, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Tenser’s Steady Aim
  • 2nd: Tenser’s Brawl, Tenser’s Hunting Hawk
  • 3rd: Tenser’s Deadly Strike, Tenser’s Eye of the Eagle
  • 4th: Tenser’s Flaming Blade, Tenser’s Giant Strength, Tenser’s Master of Arms, Tenser’s Running Warrior, Tenser’s Staff of Smiting
  • 5th: Tenser’s Destructive Resonance, Tenser’s Primal Fury
  • 6th: Tenser’s Fortunes of War, Tenser’s Transformation

The Chef’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Divination, Conjuration, Enchantment, Abjuration
  • 1st: Bugman’s Mug, Purify Food & Drink, Turtle Soup
  • 2nd: Blandness, Fortifying Stew, Preservation, Quimby’s Enchanting Gourmet, Thundaerl’s Universal Taster
  • 3rd: Create Food & Drink
  • 4th: Cook
  • 5th: Erdlu Egg
  • 6th: Heroe’s Feast
  • 7th: Consume Knowledge, Protection from Hunger and Thirst

The Dragon’s Road

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Abjuration
  • 1st: Dragon Tongues, Hoard Servant, Scale Shift
  • 2nd: Dragon Message, Dragonbane
  • 3rd: Dragon Fall, Pseudodragon, Scalespray
  • 4th: Clutch Ward, Dragon Mastery, Firetrail, Focus Fear, Hoardguard
  • 5th: Breathblock, Command Dragon
  • 6th: Alter Breath Weapon, Dragon Scales
  • 7th: Contact Archetype, Dragon Breath
  • 8th: Death Matrix
  • 9th: Dragonshape

The Simbul’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration, Evocation
  • 7th: Simbul’s Spell Sequencer, Simbul’s Spell Supremacy, Simbul’s Synostodweomer
  • 8th: Simbul’s Skeletal Deliquescence
  • 9th: Simbul’s Spell Trigger

The Southern Road

  • Special: Scrolls and Spellbooks written by a wizard with this path can only be read using the read southern magic spell.
  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration
  • 1st: Breathe, Ignite Flame, Ladder, Read Southern Magic
  • 2nd: Damage Mirror, Move Object, Run, Thunderball
  • 3rd: Foothold, Target, Witchweed
  • 4th: Dune
  • 5th: Ethereal Banishment, Sandstorm
  • 6th: Javelin
  • 7th: Trick
  • 8th: Bombard, Call, Devastate
  • 9th: Army

The Witch’s Path

  • Schools1: Enchantment, Necromancy
  • 1st: Cause Light Wounds, Charm Man I, Seduction I
  • 2nd: Charm Man II, Seduction II, Witch’s Glamor
  • 3rd: Cause Blindness or Deafness, Cause Disease, Seduction III
  • 4th: Cause Serious Wounds, Seduction IV
  • 5th: Cause Critical Wounds, Seduction V
  • 6th: Seduction VI
  • 7th: Love, Seduction VII
  • 8th: Charm Man III, Seduction VIII, Witch’s Death Spell, Youth
  • 9th: Witch’s Banishment

Thoth’s Path

  • Special: Scrolls and Spellbooks written by a wizard with this path can only be read using the read southern magic spell.
  • Schools1: Necromancy, Abjuration, Enchantment, Conjuration
  • 1st: Barrier, Read Southern Magic, Ward
  • 2nd: Tumble
  • 3rd: Protection from Telekinesis
  • 4th: Agitate Wounds, Command Elementals
  • 5th: Deathguard, Mummy Creation
  • 6th: Enfeeble, Reverse Missile, Thoth’s Worship
  • 7th: Resist Injury, Time Loop
  • 8th: Call, Deathbolt
  • 9th: Army, Soul Shift

Lone Wolf Paths

These paths were developed by Lone Wolves, and are required as part of their training (depending on their school of specialization). Despite being required, these paths are considered rare (due to the overall rarity of Lone Wolves). They otherwise follow the rules for Rare paths.

Ajathar’s Path (Illusion)

  • 1st: Chameleon, Illusory Talent, Normal Aura
  • 2nd: Blur, Fool’s Gold, Misdirection
  • 3rd: Mailed Might, Nightscar, Wraithform
  • 4th: Encrypt, Vacancy
  • 5th: Advanced Illusion, Shadow Door
  • 6th: Mislead, Shadowsteal
  • 7th: Alter Reality
  • 8th: Screen
  • 9th: Weird

Path of the Assassin (Necromancy)

  • 1st: Cause Light Wounds, Corpse Visage, Spectral Voice
  • 2nd: Death Armor, Death Recall, Spectral Hand
  • 3rd: Death Mark, False Face, Ray of Paralysis
  • 4th: Cause Serious Wounds, Mask of Death
  • 5th: Persona of Death, Steal Energy
  • 6th: Dead Man’s Eyes, Fellblade
  • 7th: Finger of Death
  • 8th: Deathshroud
  • 9th: Energy Drain

Path of the Bandit (Alteration)

  • 1st: Blacksteel, Slingstar, Traceless Travel
  • 2nd: Bladethirst, Camouflage, Pit
  • 3rd: Blacklight, Fleet Feet, Shadow Blink
  • 4th: Handfangs, Missile Mastery
  • 5th: Ironguard, Pilfer Dweomer
  • 6th: Blending, Etherealness
  • 7th: Paralyzing Pit
  • 8th: Circle of Blindness
  • 9th: Pierce Any Shield

Path of the Beggar (Conjuration)

  • 1st: Armor, Conjure Spell Component, Prestidigitation
  • 2nd: Choke, Create Water, Wall of Gloom
  • 3rd: Hover, Mental Dagger, Watery Double
  • 4th: Duplicate, Gloomcloud
  • 5th: Khazid’s Procurement, Satire
  • 6th: Power Word Silence, Shadow Shroud
  • 7th: Limited Wish
  • 8th: Symbol
  • 9th: Wondercraft

Path of the Fence (Divination)

  • 1st: Divining Rod, Know History, Reveal Magic
  • 2nd: ESP, Know Intent, Locate Object
  • 3rd: Analyze Device, Find Traps, See Hidden Doors
  • 4th: Find Treasure, Magic Mirror
  • 5th: Know Value, Prying Eyes
  • 6th: Legend Lore, Shadow Speak
  • 7th: Watchful Eye
  • 8th: Analyze Dweomer
  • 9th: Seek

Path of the Smuggler (Abjuration)

  • 1st: Alarm, Protective Amulet, Sound Bubble
  • 2nd: Dark Mirror, Lesser Sign of Sealing, Slumberward
  • 3rd: Invisible Mail, Nondetection, Proof from Teleportation
  • 4th: Border Guard, Hiding Place
  • 5th: Avoidance, Safeguarding
  • 6th: Dispel Shunt, Repulsion
  • 7th: Translocation Shift
  • 8th: Mind Blank
  • 9th: Imprisonment

Path of the Swindler (Enchantment)

  • 1st: Empathy, Friend, Soothe the Beast
  • 2nd: Deeppockets, Forget, Seal Mouth
  • 3rd: Bewilder, Face, Mask Magic
  • 4th: Emotion, Scapegoat
  • 5th: Fabricate, Mind Fog
  • 6th: Gambler’s Luck, Mass Suggestion
  • 7th: Steal Enchantment
  • 8th: Antipathy-Sympathy
  • 9th: Programmed Amnesia

Path of the Thug (Evocation)

  • 1st: Disarm, Gauntlet, Shield
  • 2nd: Battering Ram, Forcewave, Thump
  • 3rd: Shield of Chains, Skulltrap, Whip of Pain
  • 4th: Shout, Vengeance
  • 5th: Sword of Deception, Wall of Force
  • 6th: Pain, Tattoo of Power
  • 7th: Forcecage
  • 8th: Demand
  • 9th: Juggernaut

Unique Paths

These are paths made by wizards who have not passed their knowledge on to others. They often have no overlap with other paths and must usually be learned directly from the creator (or his writings). They are often incomplete—the initial research of would-be pathmakers.

Articus’s Path of the Chronomancer

  • Schools1: Chronomancy
  • 1st: Delay Image, Slow Metabolism
  • 2nd: Accelerate Plant Growth, Life Sounding, Preserve from Decay
  • 3rd: Articus’s Melee Manager, Life Tether
  • 4th: Temporal Push, Timeheal
  • 5th: Accelerate Animal Growth, Articus’s Devolutionary Warrior
  • 6th: Accelerate Metabolism, Magic Manager
  • 7th: Temporal Eyes
  • 8th: Accelerate Lifeline
  • 9th: Sever Lifeline, Temporal Shell

Aumry’s Path:

  • Schools1: Conjuration, Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 1st: Avoid Planar Effects, Portal Beacon
  • 2nd: Decastave, Portal Alarm
  • 3rd: Monster Summoning III, Touch the Black
  • 4th: Blacksphere, Dimension Door
  • 5th: Monster Summoning V, Magic Staff
  • 6th: Claws of the Umber Hulk, Close Gate
  • 7th: Monster Summoning VII, Open the Gray Portal
  • 8th: Blackstaff, Maze
  • 9th: Monster Summoning IX, Maw of Chaos

Drenal’s Path

  • Schools1: Enchantment
  • 2nd: Drenal’s Annoying Poke, Drenal’s Distraction, Drenal’s Dry Ink, Drenal’s Stone Flame
  • 3rd: Drenal’s Amok Needles, Drenal’s Eyesore, Drenal’s Sound Barrier

Paramander’s Path

  • Special: Scrolls and Spellbooks written by a wizard with this path can only be read using the read paramandic magic spell (another barrier to learning this path).
  • Schools1: Alteration, Conjuration, Divination
  • 1st: Read Paramandic Magic
  • 3rd: Cache
  • 4th: Paramander’s Spelltrap
  • 5th: Azure Flame, Enchanted Mirror, Question Ball

Path of the Chosen

  • Special: This path is believed to only be available to the Chosen of Mystra.
  • Schools1: Evocation, Alteration, Abjuration
  • 3rd: Elminster’s Multiple Mouths
  • 4th: Azuth’s Fedensor
  • 5th: Azuth’s Exalted Triad
  • 7th: Azuth’s Spell Shield
  • 9th: Elminster’s Effulgent Epuration, Elminster’s Evasion, Eye of Mystra, Weavestrike

The Path of High Magic

  • Special: This is not truly a path. Only Archanamach’s of 17th level or higher may learn High Magic spells.
  • Schools1: High Magic
  • 8th: Call of Despair, Dragonrage, Leviathan, Nymph’s Aura, Song of Battle
  • 9th: Celestial Army, Gift of Life, Soul Freedom, Wrath of the Just

Wesley’s Anomalous Path

  • Schools1: Chronomancy
  • 1st: Detect Temporal Anomaly, Precognitive Sense
  • 2nd: Timeslip
  • 3rd: Time Snare
  • 4th: Prophecy, Wesley’s Temporal Disjunction
  • 5th: Create Slipgate, Temporal Wall
  • 6th: Conceal Temporal Anomaly, Paradox
  • 7th: Wesley’s Delayed Damage
  • 8th: Item Supercharger, Timereaver
  • 9th: Major Paradox, Temporal Shell

Zala’s Path

  • Schools1: Abjuration, Conjuration, Invocation, Alteration, Illusion
  • 1st: Zala’s Icejacket
  • 2nd: Zala’s Lifeforce Guardian
  • 3rd: Zala’s Forcebuckler
  • 4th: Zala’s Amberhelm
  • 5th: Zala’s Deception
  • 6th: Zala’s Disruption
  • 9th: Tobian’s Ultimate Circle

Finnot’s Path

Road to Success

  • Schools1: Alteration, Evocation, Enchantment, Conjuration, Illusion, Wild Magic
  • 1st: Accuracy, Storm’s Frozen Moment,
  • 2nd: First Strike, Seeking, Vicissitude
  • 3rd: Alternate Reality, Boon of Fortune, Dedication
  • 4th: Feat, Heroism
  • 5th: Aiming at the Target, Threefold Boon
  • 6th: Contingency, Luckbolt
  • 7th: Alter Reality
  • 8th: Finding the Center
  • 9th: Chain Contingency

Mornhaven’s Path

  • Schools1: Alteration, Necromancy, Abjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation
  • 1st: Charm Person, Mornhaven’s Ottershape, Wizard Mark
  • 2nd: Ancestral Blessing, Mornhaven’s Flaming Brand, Mornhaven’s Spraint For The Haint
  • 3rd: Hold Person, Explosive Runes, Mornhaven’s Analyze Ancestry
  • 4th: Find Person, Mornhaven’s Otterdamerung
  • 5th: Speak with Ancient Dead, Wandering Glyph
  • 6th: Mornhaven’s Recitation of Lineage, Project Image
  • 7th: Ancient Curse
  • 8th: Clone
  • 9th: Mornhaven’s Binding

Donovan’s Path

  • Schools1: Abjuration, Enchantment, Alteration, Evocation, Wild Magic
  • 1st: Donovan’s Erratic Thaumaturgy, Donovan’s Heroic Fray, Protection from Evil, Sleep
  • 2nd: Circle Dance, Donovan’s Ominous Valediction
  • 3rd: Donovan’s Carapace of Corpulence, Protection from Evil 10-ft. Radius
  • 4th: Sleepwalking, Unluck
  • 5th: Sever the Silver Cord, Teleport
  • 6th: Entropy Shield, Spiritwrack
  • 7th: Mindspin, Planar Door
  • 8th: Binding, Gateway

The Glandar’s Path:

  • Schools: Necromancy, Alteration, Abjuration, Evocation
  • 1st: Dance Macabre, Ghostharp
  • 2nd: Bladethirst, Death Armor
  • 3rd: Bone Dance, Death Mark
  • 4th: Shadow Dance, Swordshun
  • 5th: Melisander’s Harp, Sword of Deception
  • 6th: Fellblade, Vampire Dagger
  • 7th: Nerve Dance, Repel Undead
  • 8th: Bone Blade, Hide Heart
  • 9th: Disruption, Immunity to Undeath

1 Note: Schools in bold text apply to more than 50% of the spells in a given path. Schools in normal text apply to at least 25% of the spells in a given path. Schools in italics apply to less than 25% of the spells in a path. Schools which apply to only a single spell in a path are not listed (as these are generally not relevant to path selection).
For obvious reasons, Lone Wolves, Shamans, and other spellcasters with highly limited school selection should stick with paths that have their available school(s) in bold.

Paths of Magic

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