Polity Events

Events represent significant or unusual happenings in the life of your Polity. Some events impact the whole polity, while others are centered on a specific settlement or hex.

Continuous Events: A continuous event’s effects continue each turn during the Event Phase until you resolve the event (as explained in the event description, usually by succeeding at a polity check).

Localized Events: Some events are listed as “settlement” or “hex.” The effect of these events are localized to a single settlement or hex. Randomly select a settlement or hex for the location of that event. Some events (such as a feud) could be confined to a settlement or start in one settlement and spread to affect the entire kingdom, depending on whether they’re rolled on one of the Kingdom Events tables or one of the Settlement Events tables.

Hiring Adventurers: Once per Event Phase, you can hire NPC adventurers to help deal with an event, gaining a bonus on one Polity check made as part of that event. Adventurers of levels 1–2 grant a +2 bonus on the check and cost 4 BP; adventurers of levels 3–5 grant a +5 bonus on the check and cost 8 BP; adventurers of level 6 or greater grant a +10 bonus on the check and cost 16 BP. You can never hire adventurers of a level greater than one less than the average level of your party.

Resolving Events: Resolving an event requires the full attention of 1 or more polity Leaders for an entire turn (the DM will notify how many). It is up to the party how to approach any given event, and Leaders should be assigned based on the choice of tactics (such as the General or Warden for military intervention).

Some events may require the attention of a specific Leader—such as the Magister when dealing with events of a magical nature (the DM will notify the party as necessary).

Event Checks: The success or failure of an event is determined by one or more checks against your polity’s Control DC. Generally the check will be made against the Polity Stat associated with the assigned Leader.

Most Events will have multiple levels of success/failure. Successful checks will general improve the Polity’s stats, add to its treasury, or otherwise benefit the policy. Failures will generally result in decreased stats, lost revenue, damage to buildings, or even lost territory.

Check Result Success Level Notes
6+ greater than Control DC Triumph
Equal to or Greater than Control DC Success
Less than Control DC Failure
6+ less than Control DC Disaster

Polity Events

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