Psionic Proficiencies

Psionic Proficiencies Slots Ability Modifier Prerequisites
Bulwark 1 Health 0
Cerebral Blind 2 Willpower -2 Mental Resistance.
Explosive Energy 1 Willpower 0
Harness Subconscious 2 Willpower -1 Able to use Psionics.
Illithid Track 1 Intuition +2
Light Sleeping 1 Fitness -1
Lucid Buffer 2 NA 0 Mental Resistance.
Meditative Focus 1 Willpower +1 Able to use Psionics.
Mental Resistance 1 NA 0
Read Qualith 2 Reason -3
Rejuvenation 1 Willpower -2 Able to use Psionics.
Slow Respiration 1 Fitness 0

Bulwark: Training and mental focus provides a character with this proficiency a shield against the effects of fear and disease. When the character is in danger of succumbing to either (typically by a failed saving throw), a successful proficiency check indicates that his health and bravery remain uncompromised. Bulwark is effective against both natural effects such as the common cold and against magical effects such as mummy rot and fear effects.

Cerebral Blind: Whenever a psionic creature attempts to make Contact and open the character’s mind, the character can attempt to trigger Cerebral Blind with a successful proficiency check before the attacker can actually make use of a secondary psionic science or devotion upon the victim). If the proficiency check fails, the power or secondary psionic effect works normally.

If the proficiency check succeeds, a complex mental blind comes to the surface of the character’s mind. The blind is a mental maze incorporating both linear and analog elements, hundreds of similar but subtly different mental pathways that confuse the attacker for 1d4+1 rounds. While the attacker is confused, it can take no other action; however, neither can the character do anything but mentally “hold” the blind in place, possibly giving his or her compatriots a few free rounds of action.

Each round that he maintains the blind against a psionic attacker, the character can attempt a save vs. paralyzation at a -4 penalty. On a successful save, the character’s mind closes, ending Contact and freeing the attacker from the cerebral blind.

Explosive Energy: This proficiency lets a devotee summon from within an amazing burst of energy. If a proficiency check is failed, the character collapses into unconsciousness for 1d3 rounds. If successful, he adds 5 points to both his Muscle and Balance scores for 1d6 rounds. During this time he must expend the energy in combat or otherwise exhaust himself through physical exertion. No rest is allowed, nor are soft blows or defensive action. When the duration elapses, the character must make another check or fall unconscious for 2d6 rounds, otherwise he must cease all physical activity for that period.

Harness Subconscious: Through the use of this proficiency, a psionicist temporarily boosts his PSP total. To procure these extra PSPs, the psionicist’s PSP total must be at its maximum. Two full days (48 consecutive hours) must be spent gathering energy from subconscious reserves. At the end of this time, the psionicist makes a proficiency check. Success increases his PSP total by 20%, rounded up.

The extra PSPs remain available for 72 hours or until they are used up, whichever comes first. At the end of 72 hours, the psionicist loses as many PSPs as he gained from his current total (though the total won’t drop below 0).

During the 72 hours of boosted energy, the psionicist can’t recover PSPs if his current total equals or exceeds his usual maximum. Once all of the bonus PSPs have been used, PSPs can be recovered normally up to the usual maximum.

Illithid Track: Psionicists have developed their specialized version of tracking designed specifically to find illithids and similar psionic monsters. This proficiency in no way confers the ability to track other types of creatures through a combination of mundane observation and sensing psionic residues. Characters with the illithid tracking proficiency can follow mind flayers and related creatures across most types of terrain. All the normal modifiers for the Tracking proficiency apply.

To track an illithid, a character must first find the trail. lllithid Sense is ideal for discovering the track; however, if psionic have been through an area within the hour (or if an eyewitness report or other strong evidence is available), an illithid track proficiency check is rolled to discover the trail. A failed check means that no track is found.

If the trail is found, additional checks are made if the terrain significantly changes, a second track (of any creature type) crosses the first, or the character resumes tracking after a halt to rest, eat, fight, etc.

Once a tracker fails a proficiency check and loses a trail, another check can be rolled after spending at least one hour searching the area for new signs, or after a successful lllithid Sense proficiency check. If more than one character is following a trail, a +1 bonus modifier is added to the most adept tracker’s check.

Light Sleeping: By putting himself in a deep meditative state, this proficiency lets the character receive the curative benefits of a full night’s rest from a one-hour nap. The character must make a proficiency check before going to sleep. If the check succeeds, the character awakens in an hour, fully refreshed; he recovers the same amount of lost hit points as if he’d rested for eight hours. If the check fails, he remains asleep, awakening as usual. He may use this proficiency only once per week, regardless of whether it fails or succeeds.

This proficiency is not effective for purposes of spell memorization, nor does it accelerate the number of PSPs recovered from rest.

Lucid Buffer: A character with lucid buffer imposes a -4 penalty on an opponent’s psionic power checks to open his mind with a psionic attack. In addition, a character with the lucid buffer proficiency automatically gains a +4 to saving throws to resist any innate special attacks of illithids, illithid-kin (ulitharids, vampiric illithids, alhoons, urophions, neothelids, or elder brains), or similarly “psionic” monsters.

Meditative Focus: This proficiency allows a psionicist to focus his mental energy into one discipline, causing all powers within that discipline to receive psionic power check bonuses; powers related to other disciplines receive psionic power check penalties.

The psionicist must meditate for 12 consecutive hours. He recovers PSPs normally during this meditative state. When the period ends, the character makes a proficiency check. Success means he has focused his energy into the chosen discipline. All psionic power checks for powers within that discipline receive a +2 bonus for the next 24 hours or until his PSP total is reduced to 0, whichever comes first. All other disciplines get a –1 penalty for the same period.

Mental Resistance: Through lengthy training and iron discipline, a character with this proficiency prepares himself to resist magical or psionic assaults on his mind. The character receives a +1 bonus to his saving throws against attacks of this nature, if the attack normally allows a saving throw. Generally, this includes any attack form that a character’s magical attack adjustment bonus for his Willpower score might affect, including mind-affecting spells, charm or fear powers of monsters, and telepathic sciences or devotions that allow the subject a saving throw.

Read Qualith: The enigmatic Illithids use a system of writing based on texture and touch called qualith. To the eye, qualith resembles four parallel striated lines. To the non-illithid, the writing is fiendishly hard to grasp; full meaning comes only to those able to follow each of the four lines with a tentacle or other appendage simultaneously. Each line modifies the meaning of the other lines; the complete meaning is clear only in the gestalt presented by all four lines together.

Psionicists and Mind Stalkers believe that to kill the illithids, they must understand the illithids. Thus, some labor to understand the illithid “alphabet.” Those with the Read Qualith proficiency can run four fingers along the striated lines to attempt to understand the message contained therein. A successful proficiency check allows a basic understanding of a passage or distinct message; fine inferences and nuances cannot be appreciated by non-illithids. Each separate message or passage requires an additional proficiency check to decipher.

Rejuvenation: This proficiency allows a psionicist to recover PSPs more quickly than is usual by entering a rejuvenating trance. This state of deep concentration requires a successful proficiency check. For every hour a character maintains this trance (and makes the check), he regains PSPs at twice the usual rate (one-quarter of his total instead of one-eighth). He can’t expend PSPs while in this trance, and his state is much like deep sleep.

Slow Respiration: A character with this proficiency has the ability to enter a deep trance and reduce the amount of air he needs to stay alive. To induce the trance, he must be in a restful position, either sitting or lying down. After concentrating for one turn, pulse and breathing drop well below normal, so that breathing requires only 10% of the rate when resting. The character emerges from his trance at will, fully aware of anything that has occurred nearby.

Psionic Proficiencies

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