Resurrection Side Effects

This table is included with no editing of its original entries. Mechanical incongruities between the suggestions and AD&D 2nd edition rules will be dealt with by the DM at the time the roll is made.

The d200 Side-Effects of Being Resurrected G+ Community Table

Roll Side-Effect
Number Result


Candles are snuffed out when the player walks by


When the player laughs, the sound of a goat laughing is heard echoing in the distance.


Babies cry when the player is near, and become hysterical if touched by them.


The character no longer bleeds and does not heal naturally.


Animals (including Animal Encounters) react negatively to the character. The character can not have an animal companion or ride a horse.


Character doesn’t cast a shadow anymore


Opposite sex are naturally repulsed by the character


Your god no longer favours you (treat as being under a quest spell that cant be disspelled), you don’t know what the quest is


Bats/rats are naturally attracted to you, but they only like you about 33.3% of the time


Unnerving presence. Treat any positive Charisma bonus as if it were a negative.


Sunlight has an adverse effect on you. You can’t stand being out in the sun without clothing and a hood over your head. Having a larger area of skin exposed to direct sunlight for longer than one turn will cause severe burns (damage).


Treat the character as Undead for the purpose of Healing Spells, Protection Scrolls, and Turning (treat ‘D’ as ‘T’)


Your eyes change to an unnatural color: roll 1d4: 1) red; 2) yellow; 3) solid black; 4) completely white.


You no longer have a reflection when others view you in a mirror. You do not see yourself, but see how you died; replayed over, and over, and over.


When you speak and there are any small glass objects (glasses, vials, etc) in a 30′ radius roll a 1d6; on a 3-6 the glass cracks and then breaks.


Restless Sleep. The character does not have a restful sleep (doesn’t regain spells or hit points) unless they sleep within a specially consecrated room.


Undead Awareness. The character can sense the presence of any undead within 60′. The undead can also sense the character.


You don’t know how or why, but you know where 7 girls are buried. They all look exactly the same. One of them is not dead.


Undeath Diet. You can not consume normal food, drink or potions. You must instead drink (Un)Holy Water and eat Ashes.


You can’t be bothered with the trivial stuff any more. All the petty crap seems so meaningless to you now.


Anti-Metabolism. Imbibed Healing potions, other magic potions, poisons etc. have the opposite effect. Healing potions deal damage or cause sickness, poisons restore hitpoints or give other beneficial effects (you still have to fail the saving throw against a poison to get them).


Any drink you touch turns stale, or sours.


When you write, no matter how you attempt to write nothing appears you can leave no physical record of your self.


Small animals, such as mice and song birds are often found dead near you when you awake, there is no explanation.


Your heart no longer beats, or if it does it is undetectable, your natural rhythm is effected, you no longer feel alive.


Any seed you sow grows unnaturally quickly, then dies.


You are instilled with new purpose. If you were pious, 80% chance it’s related to your deity of choice, 20% chance your deity’s antagonist (or a random entity if there is none); if you were impious, reverse those numbers.


You have True Sight (you see things as they really are, completely unaware of any illusion or attempt to disguise).


Your return to life causes a new, expansionist religion to be founded in your name. They start putting followers of other religions to the sword and no matter what you say they reinterpret it to suit themselves.


Shriveled tongue. It’s black and ungainly. You can still talk, but it sounds … off.


You may cast Clerical spells as a 1st level Cleric of your deity (2nd if that’s what it takes to cast a spell); level goes up by one for each subsequent resurrection. If you were already a cleric, get an extra 1st level spell.


You gain one random psychic power such as Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy, etc.


You remember 1d10 (exploding, so reroll and add if you roll a 10) past lives; each life you remember grants one extra random skill at the beginner level. If two lives roll the same skill, improve it by one step.


Your shadow steals things from you. Wrestle with it in your sleep to get them back.


Your touch repulses others. The extremely young and extremely old must make a Fortitude Save or age 1d6 years (which fuels you and keeps you looking beautiful and young).


You cannot come near any beings writing your name. If someone starts writing your name while you are in the near vicinity (1 meter-ish) you feel the unescapable need to get away as soon as possible.


You molt every new moon. It’s pretty gross, but not painful, but it takes 1d6h during which you can’t do much (treat like being incapacitated). Magic requiring body parts using shed skin has a +2/10% bonus working on you.


Your mouth always tastes like crave dust in the morning. You don’t know how you know that particular taste, but you do.


You are convinced your rotting on the inside, despite any assurances to the contrary, and take to wearing heavy perfumes, staying away from others–anything to hide the scent of your corruption from the world.


You think lizard thoughts. Can’t stop thinking about lizards, lizard skin, the taste of lizard, what it would be like to be one. -2/-10% on everything requiring deep concentration; 2/10% dealing with lizardmen and other lizard-related monsters (except dragons. THEY ARE NOT LIZARDS they insist).


You are now slightly magnetic.


You look exactly the same as you did before, but your family no longer recognizes you.


You no longer fear death, and make decisions with little regard to your own safety.


Your 1.face 2.hands 3.arms 4.chest 5.abdomen 6.legs turn a molted grey and black and are cold to the touch.


An angel now speaks to you in times of need.


Small amounts of water (a cup or less) boil at your touch.


All your hair fell off. You also prefer to eat hair instead of normal food, 5 lbs of hair is enough for a day’s worth of food.


Touched by the holiness of the spell, your head now glows (as light) and your alignment changes to that of the cleric who cast the spell on you.


Become a vengeance seeker. You become obsessed with avenging the wrongly killed. Accompanied by a spirit guide, often a raven.


You no longer sleep; effects that would ordinarily put you to sleep do not work, but ones that would induce dreams do (though for you they are hallucinations).


No longer gain nutrition from anything but raw meat.


You can speak with the dead. In fact, they won’t shut up, and ghosts are constantly pestering you to perform errands for them.


Wines and ales go sour in your presence. Your former drinking chums no longer come around to check on you.


The undead ignore you. As if you were one of them (without having to do the cheesy zombie walk).


When you look in a mirror, you don’t see your surroundings but the realm of the god whose magic revived you.


Boots or shoes you wear always feel heavy as lead so you take to walking barefoot.


You no longer see in color, but in shades of grey, white, and black. Shapes are undefined. You see the skeletal structure of living creatures, even through walls up to 3′ thick.


When you breathe a small fog issues from your mouth or nose as if you are in sub-zero temperatures.


Dirt… there is always dirt and worms issuing from your clothes. It falls out of your ears, from the cuffs of your pants and shirt, when you pull out your sword, when you open your pack… the dirt of the grave is always with you.


Hard to concentrate While in the presence of holy symbols or walking on holy ground you are at -2 to all actions.


Your presence causes confusion in cats and dogs.


When you enter the room, a brief pall is cast over everything, or else a chill wind rattles the shutters.


Death is your constant companion. Nobody else can see him/her unless they too have been resurrected. He/she is not a terrible companion, and may sometimes offer useful observations but can’t (or at least won’t) do anything with a physical effect. At other times it can be inconvenient to have a third wheel around. He/she is mad for chess.


Where you go, it rains. All weather table rolls slant towards rain by 2 steps. If there are no weather tables in use, whenever people ask what the weather is, there is a 66% chance it rains. If you end up somewhere where water is not a commodity but a valuable thing, it rains 1. ashes 2. fishbone 3. blood 4. shit


You have a phobia about human corpses, convinced that if you ever touch one your soul might be sucked into it and trapped. This may or may not be true.


You may use any human corpse as a “Soul Jar” (as per the spell)


You died and were brought back by your “friends” only problem though is you were at peace. Until you can reconcile the issue (to the DM’s desecration) all rolls are at -2) ala Buffy.


You now suffer from compulsive illeism.


You need 1.eels 2.bats 3.cats 4.spiders 5.snails 6.snakes , for what ever cosmic reason you need to have one around, you will be very depressed until you find one.


Since your soul already left your body once, demons and ghosts can possess it much easier. (Rolls for possession are much easier or saving throws against possession are much harder.)


You catch glimpses of your manifold prior incarnations at awkward and inconvenient times – mostly during delicate social situations and heated combats


Sometimes when you sleep you can out of body travel, it’s random.


Save vs. Death Ray or Poison (or the equivalent) always succeeds, although you can be killed by damage or other effects such as petrification as normal.


Lost to the gods. Consecrated places you visit lose the protection of the gods, who have shunned you when you returned from the afterlife. Curse andBless both don’t affect you. All Protection spells work against you. No Detect spells work on you. Other cleric spells may or may not affect you (50% chance), whether benign or adverse.


If you die again, you can’t be resurrected as no deity will listen to the pleas of the clerics begging for your soul’s return. Your soul is sand in the gear work of the great mill of souls, and will cause it to break eventually, destroying the circle of reincarnation, submitting the universe to entropy and full destruction as the gods shift to other planes to avoid dealing with you.


Everything you eat and drink tastes like cilantro. Good luck belonging to the 80% that don’t think cilantro tastes like soap.


When you sleep, you appear to be dead (no heart beat, no breathing, cold to the touch). Attempts to wake you up before a full night’s rest is completed are futile if they don’t make you lose at least one hitpoint. When waking up, you will always take a panicked breath as if you almost drowned.


If you die your soul jumps to a random nearby living body. You may communicate with the current inhabitant and temporarily control the body if they let you (during which time you will have the level & class-based abilitiesincluding HP of your regular body, but the attributes and racial abilities of the host body). You may attempt to seize control of the body as an intelligent sword of Egoism 6 less than your own INT (or the equivalent rules for your game)


You’re slightly out of sync with time. Your character loses initiative in the first round of combat, and uses the initiative value that would have applied to him the previous round for all other rounds. Effects outside combat are, as always, up to the GM


All cats love you, even magical or monstrous cats.


Your touch drains HD from undead as if you were the closest equivalent undead of level = your own HD; you are immune to the level drain of any equal or lesser undead. You can be turned (though not controlled) by Evil/Chaotic Clerics (or the equivalent, such as necromancers).


You may Feign Death (as per the spell or the monk ability, depending on the game) at will.


You are slightly out of sync with space. You are frequently randomly displaced (including clothing and equipment*). Most often, this is not really noticeable, because the displacement is so small (one hundredth of an inch), but sometimes the distance is one foot or more. Your AC gets +1. Rolling a critical failure may result in a dangerous displacement (over the side of a cliff, legs trapped in the ground, displaced into the air). Rolling a natural 20 may result a deluxe displacement (escape from a prison cell, trying to strike the giant’s toe but hitting his eye).


Your soul was put back wrong, and doesn’t quite fit; this is most noticeable in that objects you touch may start to move a fraction of a second before your flesh actually comes in contact with them (with skills involving manual dexterity such as picking locks , roll twice and take the worse until you next level up, by which time you’ve gotten used to it) and your image in the mirror appears slightly off-set (a couple inches at most) from your physical position.


As the day progresses you rot. Your eyes will bloat, ears or fingernails will fall off, teeth will fall out, and you smell like rancid rotting meat. When you wake the next morning you are back to your normal visage and the process starts all over again.


When you sneeze maggots spray from your mouth and dust from your nose.


Incorporeal spirits are always plainly visible to you as if they are material. You can see into the Æther near them, for a very short distance


You are always vaguely smiling, as if you thought of something funny. If you try to correct this, you burst out laughing. +1 to reaction rolls from people who are well-disposed towards you, but -2 if they are suspicious or hostile.


You are always hungry.


Wrong Address: You aren’t you, develop a new personality, roll a new occupation, start over as a level 0 character, you retain your hit points, and stats however.


Eternal Champion: You now know you’re an eternal champion. You have reincarnated since the dawn of time, and you know it, you no longer fear death.


Death Wish: You are alive and you know you’re supposed to be dead, you must get back to the grave, but suicide is not an option, your death is meant to have meaning.


Great Destiny: You know destiny has brought you back for a reason. Regain luck as a thief, if already a thief, regain luck as a halfling, if a halfling, all luck spent is now +3.


Your skin is always soft and moist. If you try to find out, it will be revealed the moistness is from the tears of mothers mourning for their stillborn children.


Nonsubstantive – the temporary loss of your soul has permanently displaced some of your metaphysical mass. You will never set off weight-based traps, nor leave footprints in dust. You cannot lift iron objects.


You sleepwalk every night now. This is no fun in a dungeon.


Magic Void – Any spell that targets an individual cannot be cast on you. You can still be affected by spells that target an area or a group of people, or by side-effects of spells that target someone or something else.


Magic Catalyst. Any spell that targets an individual and is cast on you doubles its effectiveness. This does not apply to spells that target an area or a group of people, or side-effects of spells that target someone or something else.


Simply Magical – Detect Magic and similar spells always detect your magical aura. In case any information is gained by the caster, your resurrection is revealed. Any non-weapon damage you deal is considered magical. You are also able to touch or restrain incorporeal beings like ghosts that can be affected by magic.


You are plagued by an obnoxious servant of some infernal power, who believes it has claim upon your soul. You acquire a random demonic familiar, in addition to whatever familiar you may already have. However, this one actively works against you and has its master’s best interests in mind.


You smell like roses. This smell follows the seasons of your home town, or the closest place where roses grow. Assume Southern France if your plane of existence doesn’t have roses.


The shadows of the dead hunger for your soul. Whenever you walk across shadows, the ethereal hands of the dead reach to this world and grasp you, attempting to drag you to hell. You move at 1/4 your normal speed while in shadows.


In complete darkness you cannot move at all as so many hands are grasping you and pulling you to the ground. Needless-to-say you don’t sleep well.


You have a white shadow.


Children and clergy swear like sailors in your presence.


Speaking of sailors, waves go crazy when you’re at sea.


Grave Syndrome: You can’t feel your fingers or toes, the rest of your nerve endings are dulled as well. All fine manipulation skills are -1die, however your willpower to resist seduction attempts are at +2.


Creeping Death: Things die around you, grass browns beneath your feet, small animals get visibly ill, and will die within 1 day of contact of you. Others suffer -2 to any fortitude saves if they have touched you in a 24 hour period.


Lingering Death: Lay on Hands attempts are always considered to be opposite alignment.


Soulless: Your mind was returned to your body but not your soul. Alignment is changed to Neutral permanently. People are unnerved when they meet your eyes, the un-dead tend to ignore you.


You’re immensely fecund.


You have trouble figuring out other people. Your own result on a reaction roll is always 7.


Where ever you tread on loose soil worms rise to the surface in your steps


Your skin chars and blackens under the light of the sun.


You smell of damp earth.


Your eyes turn milky white and your gums pull back from your yellowed teeth, in addition your skin shrivels and pulls tight to your muscles, no matter ho much you eat. If you lay very still you can pass as a corpse.


Your hand (1-3 right, 4-6 left) does things of its own volition at inappropriate times. (hands personality 1: auto-erotic, 2: rude, 3: violent, 4: kleptomanical, 5:erotic, 6: roll twice)


You spit venomous curses at the mention of any lawful or good deity.


Insects like flies, maggots, beetles, wasps, and moths are attracted to you and always hover and buzz around you. Insects like caterpillars and butterflies die whenever you walk near.


Your shadow isn’t yours. And whoever it belonged to must have been mischievous. When you stand in full sunlight it will sometimes slip away from you and— do things. It isn’t necessarily dangerous but it likes to cause problems.


You know you are destined for hell when you die. can you change that?


You can no longer cry


When you died you glimpsed the loom of fate and were granted a vision of your one true love. You know their name and what they look like, but not necessarily where to find them.


You being brought back comes with a price. One you care greatly about was taken by the god of Death in your stead. They died a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE death full of screaming, crying, and blood. Way to go.


Whenever someone says your name you feel a little weird (turns out your name is now the first ingredient in a ritual to summon a monster from beyond).


A evil entity has gripped ahold of your shadow, at night it has a chance of coming into the material world (a successful save vs death negates this).


There is a weird weather anomaly in the area where you were resurrected, roll 2d12: 2) cyclones; 3) extreme heat; 4) eerie silence; 5) complete darkness; 6) extreme cold; 7) unusual smells; 8) light rain; 9) heavy rain; 10) snow; 11) sleet; 12) light fog/smoke; 13) heavy fog/smoke; 14) hail; 15) giant hail (either very large bits, or in the shape of things); 16) lightning bolts (treat as lightning spell); 17) rains something obscure (blood/opals/smoke); 18) rains small critters (fish/possums); 19) wind (extreme force); 20) loud thunder; 21) sandstorm; 22) rains some sort of magic (1D8 1 acid, 2 fire, 3 ice, 4 lightning, 5 turn good (treat as turn undead for a good alignment), 6 summon (use LOTFP table with 2D8 HD), 7 roll on wand of wonder (1D6, 1-2 table 1, 3-4 table 2, 5-6 table 3), 8 roll twice); 23) opens 3D12 portals to different dimensions/worlds/planes; 24) roll twice or make up effect


You can now play a musical instrument expertly (if you already know how, then a different instrument), however when you do everybody listening feels themselves die a little inside.


You leave wet footprints everywhere you go, and are strangely always thirsty.


Your touch starts a quick-acting fermentation process in organic matter. The world turns to alcohol as you pass.


Your hair is always lank and smells like garbage. You’re constantly pallid and have a cold sweat.


Your blood is now believed by the faithful to be a universal cure-all.


You always know the exact direction towards and relative distance from (hot/cold) the entity that slew you. If no entity, then the object. If no object slew you, then the exact spot where you died is stained onto your mind forever.


The sky is black during the day, and dark at night. Daylight is lost to you forever. The sun shows as a milky disc behind a fogged lens, but the moon is bright and speaks to you in a familiar language, though you do not know the meaning.


You exhale a poisonous vapor. No longer shall your mouth know the lips of a lover, but you get a death-kiss if you can exhale into a person’s lungs for a full round.


You can now speak (and read and write if you are literate and the language has a written form) all dead languages. Even pre-human ones.


When you dream you have visions of all that are going to die that day, but you are powerless to stop it or change the course of events.


Your teeth and eyes are now yellowed, your fingernails a pale grey


You are followed by blackbirds and ravens when outdoors.


You see the world as if through a veil,, ranged combat is more difficult


You now have unnaturally good dance moves. +10 to all dancing abilities and never auto-fail on a 1. If you lose a dance competition the judges have probably been bribed or are cheating somehow. If you ever get bested in a fair dancing match you have found your eternal soulmate/nemesis.


You now gain the undead trait of being immune to critical attacks, however you can no longer be healed by magical means.


The soul restored to your body comes from a slightly different timeline, and you remember events slightly differently than your companions do. This may give you penalties or bonuses to various rolls involving memory: whenever you roll exactly what you needed, you remember the alternate version instead, whenever you miss the roll by 1, you succeed because in the alternate version you learned some relevant information previously that helps you out now.


Anybody you touch must save vs. Death Ray or Poison or experience la petite mort. (Exactly how literally is up to the tone of the campaign.)


Anybody you touch must save vs. Death Ray or Poison or get a vision of their own death.


Your touch causes things to decay. All mundane objects will weather, rust, break, shatter, etc. within 2d6 days of your touch. Magical objects are immune.


You are living on borrowed time, and you know it. The GM should secretly roll for how long you have left… up until that time you absolutely cannot die, no matter the risk (succeed in all fatal saves, never lose that last hit point, miraculously cheat death in certain doom situations) but once that time limit is reached, you die (automatically fail the next save, the next blow is a lethal critical, slip and fall in the tub, etc.)


Another soul has traveled back with you. Each day when you wake roll a die- even) You; odd) other soul. Soul brought back, roll 1d7: 1) Fighter; 2) Thief; 3) Wizard; 4) Cleric; 5) Barbarian; 6) Bard; 7) Ranger. Level, roll 1d3- all stats etc must be figured out (IE- roll up the character).


You have fallen out of step with the magical world. You can no longer cast or be affected by spells in any way. You touch serves to dispel enchantments. Holding a magical item in your presence for too long will strip it of its magical properties (time dependent on the power of the artifact).


You have learned the path to the black gates, and can return whenever you wish with a moment of meditation. You can use your gift to Shepard the souls of the recently deceased back to the living. Each journey takes a toll, and you know it is not wise to make the trip too often. Each time you do treat it as though you died and were resurrected.


You are lucky. Very few who return from death come back whole. Nothing appears to be amiss.


As Death releases you it whispers a name in your ear. You know this is a trade. you can have your life, but you must take theirs.


A malicious Deity aids your return. It leaves you with a symbol of its faith; a reminder of a debt owed.


You come back obsessed with your death. It becomes your hobby to catalog and study all the factors that led to your demise. Perhaps perfect understanding will help you avoid future doom. More likely, your fixation is unhealthy and disquieting.


Mirrors always show you as you were physically the exact moment of your death (including whatever wound if any that killed you)


You are now a conduit to the afterlife. There is a 5% chance everyday that something from one of the realms of the afterlife will find you and come through to the world of the living. They will be embodied in a form created by the words or actions you were just saying or performing; i.e. if you were amusing children by making shadow bunnies on the wall with your hands, a demonic shadow bunny appears to do as it will; talking about the best wine you ever drank, a delicious bottle of wine appears and has appropriate effects when drunk.


Your dietary needs have been permanently changed, perhaps you can no longer eat meat (or only meat). You may have required a need for something expensive (copper, silver, gold), unpleasant (fresh blood, marrow lots of marrow) or rare (snakes eggs) to maintain your health.


You now know obscure knowledge. Roll d6: 1) The correct way to perform the Millennial Tea Ceremony, known only to the most elder gold dragons and certain monks of great wisdom and impeccable Neutrality; 2) What was written on all the burnt scrolls of the Library of Alexandria (or setting appropriate thing); 3) When you died you joined the collective unconscious for a few seconds. Now that you are back you can recall the whispered thoughts of everyone from those few seconds. Concentration checks to zero in on individuals; 4) The location of everything you ever lost up until the point of your death. Your left sock, the keys to the dungeon, the love of your wife, etc…; 5) The location to the ruins of the first dungeon vault ever built; 6) The location to the bones of a dead primordial god, what might still remain in its skull and tomb that surrounds it


You have a taboo word…utter it and you immediately and permanently die. roll d6 1 – your name, 2 – the name of your deity, 3 – the name of your class or profession, 4 – the name of the cause of your death (e.g. axe or poison, not stab-wound or myocardial infarction), 5 – name of the (roll) hour/day/month of your death, 6 – random word, use a dictionary or to generate a random noun (don’t include proper nouns or names of things not in the game world).


The wound that kills you never heals, not even a little. It doesn’t cause you any problems but it will always serve as a reminder.


Your soul is entwined with the soul of the person resurrecting you. You can read each other’s minds.


Something darker has come back with you. It stalks you, constantly hungering for your death. You suffer -2 to any Luck type rolls.


Your return was prophesized to breing great ruin to a region. Roll 1d5: 1) plague; 2) famine; 3) war; 4) monster attacks; 5) catastrophic natural disaster.


Your eyes are shriveled and sound like fingernails on a chalkboard when you look around.


You look 3d12 years older than when you died. You never suffer adversly from aging.


A cult has become obsessed with you and believes your heart will resurrect their dead god.


You are unable to speak names (your own, other people’s, sentient beings). Whenever you try, unintelligible syllables are pronounced instead.


You have been resurrected with no name. It has been wiped from the memory of every mortal being, including you.


You can practically no longer die. So long as even a single cell of your brain is left intact, your soul is bound to it in everlasting imprisonment upon the prime corporeal plane.


Your flesh now has the texture of old parchment and you smell like a musty old book.


Your flesh is now tattooed with the scripture of the god that resurrected you. A cleric of the same god can use you as a holy symbol (granting + 2 on their spell check (DCC) or increase the difficulty of the save by 2 (3.x/OSR)).


You hear the whispers of the dead. You suffer – 2 to all concentration type rolls.


You can speak only the divine language of creation. It is a language understood by all, but it is alien to most ears. It marks you as different.


You are given more time, but it is finite. You will drop dead in exactly 2d6 years and cannot be resurrected thereafter.


You have seen the gods up close and personal, and were not impressed. You are now an atheist. How that works out for clerics and their spells is up to the GM and the metaphysics of the campaign. If you are stripped of your clerical abilities you become a Fighting Man of equal level.


One of your limbs is still dead, it’s useless and rotting.


Your death removed you from the loom of fate. People start having a hard time recognizing your face, and your name is never again immortalized in bardic poems. From now on your deeds go unrecorded as you slip from the collective conscious, your exploits felt but never remembered.


If somebody says your name three times, they summon you. Another three times and you’re banished.


The person casting resurrection is contacted by Death, who offers them a choice. They must make a substantial sacrifice (magic item, lifeforce, gold and jewels etc.) in exchange for the lost soul, or stake their own lives in a game of chance. If the second is chosen and Death wins she immediately pulls both souls into the void… no resurrection possible.


Some nefarious person or organization has taken advantage of your passage through the veil and planted a magical command deep into your psych. A sleeper agent kill switch that can be activated once, forcing you to take one action, GMs call.


Sometimes tiny details in the events around you throw you back to the time and place of your death. During these episodes you find it difficult to focus, to the point where anything more taxing than awkward conversation is a challenge.


Other’s shadows are drawn to you, pieces visibly tear from their shadows and are drawn toward your shadow, which appears to hungrily eat the pieces. Don’t worry it’s just an illusion.


Every day, on the exact hour and minute of your death, you briefly die again; this lasts for as many rounds as it takes you to pass a save vs.Death ray or Poison. If at that moment you are already dead from some other cause you resurrect, provided your death happened within the hour.


You have learned some of the secrets of life and death. Any blow you strike that kills someone, you may choose to leave them barely alive instead (whatever the minimum HP for them to be still alive, but unconscious). Indirect methods like poison or area effect attacks like fireballs don’t count.


Further secrets of life and death: if your blow could have done enough damage to kill but didn’t roll high enough (not counting criticals), the victim has to save vs. Death Ray or Poison or die anyway. Indirect methods like poison or area effect attacks like fireballs don’t count.


You develop a horrible mutation. Roll 1d6) 1) eye stalks; 2) over-large head; 3) shriveled arms; 4) one leg is 6″ longer than the other; 5) tentacles popping out all over flesh; 6) 2d12 eyes on your body.


You must consume rotten flesh to heal yourself. Every pound of carrion you eat heals 1d4 HP. You can only eat an amount of carrion equal to your Constitution/Stamina modifier (minimum of 1).


Your palms have a constant burning sensation.


Your soul has a shadow cast over it, others can sense this, and you suffer a negative reaction modifier.


Overdose. Next time you die, you are automatically resurrected in the following round. Roll one hit die for your hp after the overdose resurrection.


A demon was in the process of claiming your soul as you were resurrected. It appears during the resurrection and attempts to reclaim you – killing you, or bargaining with your resurrector for your soul. It has treasure commensurate with its level to bargain with.


You can immediately recognize other resurrected creatures.


You have become displaced from the warp and weft of magic. You gain Cumulative 5% magic resistance every time this is rolled, as well as a cumulative 5% spell failure.


Your resurrection has not gone over too well with some of the “other” deities and as such they resurrected one of their followers. This person is equal to the character who was resurrected but otherwise they are the opposite it every way


“someone” is not very happy with you being brought back to life, in 1D100 days this “being” will be sending something to “take care of you”


Complications. Roll again twice and combine the effects.


Death had delivered you to paradise. You did not want to come back.


Immortality: You can’t be killed, nor can you heal normally, only magical healing can restore you, but no matter how many pieces you’re chopped into you can’t die; though you can’t move either. Being eaten will become a very traumatic event.


You come back pregnant with … something from the other side. If you were male before your death you are no longer male. You feel a strong and inescapable instinct to protect your offspring, no matter how repulsed by the idea you are.


Your skin is soft, sticky and the color of alabaster. It always has a slightly melted look to it.

Resurrection Side Effects

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