Rough Pack Armory

Being a record of magic items, weapons, armor, expendable alchemical gear, and other useful stuff that the Rough Pack has collected/hoarded — with the intent of facilitating better arming of members in times of need.

In the Bank: 3,478.5 gp
Cash: Bag of discarded jewelry (appraise?)


Item Description Who has it? Status
Three-Towers Tribal Spear Spear.
Obsidian. -1 on attacks.
Charm Swamp Monster 1/day
Sssslaasshh Wielded
Three-Towers Tribal Spear Spear.
Obsidian. -1 on attacks.
Charm Swamp Monster 1/day
Thiondar Carried
Impaler of Thorns Partisan. Magic.
30-ft. radius debuff on Crit.
Jack Wielded
Sharpened Silver Spear Spear. Silver.
No attack/damage penalty.
Jack In a pocket
Lightbringer Longsword. +1 Magic.
Continual Light.
Might be Holy?
Seabhag Wielded
Necromancer’s Bane Longsword. Magic.
+2 vs. Wizards.
Break magical barriers.
Spell Turning.
Thiondar Wielded
Seabhag’s Katar Katar. +2 Magic.
Poison reservoir.
Cursed. Berserking.
Seabhag Carried
Green Steel Mace Footman’s Mace. Cold Iron.
Tanar’ri must roll Morale.
Thiondar Carried
Fine Composite Longbow Composite Longbow.
+1 Item saves.
+1 Damage.
Allows MUS bonus.
Curufinwe Carried
Hatchet Hatchet unclaimed ?
Knife Knife unclaimed ?
Invincible Katana.
Prepare 1 extra spell per level.
Prepare Abjurations in lower slots.
unclaimed In a pocket
Rapier Rapier Jack In a pocket
Broadsword Broadsword Jack In a pocket
Longsword Longsword Curufinwe Wielded
Dagger Dagger Curufinwe Carried
Shortbow Shortbow Curufinwe Carried
Flintlock Carbine Firearm AGeN carried (not used)
Subjugating Lynx Battleaxe. +2 Attack.
Target saves or suffers +8 initiative.
Any failed morale makes them surrender.
Curufinwe wielded
Burning Arbalest Heavy Crossbow.
+3d6 fire damage on Crit.
Curufinwe carried
Dagger x8 Dagger Merra Carried
Flindbar Flindbar Merra Wielded
Quarterstaff Quarterstaff Sssslaasshh Wielded
Katar Katar Seabhag Wielded
Mancatcher Mancatcher Beryl Wielded
The Immaculate Axe Battleaxe. Magic.
Cannot be destroyed.
Nothing sticks to it.
+1d8 damage vs. sticky/slimy monsters.
unclaimed in a pocket
Dagger x6 Dagger Thiondar Carried
Parrying Dagger Parrying Dagger Thiondar Carried
Longspear Longspear Thiondar Carried
My Clock Keeps Years Bastard sword. 2x damage to plants. ??? ???


Item Number Description Who has it?
Sheaf Arrows 60 Curufinwe
Sheaf Arrows 10 Curufinwe
Silver Sheaf Arrows 5 Silver. Curufinwe
Flight Arrows 10 Curufinwe
Flight Arrows 12 Jack
Flare Arrows 3 50% chance to set target on fire. Curufinwe
Adamantine Arrow 1 Ignores AC bonus from armor. Jack
Armor-Piercing Arrows 24 +2 attack vs. metal armor Jack
Silver Sling Bullets 19 Silver. Jack
Alicorn Arrows 5 2d8 damage, knockdown,
magic and holy
Carbine Bullets 10 AGeN


Item Description Who has it? Status
Bracers of Defense +4 AC Seabhag Worn
Elven Chainmail +5 AC, 20 lbs. Curufinwe Worn
Elven Chainmail +5 AC, 20 lbs. Jack In a pocket
Nozgo’s Elven
Chainmail of Command
+5 AC, 20 lbs,
Raise Leadership to 18,
+2 to ally Morale
Thiondar Worn
Oracle’s Buckler +1 AC. +2 Intuition.
Continuous Detect Invisible.
AGeN Worn
Chainmail Leggings & Shoulder Plate +1 AC, 37 lbs Jack In a pocket
Silver Plate Bra & Skirt +1 AC, 29 lbs Beryl Worn
Leather Armor w/ Skirt +2 AC Merra Worn
Buckler +1 AC vs. one attack Thiondar Worn

Jewelry and Other Worn Magic Items

Item Description Who has it? Status
The Wizard’s Eye Tell is creatures can cast Wizard or Priest spells Thiondar carried
Ring of Shifting Stars +1 Reason.
Hang 1 extra spell.
Jack Worn
Ring of Protection +1 AC AGeN Worn
Boots of Elvenkind 95% silent movement Curufinwe Worn
Howling Rags +3 Knowledge score.
-2 Fear/Horror/Madness saves.
Scare attackers of 4HD or less.
Curufinwe Worn
Medallion of Purity vs. Elves Detect Elves nearby Merra Worn
Medallion of Purity vs. Giant-Kin Detect Giants nearby Jack In a pocket
Medallion of Purity vs. Dwarf Detect Dwarves nearby Thiondar Worn
Ring of Fortitude +4 Dexterity for spell effects and saving throws Merra Worn
Scarab of Uncertainty Control other people’s summoned monsters Jack Worn
Ring of Free Action Immune to slow, paralysis, etc. Sssslaasshh Worn
Fur of Warmth Immune to environmental cold Sssslaasshh Worn
Verticillaster’s Mitre unidentified ??? ???

Wands, Staves, Rods, and Hand-Held Items

Item Description Charges Who has it? Status
Verticillaster’s Crozier Cast Marriage and Lifeblend 5 ??? ???
The Snakewood Staff Animate Dead by touch Thiondar Wielded
Non-magic Wand -1 casting times N/A Jack In a pocket
Chiryn’s Love Letter Wand of Wonder 40 Jack Carried
Shrieking Thurible Piss off faeries.
Deafen everyone.
Required incense Jack In a pocket
Lighthouse Sheds bright light.
Serves as a beacon to home.
Curufinwe ?
Staff of Swarming Insects 6 + level damage 42 Merra Wielded
Philosopher’s Egg Halve time to create alchemical liquids. Seabhag carried
Alchemy Jug Produce mundane fluids on command. Seabhag carried
Jacobin Rose Poison Kings. Has radical political ideas. 20 Jack In a pocket
Bag of Gremlins Summon gremlins 2/day Curufinwe ???

Single-Use Items

Item Number Description Who has it? Status
Bag of Caltops 1 Jack In a pocket
Dogpepper Packets 2 Jack In a pocket
Greek Fire 2 Jack In a pocket
Weaponblack 1 Make weapon flaming for 1d4+1 rounds. Jack In a pocket
Flashpowder Grenade 1 Jack In a pocket
Amulet of Protection vs. Charm Person 3 Automaticall succeed save. Jack, Merra, Beryl Worn
Amulet of Protection vs. Shocking Grasp 1 Automatically succeed save. Jack In a pocket
Scroll of Protection from Poison 1 User immune to poison for 1d10+2 rounds. AGeN carried
Scroll of Earthmaw 1 spell scroll AGeN carried
Oil of Impact 1 Blunt weapon gains +3 attack and +6 damage. AGeN carried
Elixer of Health 1 Cure blindness, deafness, disease, insanity, poison, etc. AGeN carried
Smokepowder Grenades ? Nd2 damage in 5-ft. radius AGeN can make 1/day
Potion of Fire Resistance 2 -2 damage per die from Fire Curufinwe, Thiondar Carried
Multiplanar Mushrooms 3 Become ethereal Curufinwe carried
Scroll of Conjure Elemental Kin 1 spell scroll Curufinwe carried
Scroll of Wall of Fire 1 spell scroll Curufinwe carried
Metal Eating Acid 1 Merra carried
Scent Lure 2 Merra carried
Scroll of Protection from Gas 1 10-ft. diameter sphere blocks gaseous attacks. Seabhag carried
Dust Grenade 2 Beryl carried
Holy Water 1 Beryl carried
Philter of Glibness 1 Tell undetectable lies Beryl carried
Oil of Slipperiness 1 Cannot be bound, held, etc. for 8 hours Beryl carried
Scroll of Dismissal 1 spell scroll Thiondar carried
Greek Fire 1 Thiondar carried

Rough Pack Armory

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