Base Requirements
  • Races: Any
  • Sub-Classes: Ranger
  • Ability Requirements: Intuition 15
  • Alignments: Good
  • Starting Cash: By class

Weapon Proficiencies

  • Weapon Slots: 1
  • Bonus Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Required Weapon Proficiencies: Club, Light Crossbow, Quarterstaff, Sickle, or Sling
  • Allowed Weapons: By class, no Swords
  • Allowed Armors: By class

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Non-weapon Slots: By class
  • Available Categories: By class, plus Spiritual
  • Bonus Non-weapon Proficiencies: Philosophy, Religion
  • Required Proficiencies: none
  • Recommended Proficiencies: Agriculture, Ancient History, Ancient Languages, Artistic Ability, Astrology, Botany, Carpentry, Cobbling, Debate, Etiquette, Fasting, Literacy, Mediation, Occult Lore, Omen Reading, Pottery, Sacred Legends, Spellcraft, Teaching, Veterinary Healing, Weaving
  • Forbidden Proficiencies: none

Overview: Devoted to spiritual awareness and self-enlightenment, the Seeker’s deep beliefs affect him more than any other elements of his life. The Seeker seeks fulfillment by following the tenets of his faith and striving to understand the relationship between himself and the natural world.

Seekers can come from any culture, but typically originate from societies placing a premium on religion and scholarship. Many Seekers begin their spiritual quests as students of priests. Others are self-taught philosophers or restless academicians hungry for knowledge that can’t be learned from books. Regardless of their background, all Seekers have felt compelled to embark on a wilderness pilgrimage that may last the rest of their lives.

No particular religion is common to all Seekers. Some worship specific gods, while others venerate nature itself as an unknowable but all-encompassing force. All Seekers, however share a reverence for life and a philosophy that embodies discipline, and personal responsibility, and self-sacrifice.

Description: In most cases, Seekers have no special equipment restrictions beyond those normally associated with rangers, and are indistinguishable from common members of that class. However, Seekers worshipping particular gods or adhering to strict religious doctrines may have additional restrictions, as determined by the DM. Seekers have little interest in material possessions. After keeping enough money to meet their basic needs, they typically give away the rest of their gold and treasure to the poor.

Role-Playing: Good people of all cultures tend to look favorably on Seekers. At worst, Seekers are dismissed as useless but harmless eccentrics. More often, they’re regarded as sensitive seekers of truth, admired and respected for their devotion. Priests of compatible alignment are especially deferential to Seekers; even if such a priest follows a different belief system, he recognizes that the Seeker shares his veneration of a higher power.

Though Seekers generally prefer solitude, they constantly seek opportunities to broaden their outlook and stimulate spiritual insight. For these reasons, they may join adventuring parties solely for the promise of new experiences. Moral considerations also motivate Seekers; parties can sometimes recruit Seekers by appealing to their sense of justice.

Typically, the companions of a Seeker will find him amiable, thoughtful, and comforting. Seekers aren’t proselytizers—rarely are they interested in converting others to their beliefs—but they enjoy nothing more than debating philosophical issues. A companion who engages a Seeker in such a discussion may find himself listening to a detailed, scholarly discourse that may last the better part of the day.

Though Seekers usually decline to make decisions for the party, they often serve as counselors and advisors to the leaders. Non-aggressive by nature, Seekers avoid combat whenever possible, but fight fearlessly to thwart attacks against their followers or comrades. A Seeker is reluctant to take the life of another creature except to protect a companion, a follower, or himself, or to destroy his species enemy.

Special Abilities:

  • Seekers may elect to designate a specific evilly-aligned religious group or cult as their Species Enemy, in which case he gains the normal attack bonus and reaction adjustment against all members and minions of the group.
  • The Seeker may use any magical Scroll which contains a spell from his allowed spheres, and may use any magical Staff that would be usable by druids.
  • In addition to the Animal, Guardian, Plant, and Travelers spheres, a Seeker may also learn spells from one of the following spheres: Creation, Divination, Healing, or Weather. He chooses this sphere at 1st level; once chosen, the extra sphere never changes.
  • Unlike other rangers, the Seeker acquires spells when he reaches 4th level. He can also cast spells of up to 5th level, according to the Table below.
Seeker Priest Spells
Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
4 1
5 2
6 2 1
7 3 1
8 3 2
9 4 2 1
10 4 3 1
11 4 3 2
12 4 4 2 1
13 4 4 3 1
14 4 4 3 2
15 4 4 4 2 1
16 4 4 4 3 1
17 4 4 4 3 2
18 4 4 4 4 2
19 4 4 4 4 3
20 4 4 4 4 3

Special Disadvantages:

  • A Seeker begins with only a single weapon proficiency (as above). After 1st level he gains additional proficiencies at the normal rate. A Seeker may never use a sword of any kind.
  • A Seeker must spend a full hour each day in silent meditation. This hour must always occur at the same time of day, such as the first hour of dawn or at high noon; once decided, it can never be changed. If a Seeker neglects to meditate or is interrupted more than once (for more than a total of two rounds), he suffers a -1 penalty to all ability checks, proficiency checks, and attack rolls the following day.
  • Every Seeker has a sacred animal that symbolizes his ideals. A Seeker’s sacred animal is determined at the same time he as the species enemy. A Seeker retains the same sacred animal throughout his career. He cannot acquire a follower of the same species as his sacred animal. In compliance with his religious principles, the Seeker has vowed to protect his sacred animal as described below. If the Seeker violates any of these requirements, as determined by the DM, he is consumed with guilt and remorse, preventing him from casting spells of any kind (including spells granted by other classes or proficiencies) for the next week. If his action or inaction directly results in the death of a sacred animal, he is unable to cast spells for a full month. If he benefits from an atonement spell cast by a sympathetic priest, the one week suspension is reduced to four days, and the month suspension is reduced to two weeks.
    • He is forbidden from intentionally or unintentionally inflicting harm on his sacred animal, or standing by while others do.
    • He is required to care for injured or ailing sacred animals.
    • He must liberate captive sacred animals held against their will. This requirement excludes followers of other rangers, or domesticated animals serving as pets or mounts. However, it includes farm animals that are being raised for consumption.
    • He must protect his sacred animal from hunters, trappers, and predators.

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