Base Requirements

  • Races: Any
  • Sub-Classes: Cleric
  • Ability Requirements: by Religion (see below)
  • Alignments: by Religion (see below)
  • Starting Cash: By class

Weapon Proficiencies

  • Weapon Slots: By class
  • Bonus Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Required Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Allowed Weapons: see below
  • Allowed Armors: see below

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Non-weapon Slots: By class
  • Available Categories: see below
  • Bonus Non-weapon Proficiencies: Philosophy, Sacred Legends, and by Religion
  • Required Proficiencies: by Religion
  • Recommended Proficiencies: Awareness, Ceremony, Debate, Investigation, Mediation, Netherworld Knowledge, Occult Lore, Persuasion, Religion, Research, and by Religion
  • Forbidden Proficiencies: Inquisitor, Zeal

Priest Spheres:

  • Major: see below
  • Minor: see below

Overview: While most people of the Realms are pantheists, the vast majority of priests draw their powers from only one god. With the re-ordering of the pantheon, however, many Clerics have started branching out. These Syncretists actively draw their power from multiple gods, studying and reconciling the teachings of two gods from their chosen pantheon, in an effort to better understand the relationship not only between the gods and mortals, but between the gods themselves.

Description: Syncretists dress in the trappings of both of their chosen Religions, wearing a mixture of symbols and vestments unique to their own views of their combined faith.

Role-Playing: Syncretists are ‘odd ducks’ in the religious world and can often be found either alone, studying their semi-heretical blending of beliefs, or else out serving as an active go-between among their respective churches. Regardless of where they are found though, Syncretists must abide by the teachings and expected behaviors of both of their faiths.

Special Abilities:

  • A Syncretist must choose two Religions when he is created. Both religions must be from within the same pantheon (Gods of the Wild, Gods of Disaster, Gods of Civilization, or Unaligned Gods) and both most accept clerics of the Syncretist’s alignment. The Syncretist must meet all of the race and ability prerequisites of both faiths. The Syncretist gains a unique mixture of abilities from his chosen Religions according to the following guidelines:
    • The Syncretist must choose 8 Major spheres and 2 Minor spheres from among those granted by either of the gods he serves. Once selected, these cannot be changed. He has full access to religion-specific spells from both gods, so long as they fall within his chosen spheres.
    • The Syncretist may purchase non-weapon proficiencies from any of the groups granted by either of his religions. The Syncretist must meet all Required non-weapon proficiencies from both Religions.
    • The Syncretist gains his choice of 3 bonus non-weapon proficiencies from among those granted to priests of either religion. Once selected, these cannot be changed. He does not gain any additional or reduced non-weapon proficiency slots, regardless of his Religions.
    • The Syncretist may use any weapons or armor granted by either of his respective Religions. He does not gain any bonus weapon proficiencies granted by his Religions, nor does he suffer any reduced weapon proficiencies .
    • The Syncretist may choose any 2 special abilities granted by each of his chosen Religions (for a total of 4 granted abilities).
  • Despite their unusual beliefs, Syncretists are accepted by both of their Religions. They may request safe haven, loans, muscle, or assistants from temples of either Religion, as per the normal rules for Clerics.

Special Disadvantages:

  • A Syncretist must abide by all of the Edicts and Anathemas of both of his chosen Religions. If there is a direct conflict between the requirements of the two faiths, it is up to the Syncretist to reconcile those behaviors (subject to DM approval).
  • The Syncretist is subject to all disadvantages of both of his chosen Religions.

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