The Magpie Princess

Name: The Magpie Princess
Symbol: A gold ring
Alignment: Chaotic

The Magpie Princess is depicted as a tall, striking woman with pale skin, long wild black hair, and dark eyes, wearing tattered and thread-bare examples of last year’s fashions (primarily, if not entirely, in black) and far too much jewelry, or sometimes just as a large magpie. She has a very lax and casual attitude towards her worshipers, often communicating with them directly (either through a possessed magpie or her avatar), and insisting that her priests refer to her simply as “Mags” or “Maggie”.

Like their goddess, her followers tend to collect shiny items of all kinds, favoring magical jewelry, but also any number of empty potion bottles, spent wands, or other enchantable but no longer functioning magical items which they keeps because “they are pretty.” Stand-up, face-to-face fights are not her style, and the majority of her priests are dual or multi-class thieves. Her followers call on her to aid them in all manner of situations, though she seldom does.

It is said she can bless pregnant mothers and pick the gender of their offspring. Where she’s known to roam, the father or son of a pregnant woman will climb a tall tree and tie a trinket to the highest branch they can reach as an offering to the Magpie Princess. Coins or unadorned jewelry are requests for a boy, while gemstones, either alone or set in jewelry, requests a girl. If such an offering is included when making a prayer, the supplicant gains a +2 bonus on the check.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score If the supplicant is expecting a child, it will be of the gender they desire. If she was called for any other reason, a flock of 2d12 magpies appear. The flock will follow the supplicant for 2d4 days (or until slain) and harry her enemies. The flock is AC 16 and has 1 hit point per bird. They deal no damage, but can attack one target per two birds, imposing a -1 penalty on a target’s attack rolls and providing sufficient distraction to stop them from casting spells. When the flock is destroyed, one random small item is lost from the inventory of the one who slew the birds.
Roll < Score Nothing obvious happens, but there is a chance equal to 5% times the result of the roll that the character finds a small ornamental stone or piece of costume jewelry (total gp value equal to the check result) lying on the ground as a sign of her pleasure.
Roll > Score A magpie appears in a nearby tree and squawks at the character. Nothing else happens.
Natural 20 Maggie robs the character in a fit of pique. One random shiny object disappears from the supplicant’s inventory, never to be seen again.

The Magpie Princess

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