The Welcomers

  • Social Alignment: Lawful Evil (predominant)
  • Population: roughly 20,000
    • Only 3500 people live within the walls of “New Phlan”, but the Slums and the Old City are teaming with life.
  • Wealth: Fair
    • Phlan is a major trade and adventuring hub with a lot of coin flowing through it, but plagued by food shortages and monsters. The Council’s shifting attitudes towards things like slavery and taxation tend to further destabilize the local markets. The only operational bank in Phlan is known to actively engage in currency debasement.
  • Legal Attitudes: Tolerant
    • The guildmaster operates openly and teaches at the Council’s Public Training Hall.
    • Guild rules forbid members from stealing from citizens of “New Phlan”. Non-citizens, such as visiting merchants and the residents of the Old City, are fair game. The guild will publicly disavow any member who breaks this rule and turn them over to the Council for punishment.
      • There is only one punishment for being convicted of a crime in New Phlan. The criminal is stripped of all of their goods and clothes and thrown, naked, off the 30-ft. high city wall at sunset. More often than not, even if they survive the fall, they are eaten by one of the many monsters that infest the old city.
  • Availability of Resources: Good (Phlan has a thriving black market)
  • Guild Hall:
    • Primary: Beneath the Old City’s textile district. Accessed via the city wells. Shared space with the Temple of Mask.
    • Secondary: Professor Swipe’s offices in the lower level of the Public Training Hall in New Phlan.

Interactions with Other Guilds:

  • Freelance Thieves: Neutral
    • The Welcomers actively “welcome” and recruit new thieves entering the city, but will take no action against those that choose not to join.
  • “Free Merchants of Phlan”: Opposition
    • As this guild represents merchants operating in the Old City, their membership are the primary targets of the Welcomers.
  • “The Thieves of Phlan”: Hostility
    • The “official” Thieves’ guild of the Old City and the Welcomers’ primary rival.
  • “Norris’ Boys”: Indifferent
    • A major gang of bandits operating in the Slums.
  • Other Gangs: Indifferent
  • Temple of Mask: Special Relationship
    • The Temple operates independently, but is housed within the guild headquarters in the old textiles district.
  • New Phlan Public Training Hall: Special Relationship
    • The Public Training Hall is the closest thing Phlan has to an Adventurers’ Guild. The guildmaster teaches at the training hall and actively recruits members from there.

Guild Membership:

  • Guild Leadership: Guildmaster
    • Rulership Style: Strong, Fairly Just, Despotic
  • Guild Organization: Centralist
  • Guildmaster: “Professor Swipe”

Members: The guild has 18 official members

The Welcomers

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