Base Requirements

  • Races: Human, Tiefling
  • Classes: No Priests, Paladins, or Rangers
  • Ability Requirements: Appearance 11
  • Alignments: Non-Lawful
  • Starting Cash: By class
  • Bonus Languages: Untheric
  • Recommended Languages: Chessic, Durpari Creole, Mulhorandi, Shaartan


  • Weapon Slots: +1 slot
  • Non-weapon Slots: By class
  • Available Categories: By class
  • Bonus Proficiencies: Ancient History, Charioteering, Intimidation
  • Required Proficiencies: none
  • Recommended Proficiencies: Land-based Riding, Spellcraft

Overview: The second oldest empire of the Realms is Unther. To refer to this realm as corrupt and decaying would be a gross understatement. The reigning god-king, Gilgeam, is a brutal and vulgar deity who has maintained his earthly presence for more than 2,000 years. During that time he has taught the people of Unther that they must serve him without question or face his wrath. The seeds of revolution, long overdue by most accounts, have begun to sprout now and Unther is clearly headed for a period of political upheaval.

Unther is a corrupt, chaotic land, where tyrants and bullies flout the law. Unfortunately, most of those tyrants and bullies happen to be the rulers and enforcers of Gilgeam’s cruel dictatorship. Unlike its neighboring Mulhorand, where adventurers are perceived as suspect, the loathing most of Unther feels for Gilgeam is reflected in a great dislike of priests and paladins, no matter what deity they might honor. Wizards, rogues, and psionicists, on the other hand, are seen as potential allies in the upcoming revolt. While not venerated by any means, they are considered a potent force that may well be instrumental in ending Gilgeam’s 2,000-year reign of tyranny.

Description: It would be hard to imagine a more distinctive individual than an Untherite. The rich bronze of their skin, made all the more evident because they routinely shave off all body hair and employ oils or waxes to give their flesh an almost radiant appearance, contrasts sharply with their bleached white tunics and knee-length skirts. These oils give the Untherite a distinctive smell, not necessarily an unpleasant one, although it does tend to expose the characters to many jibes about body odor.

A fearsome tattoo is often found either on an Untherite’s shaven head, chest, or right arm; this is especially true for those warriors who have slain some great creature by themselves. The entire purpose of an Untherite’s appearance is to appear to be formidable. The characters seek a psychological edge over any of their opponents.

Untherite adventurers go to great lengths to appear powerful and majestic. They carry their heads high and throw back their shoulders so as to have the bearing of a king. It is easy to understand why the masses of this troubled nation have begun to look to the adventurers among them for guidance.

Role-Playing: Warriors from this chaotic society are accustomed to doing whatever they please. Adventurers from Unther are spoiled, arrogant bullies who enjoy making themselves look formidable in order to intimidate others. The adoration heaped upon them by the rest of the Unther’s inhabitants may not have gone to their heads, but it has certainly shaped their self-image. It is difficult to imagine a threat or challenge that can daunt one of these people, for they see every challenge as an opportunity to prove themselves anew.

Special Abilities:

  • Untherites have spent years making ready for the day when they will lead the masses against the god-king and his assembled priests. As a result, they have limited magic resistance that applies only to spells cast by priests. Whenever such a spell is cast at an Untherite, there is a percentage chance equal to twice his experience level that it will fail. This functions just like the magic resistance that some monsters and other creatures possess.
  • The Untherite hatred of Gilgeam and his priests extends to priests of other faiths as well. As a result, all Untherites receive a +2 bonus to their attack and damage rolls when attacking any priest, regardless of his religion.

Special Disadvantages:

  • Untherites are such spoiled individuals that they suffer a -3 penalty to all NPC interactions, even within the borders of Unther itself.
  • Also, since most Untherite adventurers come from the noble families, they are more tempting targets for thieves, blackmailers, kidnappers, extortionists, and conmen. This is especially true when an Untherite is adventuring in any of the Old Empires or the Vilhon Reach areas, since they tend to stick out in a crowd. There is a 20% chance per day that the Untherite PC and any of his companions will be ambushed or robbed (or both) within these regions.
  • Due to their acclimation to the hot climate, Untherites suffer a -1 to their saving throws against cold-based attacks.
  • Another handicap these characters suffer is directly related to their resistance to priestly magic. Unlike normal magic resistance, which can be suppressed when desired, this effect is constant. As a result, magical healing and other beneficial priestly magic has a chance of failing when cast upon Untherites. This applies even to potions and devices, so a potion of extra healing may fail to have any effect on an Untherite imbiber.
  • The aura of fatalism that surrounds these characters is readily apparent to anyone in their company. Every NPC associated with an adventuring party that has one or more Untherites has his Morale lowered by 2 points as a result.

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