The Village of Gildenglade

Gildenglade is a small village of some 120 souls, about half way between Phlan and Melvaunt in the Moonwatch Hills. It lies a mile north of the Phlan Path, half a days ride from Iniarv’s Tower in the Twilight Marsh. The population is made up entirely of humans, but pays tribute to the Kobold Kingdom of Greshlyrr.

Gildenglade_Map.jpg You crest the hill to get your first glimpse of the village—some twenty-odd buildings, mostly flanking the one trail, with a small pond on your left as you ride in, and a single well at the north end of the town. The collapsed remains of at least one recently burned home are visible, and the grassy hill to the north shows signs of a sizable battle—the ground churned and dried-out mud with great scorched patches and numerous makeshift grave-markers like those seen along the road. The town seems sparsely populated, but busy, with active fields and sheep pastures to the south of the trail, and numerous people going about the tasks of daily life. You see several women, children, and elderly men, but not a single male between the ages of 12 and 45.

The Defense of Gildenglade

Active Defense:

  • Birds scouting near the swamp
  • Mage Armor (2 oxen, 18 1st-level fighters, 10 more…)
  • 7 Signature Sigil (scribed on 1-ft. square planks of wood to be carried/thrown as grenades)
  • Mass Invisibility (on non-combatants)
  • Mass Invisibility (on cavalry units — including Hrud and the wagon)


  • Fence & Dikes along north-west ridge
  • Moats blocking roads north and south of village
  • Archery blinds on southern ridge
  • Spikey and viney plants in NW valley (to be enhanced with Entangle spells)
  • Vines over houses (to be enhanced with Fire Break)

Units/Population: 1 unit = 10 troops, locations subject to change

  • South-East Ridge:
    • Archers (10 units), lead/supported by the old peddler, Lyra, and Frantiska.
      • 1 Unit: Mounted Shortbowmen — Horse, Padded Armor, Shortbow, Spear, Melee Weapon
      • 1 Unit: Longbowmen — Padded Armor, Longbow, Spear, Melee Weapon
      • 2 Units: Crossbowmen — Padded Armor, Crossbow, Spear, Melee Weapon
      • 6 Units: Shortbowmen — Padded Armor, Shortbow, Spear, Melee Weapon
  • North-West Ridge:
    • Casters: Donovan, Yamtwit, Amara, Teldicia, plus druid and the 3 wizards. Also Rant as body-guard.
      • To provide crowd control/terrain control/initial barrage. Withdraw to the South-East
  • North-West Ridge:
    • Cavalry: 5 Helmites (heavy horses, heavy armor), leading the 3 cavalry units, plus Hrud and the Paladin (possibly in a souped-up heavy wagon or chariot). A full-on charge down the hill, then melee.
      • 3 Units: Horse, Chainmail, Shield, Sword/Axe, Spear
  • In Town:
    • Infantry: The 18 1st-level fighters, plus 8 units of infantry, led by the Tyrants (Winona, Ryesha) Possibly waiting at ambush points in the village/valley to engage in melee when the kobolds close on the village. Or else guarding the archers, casters, children, and retreat/withdrawal routes.
      • Infantry (8 Units): Padded Armor, Spear, Melee-weapon
      • Veterans (18 individuals): Mage Armor, Spear, Melee-weapon


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