Wild Talents

A wild talent is someone from any other character class who has natural, latent psionic potential. This potential can be present in any character, regardless of class, alignment, or race. Wild talents can never approach psionicists in skill, but they do boast at least one psionic power-which is known as a “wild power” among psionicists.

Any character can test for wild powers. (The character should be forewarned: such efforts are not without risk, as explained below.) A character can test for wild powers only at specific times: when the character is first created; when the character’s Willpower increases to a higher point than it has ever been; or when a psionicist performs psychic surgery on him.

Every character has a base chance of 1% to possess wild powers. This is modified as shown below:

  • Each point of Willpower, Health, or Reason over 15: +1% (cumulative)
  • Every 5 levels the character possesses (round down): +1% (cumulative)
  • Character is undergoing Psychic Surgery: +5%
  • Character is already psionically active: 1/2 total (round up)

Once you’ve determined the character’s chance to be a wild talent, roll percentile dice. If the result is less than or equal to the modified chance, the character has at least one wild power. If the number is 97 or higher, the character suffers dire consequences. See “The Risks” below.

Determining Powers: If a character is a wild talent, the player should roll percentile dice again and consult the Table below to determine exactly what the character’s psionic powers are. Most wild talents have only one power. A lucky few (those with high-rolling players) boast more than one. Furthermore, if a character gains any power with a prerequisite, he automatically gains the prerequisite, too. For example, if the wild talent knows a telepathic power which requires contact (an important telepathic power), he automatically knows contact, too.

Strength Points: Like an actual Psionicist, a wild talent has psionic strength points. A wild talent automatically receives enough PSPs to pay the initial cost of his power(s) once each. In addition, he gets 1d4+10 PSPs and any bonuses granted for high Willpower, Reason, and Health scores. Afterward, the character receives 4 additional PSPs every time he gains a new experience level (no die rolls or other modifiers apply after the initial PSPs gained).

The Risks: Characters who attempt to unlock their psionic potential are tampering with things they cannot begin to understand. If the dice roll is 97 or higher, the character suffers the following consequences:

Die Roll Result
97 Save vs. death or Willpower is reduced by 1d6 points permanently
98 Save vs. death or Reason is reduced by 1d6 points permanently
99 Save vs. death or Health reduced by 1d6 points permanently
00 Save vs. death or Willpower, Reason, and Health are all reduced to 3 permanently.

Random Wild Devotions

d100 Roll Power Prerequisites
Clairsentient Devotions
01 All-Around Vision
02 Combat Mind
03 Danger Sense
04 Feel Light
05 Feel Sound
06 Hear Light
07 Know Direction
08 Know Location
09 Poison Sense
10 Radial Navigation
11 See Sound
12 Spirit Sense
13 Choose any from 01 to 12
14 Choose any from 01 to 12
Psychokinetic Devotions
15 Animate Object Telekinesis
16 Animate Shadow
17 Ballistic Attack Telekinesis
18 Control Body Telekinesis
19 Control Flames Telekinesis
20 Control Light
21 Control Sound
22 Choose any from 15 to 21
Psychometabolic Devotions
23 Absorb Disease
24 Adrenaline Control
25 Aging
26 Biofeedback
27 Body Control
28 Body Equilibrium
29 Body Weaponry
30 Catfall
31 Cause Decay
32 Cell Adjustment
33 Chameleon Power
34 Chemical Simulation
35 Displacement
36 Double Pain
37 Enhanced Strength
38 Ectoplasmic Form
39 Expansion
40 Flesh Armor
41 Graft Weapon
42 Heightened Senses
43 Immovability
44 Lend Health
45 Mind Over Body
46 Reduction
47 Share Strength
48 Suspend Animation
49 Choose any from 23 to 48
Telepathic Devotions
50 Attraction Contact, Mindlink
51 Aversion Contact, Mindlink
52 Awe Contact, Mindlink
53 Conceal Thoughts
54 Daydream Contact, Mindlink
55 Empathy Contact
56 ESP Contact
57 False Sensory Input Contact, Mindlink
58 Identity Penetration Contact
59 Incarnation Awareness Contact
60 Inflict Pain Contact, Mindlink
61 Invincible Foes Contact, Mindlink
62 Invisibility Contact, Mindlink
63 Life Detection
64 Mind Bar
65 Phobia Amplification Contact, Mindlink
66 Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Contact, Mindlink
67 Psychic Impersonation Contact, ESP, Probe
68 Psychic Messenger
69 Repugnance Contact, Mindlink
70 Send Thoughts Contact
71 Sight Link Contact, Mindlink
72 Sound Link Contact, Mindlink
73 Synaptic Static Contact, Mindlink
74 Taste Link Contact, Mindlink
75 Telempathic Projection Contact, Mindlink
76 Truthear Contact, Mindlink
77 Choose any from 50 to 76
78 Choose any from 50 to 76
Psychoportive Devotions
79 Astral Projection
80 Dimensional Door
81 Dimension Walk
82 Dream Travel
83 Time Shift Teleport
84 Time/Space Anchor
85 Choose any from 79 to 84
86-87 Roll again 2x
88-89 Roll again 3x
90 Choose any 2 from 01 to 85
91-99 Roll on “Random Wild Sciences”
00 Choose any from 01 to 85, then roll on “Random Wild Sciences”

Random Wild Sciences

d100 Roll Power Prerequisites
Clairsentient Sciences
01-02 Aura Sight
03-04 Clairaudience
05-06 Clairvoyance
07-08 Object Reading
09-10 Precognition
11-12 Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions
13-16 Choose any from 01 to 12
Psychokinetic Sciences
17-18 Detonate Telekinesis, Molecular Agitation
19-20 Disintegrate Telekinesis, Soften
21-22 Molecular Rearrangement Telekinesis, Molecular Manipulation
23-24 Project Force Telekinesis
25-26 Telekinesis
27-30 Choose any from 17 to 26
Psychometabolic Sciences
31-32 Animal Affinity
33-34 Complete Healing
35-36 Death Field
37-38 Energy Containment
39-40 Life Draining
41-42 Metamorphosis
43-44 Shadow Form
45-48 Choose any from 31 to 44
Telepathic Sciences
49-50 Domination Contact, Mindlink
51-52 Fate Link Contact, Mindlink
53-54 Mass Domination Contact, Mindlink, Domination
55-56 Mindwipe Contact, Mindlink
57-58 Probe Contact, ESP
59-60 Superior Invisibility Contact, Mindlink, Invisibility
61-62 Switch Personality Contact, Mindlink
63-64 Mindlink Contact
65-68 Choose any from 49 to 64
Psychoportive Sciences
69-70 Banishment Teleport
71-72 Probability Travel
73-74 Summon Planar Creature Teleport
75-76 Teleport
77-78 Teleport Other Teleport
79-82 Choose any from 69 to 78
83-85 Roll again 2x
86-88 Roll again 3x
89-92 Choose any Science (01 to 78) or Devotion (01 to 85)
93-96 Choose any Science (01 to 78) and 2 Devotions (01 to 85)
97-99 Choose any Science (01 to 78) and 3 Devotions (01 to 85)
00 Choose any 2 Sciences (01 to 78) and 4 Devotions (01 to 85)

Wild Talents

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