Name: Zzyzz, He Who Exists in the Corner of Your Eye
Symbol: Swirling red vapor in a black void
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Zzyzz (pronounced with a guttural grunt in the back of the throat), he-which-exists-in-the-corner-of-your eye, is the petty god of irrational fears. It is depicted in religious iconography as a swirling, formless being amidst impenetrable darkness. Zzyzz draws power from the essence of unsubstantiated fears.

More powerful than other petty gods, Zzyzz can create multiple avatars. Zzyzz’s avatars manifest wherever light fails to reach—cabinets, closets, treasure chests, underneath beds, and deep forests. Making no sound, and nearly invisible, these avatars thrive on fear and superstition. They enjoy stalking unsuspecting travelers, scaring superstitious children, and bringing misfortune to those who openly mock it or bring light into its dark realm. Having no physical form, these avatars can exist only where there is substantial darkness—any form of light, even a flickering candle, hedges them out, and, strangely, a Magic Missile spell will instantly drive them off.

Zzyzz is most often invoked by those seeking to appease the god and drive away his influence, but may also be called upon by those seeking to exploit the fears of their foes.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score If the propitiate is in significant darkness, an avatar of Zzyzz briefly manifests, affecting the propitiate’s enemies as per a Fear spell. If the area is well lit, Zzyzz will instead create a Continual Darkness effect on any one item held in the propitiate’s hands.
Roll < Score The propitiate is affected by a Remove Fear spell cast at the propitiate’s level, or one target within his line of sight is subjected to the Reverse of the spell.
Roll > Score Zzyzz appears and Spooks the propitiate.
Natural 20 Zzyzz manifests the propitiate’s worst fear, affecting them as per a Phantasmal Killer spell.


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