Ruins of Adventure

The Council of New Phlan (updated)

Current Councilmembers

  • Bishop Braccio of Tyr: The head of the church of Tyr in the Moonsea region and leader of the religious community in Phlan, Bishop Baccio is an ex-officio member of the Council, advising the council on legal matters and voting only in the case of a tie among the sitting council members (a rare occurrence since the creation of the seventh council seat for Marquis Grimnir). As head of the Tyrran church, he also acts as judge for all legal proceedings within the ‘civilized’ sections of New Phlan. In addition to the political clout afforded by his station, he has become quite rich off of the parochial holdings of the Phlan bishopric, and stands to become even wealthier if the old temple and its associated lands are restored.
  • Elissa Bivant: The current Council Chair, this shrewd young girl of only 15 is heir to the last extant noble house of old Phlan. She commands considerable wealth from her family’s gem mines in Damara and Vaasa, and puts up quite a bit of it to personally bankroll for the bounties posted by the Council. She was married to Junior Councilman, Markos Mondaviak last year, in a ceremony overseen by the Marquis Grimnir, her closest ally on the Council.
  • Ulrich Eberhard: An ancient-looking man, and former head of the council. He is mean-spirited and hard, not likely to win friends. He handles most money negotiations and is a very hard bargainer. Eberhard’s wealth is largely tied up in selling arms manufactured in Melvaunt and Thentia to the more militant city-states to the south. He hopes to reclaim the old Eberhard Mansion in the wealthy district.
  • Werner von Urslingen: A middle-aged man, is a retired captain of the Hillsfarran Red Plumes and represents their interests in the city. He shares many of the prejudices stereotypical of Hillsfarrans (disliking both non-humans and wizards of all kinds). If contacted away from the council chambers, he can offer advice on the actual planning and fighting aspects of a mission. His son, Francis, is a Tyrran monastic who teaches at the Public Training Hall, and is known to be one of Marquis Grimnir’s lovers.
  • Markos Mondaviak: A boy of only twelve years, Markos is the youngest of the sitting council members, having taken over the seat following the death of his father, Karistos Mondaviak, and the abdication of his estranged elder brother Rudolfo. The Mondaviak family once owned considerable lands along the Stojanow, but most of Markos’s wealth derives from his vineyards in Elmwood and northern Harrow Dale. Markos is married to Councilwoman Bivant, and rumored to be lovers with his brother-in-law Aldron Folbre. Markos has a reputation as an excellent card-player, and is just as stone-faced in council meetings, and is said to have architected both his wife’s rise to power and the legalization of same-sex relationships.
  • Aldron Folbre: The Folbres, headed by the young and very handsome Aldron Folbre, have been in the Moonsea region for a mere 20 years and are still considered newcomers in some quarters, but they are very rich. Aldron is a serious and ambitious businessman, a combination that has brought him considerable profits since he took over the family business on his father’s death. Though some say his wealth is coming too easily, he is a very likeable person and is on friendly terms with members of both the Mondaviak and Cadorna families. He recently married Karistina Mondaviak, sister of Councilman Markos Mondaviak, further cementing the alliance of wealth and power of the youngest councilmembers. The two young councilmen are often seen together hunting, hawking, or engaging in any of the other activities that amuse rich fops.
  • Porphyrys Cadorna: The dilletante son of one of the old families of Phlan, he is the least influential member of the council. Most of his family’s wealth was tied up in deeds to lands and factories in Old Phlan. While he still holds the deeds, they are basically worthless until the old city is reclaimed—and he thus has a much higher stake in the city’s success than some of the other councilmen. Having been raised in Zhentil Keep, he tends to come across as spiteful and unpleasant (as do most people from that most-evil of cities).
  • Marquis Grimnir, Squire of Kryptgarten: The newest member of the Council, ‘The Marquis’, as he is commonly known, is also the most controversial. Until last year, Marquis Grimnir was just one among the many adventurers to pass through Phlan. After reclaiming the old castle of Kryptgarten, just outside of Phlan, and aiding in the rise of Elissa Bivant, he was granted a lifetime seat on the council alongside Phlan’s oldest noble families. Despite his standing, he is never seen within the walls of Phlan. The official word is that this derives from a feud with Bishop Braccio and the Tyrrans, but rumors in Civilized Phlan abound that ‘The Marquis’ traffics with devils, has an army of undead at his beck and call, and boils his enemies to render them into soap. Regardless of the rumors, most of the younger members of the council pay regular visits to Kryptgarten Keep, and shipments of food from the keep’s surrounding (and thriving) farmlands help keep the city functioning.


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